Nadaan Parindey 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 9th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sartaj caught in the jungle and eagles hovering around. Someone throws meat on him and says these eagles will bite you and eat you. Sartaj says you won’t let me die. I know that, if I die, then who will give you the info. He laughs. Sameer is at the Dhaba thinking to watch a film. He steals some money from the money box to watch the movie. He reads that its for the widows of military men and keeps the money back.

He thinks from where to bring money and gets an idea. Meher and Bebe come back and he runs. Mehere says she will go after him. Sameer comes to Darga and acts making the old man hear. He says he needs money to watch money. Meher comes to confront him. Sameer says ask her not to talk to me. She scolds him for not catching a chicken. She calls him

lazy. The old man says enough, I don’t have money. He says I have to give money to labour. Meher asks did they come. He says not yet. Meher says Sameer will take out honey from the bee house, then he can get the money. She challenges Sameer.

Sameer agrees and goes to take out honey. Meher and Chacha looks on. Sameer gets bitten by the bugs He shouts Bebe. Meher and Sameer run on the bike. She says be quiet, we are going to Dhara. He says I will die as I m bitten by bugs. She says no one dies by that bite. Maasi sees Meher and Sameer together and is angry. Sameer comes to the Dhaba and takes everyone’s sympathy. People scare him further. Meher treats him. Purab comes and is shocked to see them together and closer.

Meher and Sameer fight. Sameer tells Purab how and when it all happened. Bebe comes and sees Sameer’s state. Maasi fills Meher’s dad’s ears about Meher. She speaks against Meher and cries. He scolds her. She says Meher is always with Bebe, many people come at Dhaba, if someone traps then you will know, Bebe should ask her not to come there, but she makes Meher work at the Dhaba. She is trying to make Meher marry Sameer, who is a fool. He says what do you want. She says I want you to talk to Meher, she should know that we all know what s going on behind our back.

Purab meets Sameer and everyone praises him. Purab brings a coat for Sameer. Sameer is very happy. Purab asks Meher how are you. She smiles. Meher helps Sameer in pulling the zip. Purab moves her hand away and says you have grown up and can’t pull a chain. Sameer likes it. Bebe tells Purab why do you spend so much on us, your mum will be annoyed. Purab says I will talk to her, he brings something for Bebe also. She blesses him. She asks what do you want. He says I will ask soon, save it, he looks at Meher. Bebe asks Meher to give lassi to Purab.

Purab comes to Meher and says won’t you ask what I brought for you. Minti comes and asks Meher to come soon. Purab says I will drop Meher, whats the hurry. Meher leaves. Purab thinks you have to marry me.

A man from Malik comes to work at the Dhaba. Maasi scolds Meher and taunts Bebe.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. Sameer & meher perfect jodi,bt purab will come in between them,he is nt worth fr military

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