Nadaan Parindey 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Channi asking Dimple(RV’s mum) to hurry up. Bebe cries thinking she slept without making the dupatta work ready. She thinks what will she send to Meher now, she will regret for whole life if she fails. Dimple shows shagun to Channi. Channi says I felt something is missing in this. Bebe thinks of Meher asking for a dupatta which was Bebe’s mum’s. Bebe thinks only she has this option. Bebe brins it and keeps it inside the shagun. Channi says I will take the shagun and leave. Bebe looks on.

Bebe blesses Meher. Meher thinks about Bebe’s words about red bangles. Meher wears the bangles and thinks of Bebe’s words about Kalirey, which has everyone’s blessings. Meher misses Bebe a lot. Channi says its shagun, you can see this. Nimmi says she will see it herself, lets go. They leave. Meher looks at the dupatta which Bebe has sent for her and is shocked. She smiles and holds it. She thinks of Bebe’s promise and says you did not forget it Bebe, you will surely come in my marriage, you are really my mum Bebe. Bebe comes to the Dargah and prays for Meher’s happiness.

Sameer comes and asks about the dupatta. She says I gave her, what are you doing here, go to Meher’s house and help them. Sameer says Bebe, I m worried. She asks what. He says what happened to me, I can’t eat food, and can’t sleep. He says I feel to run way someway, lets go to meet Meher, you hug her. Bebe says I can’t go. Sameeer says but you want to go right, I know this, tell me. He leaves. Bebe stops him and says take care of Meher, and see everything how she reacted and how she missed me, I will see I have seen her with your eyes, go fast. Sameer says why are you punishing yourself.

She says if I got there, they will not like it, you go and wear good clothes. Sameer leaves. Purab calls Channi and asks did Meher get the parcel which I have sent. He hears marriage band and thinks where did Channi go, why did she not tell me. Sameer comes to Meher’s house and is upset. Jeevan ke lamhe……………..plays…………….RV’s parents talk to RV. Dimple says RV did not get divorce till now. Sameer comes home and hears RV talking to his parents. RV says I married her but she left me. Sameer comes to know this is RV’s second marriage.

RV’s dad says RV’s divorce did not happen, we can go to jail if anyone know this, this marriage is illegal, we have to tell to Meher’s family. Dimple stops him and says no one will know about this now that RV is already married, let the marriage happen, no one can harm us. Sameer is shocked and says no I won’ let this happen, Meher will be in problem, they will make her life hell, I have to stop the marriage but how. I will tell Bebe, she will do something. Sameer runs to Bebe and she is not at home. He goes to find her.

Sameer comes to Dargah and comes to know Bebe left. Bebe comes to the Dhaba and does not get Bebe. Purab thinks why is Channi not taking his call, she is hiding something. He calls at Sameer’s home. He says why is not anyone taking the call, it means they went out, for marriage, whose marriage is it.

Purab talks to Sameer and asks him to stop Meher’s marriage telling anything and bring out RV’s truth.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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