Nadaan Parindey 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 8th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Meher coming home and hiding from her Maasi. Her cousin Bunty asks her where was she, Maasi knows she was not at home. She says there are some guests at out home. Maasi argues with her husband who watches cricket and does not work. She asks her son Balli to study. Meher says what to do now. Bunty asks Meher to be at the terrace and she will talk to Maasi. Meher sneezes and is caught by Maasi. Meher comes down. Mausa says I did not see you since morning. Maasi says she was not at home, she roams around everywhere. Maasi asks Meher to have food. Meher says no, I m not hungry. Purab is having a talk with his friend.

He asks Purab about Meher. Purab says he dreams of bringing Meher his home as his wife, now he will finalize. His friend says he does not understand giving life for a girl. Purab says its not a big thing, I can die and kill anyone for Meher, be it anyone. Ya maula………………plays………….. Bebe comes to a Darga and prays. She thanks for saving Sameer. The old man of the Darga talk to Bebe. Bebe brings food for him. He likes the food and blesses her. He asks her what did Sameer do this time. She says he does not do anything, so I m worried. He says he does something or the other. She asks did he take some money from you. He says yes, he is a good boy, a diamond by heart. One day he will change that you will be shocked. Bebe smiles and wishes that to happen, and asks when will that day come. He says your son will give you peace and happiness, that will make you forget all your pains.

Sameer is sleeping on the terrace. Bebe comes with a blanket and covers him. She looks at him. She cries and says grow up soon, your Bebe is tired now. Its morning, Malik meets someone who tells him that Sartaj is caught. Malik says he was our head and guide, how will we have this war without him, we have to bring him back, free him. He asks him to keep a watch at the border area. Bebe beats Sameer and asks him to sit at the Dhaba from 9 am to 9pm. Sameer jokes. She brings him at the Dhaba and says if you go out from here, I will break your legs. Lazy Sameer gets annoyed and takes his dad’s name. Everyone looks on. Bebe feels hurt as she recalls her husband.

Sameer says am I a waiter? Meher comes there. Bebe smiles seeing her. Sameer says finally she came now. Meher says come Bebe, lets go, we are already late. Sameer asks where are you going. Bebe says Gurudwara. Sameer says I know everything, you are going to have chole. He asks Meher not to spoil Bebe. Bebe says you should get some mind, be here. Meher takes Bebe on her bike and they leave. Sameer looks on and says pack some for me also.

Meher rides in speed and they come to an university. Meher runs as she is getting late. Bebe says Meher loves studies and her parents made her leave studies, the Lord wants me to help her. Meher is stopped by some guys who show her greeting cards and tease her. Tbhey hold her hand and Bebe comes to teach them a lesson. Bebe saves Meher and slaps that guy. She asks him not to do this again. The men run away. Meher shows the form to Bebe. Sameer thinks where did they both go, they might be having fun. Meher and Bebe come to the Gurudwara. Waheguru……………..plays………………. They cook there and have a talk about the men who teased Meher.

Meher says you did not make me feel his mum’s absence. Bebe says I did not feel my daughter’s absence seeing you. Bebe talks about Meher’s mum Shabbo. Sameer hears about a film’ss announcement and says new film, I will check it out. He is stopped at the Dhaba by Bebe’s worker. Sameer says he wants to go to loss, but is not allowed even there. Meher and Bebe clean the Gurudwara floor. Bebe asks her to study well and find a good guy who loves her, forget going to Canada. Meher says where is the right guy. Bebe asks you want a guy like whom? Sameer? Meher looks at her.

Bebe says Sameer is a fool, Purab is a nice guy, works and earns. Meher says Purab has everything, but his heart is small. Meher calls her Maasi her step mum. Bebe says she is your mum, respect her. Bebe and Meher pray. Bebe says pray for Sameer also, that he works hard and gets some mind, maybe Lord will hear you. Meher says what do you pray. Bebe says I have long list, I pray for Sameer and you, Heera, Angrez, for my whole Pind. She says I want peace in our Pind. I pray that we don’t face any problem or bad times. Malik sees across the border and sees Bebe’s Dhaba. He gets news that Sartaj is held at border area. He asks him to look at Bebe’s Dhaba, where soldiers come a lot. He asks him to leave a spy there.

A man is held captive. Purab distances Meher from Sameer. Sameer gets bitten by bugs and is worried.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. sameer is soo cute,like a innocent child

  2. Wat will happen to sameer that he will completely change

  3. This is very nice show,i like karam(samer) n his acting so much,in parichay or suvreen gugal he was like a mature n cool guy,in this serial he is like a sweet child,great acting by karam

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