Nadaan Parindey 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 7th April 2014 Written Update

The story starts at the Indian border, Punjab……. Night 10 pm. The soldiers guard at night. The neighboring country plans to hurt India. They plan to deepen the wounds before it heals. They plan to do a bomb blast and open up the border passage. The soldiers see some strange activity at the border and walk down with rifles to stop the enemies. The intruders hide in thhe bushes. They kill the Indian soldiers. Sartaj is caught by the indian soldiers but one of his men hits the bomb and it explodes. A woman in a village cries, she is Sameer’s Bebe. A old man Maulvi says don’t know which man lost her son today, who lost her husband.

A Gurudwara is shown next with WaheGuru…………..playing in the BG. Meher’s intro is done where she apologizes to the Lord. She prays that

her life should always be smooth and her bike should always be in third gear. She rides her bike and comes home. She comes calling for Bebe. She asks whats today. She asks her to get some chickens. She teases Bebe and gets a sweet scold from her. Bebe says you won’t drive the tractor, take a labour and he will drive. She talks about Sameer. Bebe says let him sleep, he slept late at night. Meher says he has to work, don’t make him lazy. She says I will take him with me. She comes to Sameer and sees him sleeping.

Sameer’s intro is shown as Meher brings a bucket of water on him to wake him up. Sameer plans to watch a film in his dreams. He does not wake up and says let me sleep Bebe. She puts the water and he gets up to run after her. She runs. He stops her and says what did you tell me. She fools him about the movie’s first show. He says I don’t have money. She says I have, for labour, if you get the chickens from farm house, you can get the money. He says I m born to do big works. She challenges him. She says you have to catch 30 chickens. He agrees and says its very easy for me. She smiles and says lets see.

Sameer runs after the chickens to catch them. Meher looks on. He can’t catch any. He jumps to catch them but gets hurt. Meher says atleast do one work well. Sameer says your taunts won’t end, I m born to do big work. She argues with him and says I won’t give you money to watch the film. He says you promised me. They leave with the chickens in the tractor. Meher says the chickens are laughing on you as you did not catch them. Meher says did you ever kill a mosquito. Sameer says keep your taunts to yourself, else I will get angry. Meher says I will go to Canada after educating here, and drive a taxi there. Sameer laughs. She says I will earn my money and have fun.

She calls him lazy. He says I m working hard since morning, give me money. They stop at the border. Meher sees some soldiers passing by and says soldiers are great, see their attitude and personality, look at you. She salutes them. She praises the soldiers and taunts them. Sameer gets angry and gets down the tractor. Sameer runs into the restricted area without permission. Meher is shocked. A soldier looks on asking him to come back else he will shoot. Meher gets tensed. Meher runs into a tent and says Purab…….. Sameer’s your brother run across the border.

The soldiers shoot at Sameer who went inside to get some Amlas for Meher as she was taunting him. Purab goes to save Sameer and runs between the gun shots. Sameer gets afraid and sits in a corner. Purab brings a flag with him and the soldiers stop firing seeing the flag. Purab catches Sameer and takes him with him.

Purab scolds him why did you run there, to die? If anything happened to you then. Meher says its not his mistake, I asked him to go there. Purab scolds both of them. Purab says my commander is coming, I will answer him, he asks Meher to leave. Meher goes back to the tractor. Purab answers him that Sameer is his cousin and went inside to get Amlas. The commander says is he Bebe’s son? Purab says yes Sir. Bebe gets some men at her Dhaba who misbehave with an old man and leaves without paying the bill. The old man asks them to pay the bill. Bebe stops them and says i have the bill. Bebe shows him the fire and takes money from them. She asks them to get lost. Some soldiers see her bravery and claps.

The commander comes there to meet Bebe. He brings Sameer with him. Bebe is shocked to see Sameer. Bebe brings Sameer home and beats him with the stick. She cries. Sameer says listen to me once. He says she has brought me home beating on the way, I got insulted, call that Meher, she wanted the Amla, and Purab sent me with the commander. Bebe asks him to leave from her house. Sameer holds his waist and walks out of the house. Bebe says how did he go across the border? She says if anything happened to him then, I did his upbringing with lot of difficulties, I have lost everything at the border. She hugs her brother and is worried.

Sameer tells his Mama it was Meher’s mistake. Mama says if she asks you to jump in well, will you jump. Sameer says why will she ask that, she is my best friend. Mama says you have made my sister cry so much. Mami says Meher is a spoilt girl. Mama takes Sameer inside. Sameer says I m hungry, can’t get anything to eat. Meher comes to him. She scares him. He asks why did you come here. Meher sees him hurt by Bebe’s beating. He asks why did you send me across the border. She says when did I ask you, I just said, I did not know you will really go. She brings food for him. He acts annoyed. She says fine, sorry, it was my mistake. She says eat fast. She shows her the Amlas. She is happy as he gives her. Both of them look at each other and smile. She says don’t do such thing again, if anything happened to you then. He says you can’t live without me even for a day.

She asks him to have food. He stops eating thinking about Bebe. Bebe is also not eating and crying in her room. Bebe says I won’t have food and medicines. Sameer comes to her with Meher and looks at her. Bebe gets angry on him. Sameer holds her feet and says forgive me, I promise I won’t do such thing again. Bebe slaps him and hugs him. He says scold Meher also, why did she not stop me, slap her too. Meher apologizes to Bebe. Bebe makes Meher eat and Sameer gets annoyed. Bebe says did you ask her whether she had food or not. She asks Sameer to promise he will use his senses. He says yes. Bebe and they have the food together with love.

The maid Heera signs Bebe to make Sameer and Meher marry. Sameer and Meher start fighting rejecting each other. They fight a lot and leave. Bebe says if Sameer was good enough, I would have made Meher his wife and my bahu. She opens her cupboard and sees a soldier’s uniform. She cries thinking of her past.

Purab tells that he can do anything for Meher. Bebe talks to Meher about Purab being a good guy. Malik talks about Bebe’s Dhaba.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Karam u r soo sweet,i luv u n ur superb acting,bt don’t like meher

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