Nadaan Parindey 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nadaan Parindey 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer talking to Mehtaab. He says you are my dad. Mehatab says yes my son, I m your dad. He says he has left him and come here, by leaving him and her mum. He says I made her a widow when she was a Suhaagan, he did not care for relations, but now he realizes it. He says don’t worry, I run away with my one son to save my life, but today I m ready to run with you, I will take you to your country to your mum. Sameer asks about his brother Iqbal, does he know this. Iqbal is at the Dargah and says in what dilemma I m, I always wanted my mum’s love and now she is with me, he knows Bebe is his mum, who gave him birth, I m helpless as I can’t take her blessings and hug her, whats my mistake, the situation made us apart and now made us face each other.

He says its my bad luck that I trapped my own brother and came here for my mission, I met my mum as her enemy, Lord do something that my mum hugs me, blesses me and forgives my sins. He says show me some way. Iqbal cries. He looks at the Dargah and gets an idea and says yes this can happen. He says I have to do this. He says then she will trust me. He comes to his room and looks for something. He says maybe Bebe kept something safe, how to tell her that I m Sameer’s brother Ameer, I did not die, I m alive, I m her son, she should have some proof. He sees a locked wooden chest and breaks its lock. He gets the twin pics and thinks of his dad’s words.

Bebe comes there and looks at him angrily, shutting the chest and hurting his hand. She says who gave you permission to touch my belongings, how dare you come in my room. What do you want from me. He says don’t question, I will question you. He shows the pic and asks whose pic is this, one is Sameer, who is the other one. He says its same face two kids. Where is your other son. She thinks of the blast. She says who are you to ask me, who gave you right to ask me. She pushes him. He asks where is your other son, what are you hiding from me, tell me Bebe. She says yes, my other son is dead, happy now.

He says dead? You did not tell me about him, why. He says it has a secret, so you have hidden it, why. She says yes, who are you to ask, get out. How dare you touch my son’s pic by your dirty hands. She says his soul might have hurt, you have hurt my emotions, I will not leave you. She beats him with a stick. She scolds him and blames him for everything. He says beat me more Bebe, I made you cry a lot, I troubled you a lot, break my hand and legs, I made my mum cry. She stops and looks at him. He holds her feet. She says what did you say. He says yes, I m your son. Rabba………………plays……………….

He says beat me, I m your culprit. She says what are you saying, Lord save me from his cheat, he has send my alive son in death trap and now cheating me again, you will be ruined. He says trust me, I m your son. He says I m already ruined, my life turned in one night, trust me. He says the son whom you always thought is dead. She says enough now, I can’t hear any lie. He gets a call from Mehtaab and talks to him. Mehtaab asks did he talk to his mum. Iqbal says no Abbu, she is not ready to accept this, I told her many times. Mehtaab says I will tell her, we don’t have much time, make me talk to her. Iqbal asks Bebe to talk to his dad and puts on speaker.

Mehtaab says Balbir…………… Its me Daljeet. Bebe is shocked and cries. He says I m your real culprit, I made your son far from you, I started this game, and I will end it. He says I will regret for my sins, don’t worry, I will bring Sameer to you. Sameer is with me, talk to him. Sameer says Bebe…………. Bebe cries hearing his voice. Rabba ve………………plays…………….. Sameer says yes Bebe, I m here, don’t worry, we are coming to you soon. Bebe cries and says Sameer.

Sameer says I m your Sameer Bebe. He says the one with you is my twin brother Ameer. Bebe is shocked. Iqbal looks at her and smiles. Mehtaab says he will talk and says we got saved in that bom blast. The son whom I took is with you, I will bring Sameer too. He says we don’t have time and ends the call. Haye Rabba ve………………..plays………………………..Bebe and Iqbal cry looking at each other. Iqbal says Daljeet Singh Atwal is my dad Mehtaab Khan. He says I m your son Ameer.

He says you are my mother. He walks to her and says please hug me, I always wanted mum’s love. He hugs her. She holds him crying. Bebe thinks of the FB where Mehtaab was with her and lied to her about his duty. She has caught his lie and he got angry. She asked him not to become a traitor. He was not changing from his fraud things. Bebe argued with him. He says he is doing this for them, to buy a big house and give good life to their two sons. She requested him not to do this and being a traitor.

She says she will call the officer as she was an army man’s daughter and said she will end his game. He was angry on her and said he will teach her a lesson. He says she loves her sons, I will take Ameer. He runs with Ameer and she ran after him. She thought he died in the bomb blast along with Ameer. She faints. Iqbal worries for her.

Purab tells Channi that Sameer was right. I tried to kill him. He tells Minty that he did not love her, he wants to marry her only to get revenge from Meher.

Update Credit to: Amena

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