Nadaan Parindey 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer being treated at the hospital. Meher comes to talk to Purab and says Bebe loves Sameerm, how can she sleep. Purab says give her sleep medicines. Meher says no use, what will happen now. Purab holds her hand and says its tough time, we can just hope everything will be fine. Meher says we have to find out about Sameer. Purab says we can do one thing, write a letter to minister. She says no, that will not help. Purab says it can help. Meher says think something else. Bebe hears them talking and writes the letter hearing Purab’s idea.

Meher comes to her. Bebe says she is writing the letter as Purab said. Meher explains her that they have tried their best. Bebe says write as I say. Meher says fine, but there won’t be of any use. Bebe says they will understand a mum’s pain. Bebe dictates and Meher writes. Bebe tells about Sameer’s childhood and the flashback scene shows Sameer as a kid. Bebe praises Sameer being very helpful, cheerful and loving. Bebe cries. She thinks about his last words.

Meher ends the letter and posts it. Some days passes. Bebe waits for some news of Sameer. Purab keeps an eye on Meher. Bebe and Meher pray a lot and write many letters daily. Meher tries to make Bebe happy by acting like Sameer. Mama comes to them. He talks to Meher about a new job. Meher looks at Bebe and leaves. Mama talks to Bebe and says you are sad about Sameer, but think about Meher, think something about her, till when will she wait.

Bebe asks what do you mean. Mama says Sameer will not come back, what will Meher do. Bebe says don’t say this. Mama says we have to think about her.He says Meher can wait for him, but is this right, will it be justice with her, don’t do this, if Sameer does not come back then……….. Purab hears them talking. Bebe says no, I will not let Meher’s life get ruin. She says I will talk to her, Purab gets happy thinking Bebe is talking about his marriage with Meher.

He comes to Bebe and tries to impress her. Purab tells her that he is also her Sameer, like her son. He says I will also work for your Dhaba. Bebe asks really. He says yes. Bebe says Channi is lucky to get a son like you. Purab smiles as Bebe praises him. Bebe asks him to marry. Purab says yes, I will marry whom you say. Meher comes. Bebe smiles. Meher asks Bebe what happened.

Channi sees her bridal dress and says its still the same. Purab comes to her and says this will be need now. Bebe asks Meher to marry someone else. She says you don’t have time to wait for Sameer. Channi argues with him. He says I will marry only Meher, can’t you see the fate is taking me to her. Meher calls Purab and says come and see what is coming on tv. The news show five people are getting released from opposite party and their names are here.

They see the list and are happy to see Sameer’s name in it. Purab is shocked and thinks what can this be. Meher thanks Purab for his great idea that Sameer is coming back. Meher and Bebe hug and are really happy. Bebe blesses Purab and says this is happening because of you. Bebe arranges the decorations at home. She asks Meher to get ready fast as they have to go and take Sameer. Meher asks her to go. Bebe says can you wait for him here, come. Meher smiles. They have a talk. Rabba……………plays……………..

The people are released across the border. Bebe looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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