Nadaan Parindey 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer packing his bag to go for his engagement. Ashish talks to him. A guy comes and there is ambush at the border, so we have to go. Ashish asks Sameer not to come with them. Sameer smiles. Bebe invites the whole Pind on Sameer’s engagement. Meher smiles seeing her. Meher thinks she can die for Bebe, I did not think I will marry Sameer, but its fine if Bebe is happy. Minty and Balli have a argument. They promote the show Bawre.

Purab gets the soldiers list and adds Sameer’s name in it to stop him from going in his engagement. Sameer gets ready to leave and is informed that his holiday is cancelled and he is ordered to go on the mission. Sameer is shocked. Bebe arranges the rings, sweets and clothes. Angrez does all the arrangements and asks Bebe to call the musicians. Bebe says yes, Sameer always dances. Sameer calls Bebe to tell her about the mission order. Gopi hears this. Bebe talks to Sameer and asks when are you coming.

Sameer says I won’t be able to come. She asks why. He says I have to go on mission, my holiday is cancelled. Bebe gets worried. She drops the phone and Meher talks to him. He tells the same to her and says tell Bebe I m her son, a true soldier, I have to do my duty first and keep my uniform’s respect. He says the country called me so I have to go. Meher and Bebe get sad. He says I have to go now, take care. Rabba…………….plays…………….. He says tell Bebe I will come soon.

He says wait for me. She says yes. Ashish asks Sameer to come. Samer says I m going, bye and ends the call. Sameer goes on the mission. Purab thinks about Channi’s words and how Sameer is marrying Meher soon. Sameer reports to him for mission and smiles. Purab is shocked seeing him and thinks its his last mission. He says good, lets move then. Bebe cries. Meher consoles her. Bebe says stop Sameer and gets worried. Mher runs after her.

Bebe says I m his mum, stop him. Meher says he is gone, we can’t do anything, we went to fight for his country. Gopi hears this and is shocked knowing Sameer joined army. Purab tells the plan to all the soldiers. Sameer says I will go with Purab. Purab smiles and says yes. Sameer says if I die, just tell Bebe that I kept the uniform’s respect. Bebe coms at the Dargah and prays for Sameer’s safe return. Purab and Sameer proceed on their mission. Meher comes to Bebe and pacifies her. Meher also prays for Sameer.

Purab shoots the enemies and sees Sameer is performing well too. He asks Sameer to divert them and come by border. Sameer and Purab are saved. Sameer says if I died, what would have happened of Meher. She would have died. I promised her I will come back, and see I m keeping my promise, I will go Pind taking holiday, then engagement and then marriage. I will spend my life happily with Meher. Purab gets angry and says I love you a lot. Sameer smiles. Purab says I can give my life for you, but you should have not come in between me and Meher, I love Meher a lot, you can die for Meher and I can take a life for Meher. He aims at Sameer. Sameer is shocked and tensed.

Sameer comes home bleeding. Bebe sees him and gets worried. Meher asks Bebe where is Sameer. It was Bebe’s imagination.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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