Nadaan Parindey 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab telling Bebe that govt asked him to keep an eye on Sameer. Bebe asks why, what did hee do, did he leak any info, why are they doubting him. Purab says other country does not leave anyone so soon. Sameer hears them talking. Bebe says Lord heard my prayers, no one did any favor on us. She says we have sent our letters to them, did you forget, we were troubled making our pleas reached, I have freed Sameer, for six months I could not sleep. She cries and says I want my son to get my happiness and age. He says he is my son, he is my right. Sameer thinks Bebe loves Sameer a lot, she is a daring woman, who fought for her son, I have never seen a mum’s love all my age, it has so much strength in mum’s love and trust, Sameer is so lucky.

Bebe says everyone said me my son is dead, you also told me, but I did not believe this. I still believe in my son, I can’t be wrong in identifying my son. She says the one who came back is my blood, my son, my Sameer. She says Sameer is your younger brother. Meher says enough Bebe. Bebe says let me say today, she scolds Purab. She says if the army does not respect my son, then I will take him back, he will quit the army job tomorrow. Purab and Sameer are shocked. Bebe says this is my promise. Sameer says this can’t happen, my mission has to be in army office. I have to stop Bebe.

Purab says think before taking this step, try to understand me. Sameer comes running to Bebe. He hugs her. Sameer says I heard everything, its not Purab’s mistake in this, he has to protect the country, its same rules for everyone. He says you bear a lot to get me back, people will laugh on me if I quit the army. If I sit at home like a coward. He says what will Purab tell the army officers. He says I can’t bear this insult, I will die, I have to live my life as an army man. Bebe says see Purab, see my blood. Can he cheat our country.

She takes Sameer with her. Meher says Bebe left me, but if I know you doubted on Sameer again, then I will not leave you. Purab hits the punch bag and is angry. He says if this is Sameer, then why does he tell everyone that I shot him, why don’t he ask me why I did this, how can he forget that day, if he is not Sameer, then who is he. Sameer calls Malik and says he is not getting into their trap. Malik asks him to focus on his mission, he says if he has to marry Meher, then he can. Sameer says I can’t, what about her when I return. Malik says you are cheating Bebe too, are you in love with Meher. Sameer says no, Malik says if Meher is distracting him, then they can help him by killing her. Sameer is shocked and says no don’t do this.

Malik says fine, give me good results and good news. He ends the call. Sameer says Malik was talking to kill Meher, I have to explain Meher that she should not dream to marry me. Meher rests and thinks about Sameer. She says whats this confusion, Ashish made it clear he loved me a lot before going on war, he wanted to marry me, and now when he is back, he is refusing to marry me, he got much hurt being in jail, he is afraid of happiness, I will take this fear out of his heart and only I can do this. I can end all pains of his heart with my love.

Its morning, Bebe wakes up ad leaves from the room. Sameer comes in the room and sees Meher sleeping. He brings a letter and keeps at her side. He smiles seeing her. He steps back and leaves. He leaves for the Dhaba. Meher wakes up and gets the letter from Sameer asking her to meet at Dhaba to talk. She says just this is it, I know what is it. Sameer reaches the Dhaba. Angrez says he came alone today, it means the fight is still on. The army men share some shayari. Sameer hears them.

Angrez says I can’t see both of them upset, Lord do a happy ending to their love story. Bebe tells Meher that Sameer loves her a lot. Meher says I know, but why does he scold me. Bebe explains her how a man thinks, Sameer is fighting in himself, he has to forget the six months, then his heart can open up. Meher smiles. Sameer meets Meher and says lets go inside. She says see I made food for you. He says I work at Dhaba, so I can eat here. She says its home made food. Angrez says Sameer that this means………. Sameer says that she has much time.

Sameer asks Meher to come. She holds his hand and stops him. He says leave my hand. She does not. He gets angry and says we are at Dhaba, I don’t like this. She says fine so tell me what you like, that a guy gets shy like a girl. He draws her closer and she is shocked. He says no, what happened now. She says don’t leave my hand now. He hurts her and her bangles break. She closes her eyes.

Meher, Bebe and Sameer talk to the inspector about Iqbal’s death. Sameer is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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