Nadaan Parindey 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 30th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sameer bringing RV and Meher to the border. RV asks what is special about the sunrise here. Sameer says its Meher wish’s it will be special. RV says we could have come any day. RV says do we have to climb, but how. Sameer says its simple, there is a lift. He says climb fast. Meher says the guard is there, he won’t allow us. RV says we can see from here. Sameer says no, we will see from there. I will talk to incharge. Meher says we will take permission and then go. Sameer prays to get the permission. Purab takes Sartaj with him to some other place. They have a talk on the way.

Purab aims a gun at him and says you will speak up, I can see the fear in your eyes. He puts bullets in the gun. Sartaj gets scared. Purab says your death is very near. He asks the men to open the chain. Sameer comes to the incharge and says I m Sameer, Bebe’s son, brother of Purab. He says my friend is outside, she is getting married. The man says so what can I do. Sameer says we are childhood friends. I promised that I will show her sunrise from the tower. The man says no one is allowed there. Sameer says Purab told me this, but my friend will go to Canada after marriage and don’t know she will come or not, I want to make her wish true. He holds his feet and requests him.

He says I will do what you say, just let me do this. Only 5mins. We will come down seeing the sunrise and cries. The man says fine, I can change my rules for your friendship. Sameer is happy. Meher smiles. She asks how did you do this. He acts heroic. He says come fast, lets go up. Meher climbs first. RV is scared to climb up. RV says its very high. Sameer says go up fast. RV says I can’t take the risk. Sameer says go up taking Lord’s name. Meher calls RV fast. RV says no, I can’t. Sameer thinks what to do now. Sameer says we will go together come. RV says no. Sameer says try once for Meher. Sameer climbs up. Sameer helps Meher climb up. RV stands down. Meher and Sameer see the sunrise.

Meher smiles and closes her eyes. Sameer sees her and open the eyes, don’t do cheating. She opens her eyes and is very happy. She says my childhood dream became true today. Sameer jokes. Sameer asks are you happy. She says yes, and you. He says if Meher is happy, Sameer is also happy. They have a laugh. She says you are my best friend, thanks. She hugs him. Purrab brings Sartaj somewhere and shows him his country. He says I have seen a wish to live in your eyes. He taunts Sartaj. He says I will give you life, but on one condition, if you cross that tree, life is yours, but I will try to stop you and shoot you, forgive me if you die, if you stay alive, then bless me.

Sartaj says you are doing my encounter. Purab says no, I m giving you a chance to live, run. Sartaj runs. Purab aims at him and smiles. Sartaj gets tensed. He jumps. The army says if he really runs then. Purab says every way is blocked, only way is there, he will get back to me, call the media and inform them that Sartaj ran away. Malik’s men sees Sameer. Sameer brings Meher down. Sameer says RV lets go now.

The army officer asks Sameer to stay as he will be bringing coffee for them. Sameer asks Meher and RV to sit to have coffee. The army officer says your friend is very sweet. Meher says yes. Sameer acts heroic again. Meher laughs. RV says I m feeling hungry, I need food, no coffee. Purab sees Sartaj running. Sameer and Meher have the coffee. RV does not have it. RV says you guys have bored me. Sartaj runs. He sees army men everywhere and is trapped.

Gopi sees the news that Sartaj has run away and the army is on high alert. Gopi informs Malik’s men about this. He calls Malik and informs the came. Malik is happy and says I will confirm it. Malik asks him to keep an eye on Sameer till now. Sameer thanks for the coffee and says I will never forget this. Sameer sees Meher and smiles. She leaves with RV.

Malik’s men stand to kidnap Sameer.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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