Nadaan Parindey 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins where Purab shoots Sameer near his heart and Sameer drops on the ground. Purab leaves the area and goes to his military base to meet his Boss Mr Khan and tells him mission accomplished but we lost 3 army officiers and Purab says all the names and last name he says Sameer Atwal. Mr Khan says isn’t Sameer Atwal your brother? Purab says yes he is my cousin brother. Purab asks for few days of leave from army and goes home.

At home, bebe get all these horrible illusions that something has happened to Sameer and he freaks out and Meher and Chinni are telling her to calm down. They tell Bebe nothing happened to Sameer he will be home soon. The next morning, Bebe opens her front door and sees Sameer (her imagination) and says omg Sameer your home? Bebe screams out Meher…Meher look Sameer is home. Meher comes downstairs and says what happened Bebe? Bebe says look my son has came home and Meher says there is no one at the door, she tries to calm Bebe down.

Purab reaches home and Bebe runs to him along with Meher and Chinni (Purab’s mother) and Bebe asks Purab where is Sameer my son your brother? Purab stays quiet the whole time and he tells Bebe, Sameer will never come back home; he is gone. Bebe slaps Purab and says how can you say such thing about your brother. Bebe faints on the ground and Meher bursts out in tears and runs upstairs to her room. Purab goes after her but Meher locked herself in the room and cries loudly. Purab ends up crying as well (he gets flashback of him shooting Sameer).

Later then, all the town neighborhood families get together at Bebe’s house and the Town President also comes and sads poor Bebe, she couldn’t see her own son. Bebe is in her room and still fainted and all the ladies are there to help her. Bebe wales up and says I am going to Gurdware to ask why he did this to Sameer? Bebe leaves in anger. Meher goes after Bebe.

Purab at home feeling very guilty of what he did and that he shouldn’t have done what he did to Sameer. Bebe comes and Purab is shocked thinking she might have heard everything. Purab ends up crying and tells Bebe this is all my fault. Bebe says no my son you always protected Sameer. Bebe still assumes Sameer will come back in future.

Then a army officier named Singh comes home and tells Bebe who will do the rituals for Sameer’s death. Bebe refuses to do any ritual as she thinks Sameer will return home. Meher starts crying again. Purab says Bebe you guys go in and I will handle everything.

Precap: Sameer shown in Hospital laying alive and have IV hooked up on his hand.

Update Credit to: Prii

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