Nadaan Parindey 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 28th April 2014 Written Update

Sameer is worried that Meher dream wont ever be fulfilled, just then Sameer smiles he gets an idea and runs home.

The army people tell the terrorist Sartaj to confess his plans, but he is not willing to tell them, he says there will be several different bombing. The army guy tells the officers to throw sartaj on hot sand and not to give him any water.

Purab rings his mom he says he got his holiday and he is coming back, he tells his mom to make piniya.

Sameer is busy finding something in his wardrobe, Bebe asks Sameer about Meher Roka, Sameer says yeah he went and he tells Bebe not to shout at him. Bebe says what happened to his cheeks did anyone say anything to him, Sameer says no. Bebe says its good he attended the Roka and she carries on asking Sameer questions, Sameer says not to ask him any question the truth is she wants to ask about Meher. Sameer says Meher was looking beauitful and she was happy.

Sameer says we are happy in Meher happiness we wanted Meher to be happy and she is happy, he says the canada people will keep her very happy. Sameer gets the book and runs, Bebe asks him but he ignores her and leaves.
The army officers are planning how to make Sartaj tell the the truth about the plan, the army officer suggest to hand over Sartaj to the army, he knows an army officer who can make him tell the truth.

Angres is shouting at the spy to do some work he is always on the phone. Angres tells Bebe she is forgetting her duty she should of been at Meher house why didn’t she go? Bebe says the panchayat said she is not allowed to meet Meher, she is not scared of them if sh egoes against them others will too thats wrong, she respects the panchayat so she wont go against them.
The army officer rings Purab and informs him of the mission, Purab says he will cancel his holiday, the army officer says go quickly, Purab agrees to be there soon.

Angres says he found Sameer photo and behind it was writing in urdu, Bebe says she can read some urdu she will read it, Angres tells Heera to bring the photo. Heera says she cant find it in sigh langauge, Angres shouts and says he will find himself but he cant find it either the spy took it.
Sameer comes back to Meher house, he says its danger here. We see RV and Meher talking, RV says why is it so dirty here in village, so much dirt, Meher says we grow crops here in village we cant grow them on cement road and speaks english. RV asks Meher she is educated, Meher says yes she is she wanted to study more. Meher asks RV since he has been here has he had any street food, RV says he doesnt want to end up in hospital he says everything is unhygenic here and complain about the village, Meher is annoyed.

Sameer asks help from Bali (Meher little Bro) and he comes to Meher room with dusty book he shows Meher, RV sneezes leaves from there quickly seeing the dust. Meher says to Sameer how did he come here if anyone sees he will get in trouble. Sameer says nothing will happen he says to her in this book she had written all her wishes and they will fulfil all the wishes. He says the will fulfil the first wish tomorrow, Meher says no need, Sameer says it is he says since the wedding is comign so near Meher has changed shes not the old Meher who would agree straight away for daring things. Sameer says to inform him by tonight if it is a yes or no, before Sameer leaves he sings a song and makes Meher laugh.

Purab informs his Mom his holiday has been canceled and he says to inform Meher family when he is back they will do the wedding arrangements.

Sameer comes home and asks for food Bebe shouts at him and asks where did he go? Sameer jumps on the bed and runs from Bebe and she chases him. Sameer tells Bebe to sit down he gives her water, Bebe says one day Sameer will take her life. Bebe says why did he go to Meher house? did he go to there to hear Nimmi insults, Sameer says he goes from the grooms family with RV, Nimmi Maasi and Mangal Chacha dont say anything. Sameer says Meher is his childhood friend and he want to give her a gift, Bebe says where did he the money from for the gift? Sameer says no money was spent, he says Meher will remember him forever. Bebe says tell the truth now, Sameer says he wants to fulfill all Meher wishes to make her happy.

RV comes back to Meher room, he says he is allergic to dust he says he is very delicate thats what his mom says, Meher says to herself she might get allergic to him. He was about to sneeze Meher covered herself will pillow. Meher asks RV if he will do her a favour.

Precap- Sameer and Bali are talking, Sameer says who will wake him up in the morning, he never gets up by himself, some villians are following some guy on scooter.

Update Credit to: Anam Ali

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