Nadaan Parindey 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Sameer does he not know Ashish. Sameer walks to Ashish and slaps him. Purab holds Ashish and is shocked. Purab says are you mad, how can you slap him. Sameer says he calls himself my friend, where were you, you know I came here after much time, tell him I came back from facing death, you should have come to taek me from border, Mr Ashish Kumar, and see now he is coming calling him my friend. Ashish smiles. Sameer says I was thinking about you since I came. Ashish says I did a mistake and hugs him. Purab looks on. Ashish says my dad was in hospital, so I was in tension.

He thanks Purab for bringing him here. Sameer asks what happened to uncle, I would have come. Ashish asks him did he get Bebe’s aloo parathas. He says you are so lucky. Sameer says yes. Ashish says you went with your brother, who gets such chance. Sameer stops Purab and says meet my friend Ashish well. Purab says I met him, you talk to him. Bebe says you both sit, I will make lassi for you. Ashish asks about Shayari, does he still write poetry. Everyone is shocked.

Bebe says no, Sameer loves films, he can’t write shayari, don’t joke. Purab says yes, he just dances, not shayari, we did not know this. Ashish says love teaches everything. He says Sameer’s poetry lines and asks Sameer to say it. Meher thinks I did not know this. Bebe says is this true, tell us what Ashish is saying, I would love to hear shayari from you. Sameer says poetry lines. Purab is shocked. Bebe and Meher smile.

Purab leaves in anger. Bebe says I will make food. Ashish says yes, but I came to meet you, not Sameer, as I know you cook very well. Ashish says he used to take Meher’s name all the time, he praised a lot, he used to write shayari for her. Nimmi and Channi talk about Meher and Sameer’s marriage. Channi says how can she keep them together without marriage. Nimmi says so what, they will be married. She says no, Sameer is not like this, even Meher won’t. Channi says they are young, don’t you see films. Nimmi says you opened my eyes and gets worried. She says then how will Minty marry, I will ask Bebe to keep this marriage soon. Channi smiles.

Ashish and Sameer have food. Ashish reminds Sameer if their time. Ashish says he said one sweet also. Bebe says yes, I make in cold. Ashish says one day, he was hungry for three days. Meher smiles. Bebe asks who used to wake him up in morning. Ashish says he did not sleep all night, he loves you a lot Bebe. Ashish says I will stay here 10 days, joking, going in 10mins. Bebe says Sameer stop him, he is funny, we will be happy. Ashish says make me meet Bhabhi. Sameer says Bhabhi? I did not marry. Ashish says what? Why?

Ashish says that time he was very happy and distributing sweets. Bebe says ask him and explain him to marry. Ashish says he was dying to marry. Meher hears everything. Ashish talks to Sameer and asks why did he not marry. Sameer says leave it now. Ashish says just tell me the reason. Sameer gets angry. Sameer says who are you to ask me, see I can’t answer you, what do you know about me. Ashish calms him and apologizes to him.

Ashish says I will meet Meher next time. Bebe gives him parathas to have on way. Purab asks Ashish to have a talk with him. Bebe says yes go. Meher thinks why is Purab taking Ashish, for what work. Ashish tells Purab that this is Sameer. Purab says answer me thinking, what do you think he is Sameer or any imposter. Meher is shocked. Ashish says I m sure he is Sameer, as only he can think about Meher so much, he is fighting with his past to keep her away from pain, only Sameer can love her so much, else any fraud man would have married her.

Purab says I can see you love Sameer a lot, and we all know how much Sameer loves Meher. Ashish says I can write that this man loves Meher a lot, he is Sameer. Purab says don’t tell this to anyone, this is army’s classified info. Ashish leaves. Meher says why did Purab doubt on Sameer again. She says even army doubts on him, whats going on.

Meher confronts Purab about doubting Sameer. Sameer thinks does Purab has any solid proof that can prove I m not real Sameer. Purab thinks they can doubt me too, that I have shot Sameer, I have to end this here. She says I heard you and Ashish talking, are you not ashamed to blame your brother. He says go inside. She says no, I won’t let you go till you answer me. She says I m Sameer’s fiancé, and I have full right to know everything. Bebe comes and asks what happened, why are you shouting. Meher says ask him, he feels the one who came back is not Sameer, but a imposter from across the border.

Bebe says what? Purab answer me. Meher says he brought Ashish to catch hold of Sameer, I heard them. She says Sameer respects you so much, Ashish said he is Sameer but he did not agree. Bebe says are you mad Purab, tell me. Purab says Meher heard it right. Sameer too hears them. Purab says I m an army officer, its my duty, I got orders to keep an eye on Sameer. Sameer becomes alert now.

Malik asks Sameer is he in love with Meher, Sameer says no. Malik says if so, then tell me as I will kill her. Sameer is shocked.

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