Nadaan Parindey 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe telling Iqbal to do the havan for her husband’s soul peace which Sameer used to do every year. Iqbal says he won’t sell his Imaan and can’t do hindu rituals as he is a Muslim. Bebe asks him to sit in havan, else bring back Sameer, he does not have any other way out.She asks him to bring Sameer to do the havan, if he has the problem, he does not have any solution. The pandit starts the puja. Bebe asks Meher to get puja items. The pandit calls Sameer. Mama asks why did he not come, is he fine. Bebe asks Meher to bring Sameer. Purab asks Bebe why is Sameer not coming, what happened to him, I will call him, maybe Meher is busy in work.

Purab comes to Iqbal and asks why is he not coming down, everyone is calling him. Iqbal says he won’t sit in havan. Purab asks why. Iqbal says he can’t answer him. Purab says my doubt was right, you are not Sameer, else you would have not insulted your dad and Bebe, you cheated everyone, come down and tell everyone why you don’t want to sit in havan. Iqbal says leave me, don’t interfere. Purab says you came in this family, come with me. Purab brings him down. Mama asks Purab whats all this. Purab says he is refusing to sit in havan, so I brought him here.

Mama asks Sameer why are you refusing, you remind us of this day and sit in this havan with devotion. What happened this time? Iqbal looks at Bebe. Bebe asks him to answer Mama. Mangal and Nimmi ask the reason. Mama says sit in the havan or tell us the reason, what happened this year that you are ashamed to do your duty. The pandit says solve it soon, mahurat is passing by, I have to leave. Meher asks why is Sameer doing this. Purab says I will say, why he does not want to sit in havan, as he is not Sameer.

Everyone is shocked. I told this before too, but no one listened to me, he is a traitor. Mama scolds Purab for starting it again. Mama asks who is he if not Sameer, they are mad to fight and be selfish. Mama asks Purab to control his jealousy. Purab says he is a traitor. Meher says he is lying. Purab will be hurt if I expose him, so be quiet. She asks Sameer why is he giving chance to Purab to attack him, why is he not sitting in havan. Purab says lets do this havan any other day, I will take him to head quarter and ask him all questions there, this is the proof that he is not Sameer.

Mangal says calm down, he is your brother. Mama asks Purab not to tell this again. Purab says why is Sameer refusing to sit in havan. Nimmi asks Sameer what happened to him. Mangal asks whats the problem. Meher says what are you doing Sameer. Purab asks Sameer to give the answer. Purab says you are not Sameer. Iqbal shouts yes, I m not Sameer, I m Iqbal, my Abbu is alive and I can’t sit in this havan. Iqbal wakes up by this dream and is tensed. Iqbal says I don’t believe this, but its true havan is required for the dead people. But mu dad is alive. He says no, its against the laws. He says but once………….. He calls his father. He hears his voice and gets sad.

Iqbal cries and says what to do Abbu, I was tensed hearing about havan. I m dying to talk to you. I m on mission and can’t talk to my family, you stay safe, I can just pray this. Channi and Mama promote Pro Kabbadi league. Bebe comes to meet Dargah Baba and says her husband was a traitor. She says he took my son and she made her husband look good as Sameer would not hate her. She says Iqbal is also a traitor. Bebe tells him the havan matter and whether Iqbal will sit or not. Bebe comes to Iqbal and asks his decision. Iqbal says he won’t sit for havan, as his father is still alive.

Sameer is in lockup and Iqbal’s dad goes to meet him. Sameer says I m not Iqbal, I m Sameer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. woooooooo…..sameer and iqbal are twin brothers…..i thought it after the last epi…..super twist….but plz…sameer should get meher,not iqbal….but i think this wont happen….iqbal is hindu and will get meher…poor sameer….feeling bad for him…

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