Nadaan Parindey 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 25th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Balli asking Minty to come soon. Minty says we are coming, go. Nimmi comes and asks why is the door shut. She asks Minty to open the door. Minty gets tensed. Meher is coming back home. Minty says what should I do now, why did she go. Minty says yes, I m opening, I m getting ready, you go, I will come. Nimmi says first open the door. She scolds her and asks her to open the door. Minty prays to Lord and opens the door. Nimmi asks where is Meher. Minty says she is…… Minty sees Meher coming and says she was not in bathroom and laughs. She says I was in bathroom. Minty lies and sees Meher going downstairs. Purab’s mum sees Meher and takes her to the guest. She says come Nimmi, Meher is here.

Nimmi leaves. Sameer sees Meher upset. Meher and RV sit for the engagement. Sameer says wait. He talks to the guest and shows them the rings. Everyone smile. Nimmi says Sameer’s talk will not end. She takes him with her and scolds him. Sameer sees the camera man. The ring falls. Everyone look for it. Meher and RV get engaged. Sameer sees the ring and says I will give it. He gives the ring and RV’s mum praises him. Everyone clap. They are very happy. Sameer asks the band to play and dances with RV. Meher looks on. Khushiyon ka din hai aaya……………….plays………….. Meher thinks about Bebe’s words and is sad.

Sameer comes to Meher and asks is everything fine. She says yes. He asks are you happy. Meher says I m missing Bebe. He says don’t worry, she will come when her anger cools. Bebe hears the band sound and goes to the terrace to see. Meher says I know you are seeing me Bebe. Bebe cries. Mangal stops Sameer. Sameer takes RV’s mum’s support and pleases her. Sameer tells Mangal that he will leave if he wants. Bebe comes to the Dargah. Ya Maula…………….plays…………. She prays for Meher and thinks about her words.

She thinks she did this for Meher’s good and if this relation is good for her, then it should not break. Sameer sees Meher upset and thinks to make her smile. He asks are you happy. She says why will I not be happy. He says yes, you will be, but don’t forget me. He tells her about RV and she smiles. They have a laugh and everyone hear them putside. Nimmi says Meher is very happy, she is going Canada. Nimmi and Mangal see Sameer. Nimmi says they are happy as if they got engaged, make him leave.

Sameer asks Meher what is her problem. Meher says I m missing Bebe. Nimmi takes RV to Meher. Nimmi asks Sameer to go and do the work. She asks Meher to show her room to RV. Sameer says I will show him. Nimmi says you can do the other work. RV holds Meher and Sameer looks on. Meher leaves with him. Nimmi smiles. Nimmi scolds Sameer and asks him to leave. She says don’t take Meher’s name again. He says RV should be with me. Nimmi lies to RV’s mum and asks Sameer to go home and rest. Sameer says I m fine. RV’s mum asks Sameer to go and rest.

Nimmi pushes Sameer out of the house. She scolds him. Sameer says I m a baraati and you should respect me. Mangal also scolds him. Sameer leaves. Sameer says I should have spent more time with Meher, don’t know when she will come back to meet me. He misses Meher and gets emotional. He says shall I go back, but what will I tell her. He says what was the need to marry so soon having many dreams.

Sameer tells Meher we will make your every wish true.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. wht the hell whr is tdys episd plz updt fast……

  2. whr is tdys episd plz updt fast……

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