Nadaan Parindey 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nadaan Parindey 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher seeing Sameer taking all the blame on himself. Bebe says I don’t understand you two. Meher thinks about Sameer fighting with goons. Bebe takes her inside. Sameer comes in the room and says what did I do, I fought with the goons, I would have landed in jail, whats happening to you Iqbal, be careful and focus on your mission. Meher washes her face and thinks about Sameer. She smiles. She tells everything to Bebe. She says I thought to tease him, but I got caught, he saved me. Bebe says then why did he not tell me, why did he take the blame. Meher smiles and says I don’t know, ask him. Bebe says why are you happy, he got scolded, when will you grow up, he will be annoyed, that day you will cry.

Bebe says my son, I scolded him so much, come with me and apologize to him. She sees blood on Meher’s hand and asks whats this. Meher says I m not hurt, Sameer…………..They get worried and come to him. Bebe sees Sameer dressing his wound. She says you did not tell your mum, you feel you are smart, I scolded you, you did not tell me the truth, why. She says so deep wound. Sameer says its small. Bebe says come with me to doctor. Sameer says don’t worry, I will do the first aid. Bebe says you? When did you start doing? She does his dressing. Bebe cries and her tears fall on him. She says I gave you birth, I m your mum, if a child gets hurt, a mum cries, she gets more hurt. Sameer looks at her.

He thinks of someone beating me and he shouting mum………… She says I will send haldi milk for you. Sameer asks why are you crying. Bebe says I m your mum, if you get hurt, it will pain me. Haye rabba…………plays…………. Bebe says when did you learn to hide wounds from me, when did you change. Sameer says you were not with me when I was bearing big wounds, so now I don’t feel any pain. Bebe says you are right, time changes a man, makes him stone, it has given you much pain, I used to hear your screams and could not sleep many nights, it was your wounds which did not let me sleep.

She says I will never let you go away from me, will not let anything happen to you. She hugs Sameer. Sameer gets a tear in his eyes. He controls himself. Meher says Bebe, he did not have food, I will make food for him and bring haldi milk. Meher says you take rest, I will do everything, as he did a lot for me. Sameer says focus Iqbal, don’t get distracted. Balli and Minty have a talk. Minty praises Purab and Nimmi laughs. She teases Minty, She gets annoyed and leaves. Balli says now I understand. Purab weds Minty. Nimmi says go from here, this is what I wanted.

Purab asks Meher for whom is she taking haldi milk. Meher says Sameer and tells him everything, how Sameer fought with goons. Purab says its good I changed him sending him in jail, else he would jave left you alone and run. She says yes, I can’t believe he is our Sameer. Purab reminds her that she did not see his birthday gift and did not ask him. Meher says I m so sorry, I forgot, and that party. Sameer planned it and I did not know, I m sorry. He says fine, I m pulling your leg, as I don’t keep anything in heart, but why thanks to Sameer and sorry to me, cook some rotis for me too. Meher says fine, I will make now, but first ask Channi, else she will not leave me. He says make it and send it to me. He leaves.

Sameer is a liftie and works on his mission being in his room working on a map. Meher comes to him and he hides the paper. She brings food for him. He asks why did you tell Bebe everything. She asks what were you writing. He says accounts. She says show me. He says give me food. She says first have this haldi milk. He says no. She insists. He says let me have food, keep the milk there. She says I should be punished for my mistake, I will decide it myself. She holds her ears and does situps. Sameer does not look at her.

She makes him hear it as she is doing many. He smiles. She slips and falls on him. He holds her and they have an eyelock. He says I have forgiven you. She says drink this haldi milk and he does. She smiles. He starts eating with his left hand. She says when did you become leftie, you used to eat by right hand. Sameer gets tensed and looks at her.

Meher and Sameer holds hands. Raabta…………plays………….. Sameer gets closer and she closes her eyes. He smiles seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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