Nadaan Parindey 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avtar asking Sameer to move his finger from trigger and not to move. He takes the gun from Sameer and scolds him. He asks why did you take the gun. Sameer says I was not using it, but acting. Avtar says it was loaded, if it killed anyone then. Sameer says I did not think this. Avtar says you are a fool. Sameer says sorry, I will become smart when I get gun in my hand. Avtar says fine and takes him out. He brings him in field and asks him to prove that he deserves to get it. He asks Sameer to fill the sand bags in a big bag. Sameer does it. Avtar asks him to take the bag on his shoulder. He gives him a gun and says lift the un over your hand.

He asks Sameeer to take 5 rounds of the ground in 20 mins without stopping. Sameer gets tensed. Avtar says if you stop, get out of the academy. Sameer says don’t do this, how will I become responsible. Avtar asks will he do or not. Sameer says I can do 5 rounds in 30mins. Avtar says time starts now. Sameer starts running. Purab brings a gift. Purab comes to the Dhaba and tells Bebe, I got Sameer’s letter. Meher thinks so soon. Bebe sees it and says its not Sameer’s handwriting. Purab asks her to read it and find out. Gopi hears them.

Bebe reads that his hand is hurt, so his friend is writing this, I m fine and happy, I have become partly responsible, take this gift from my first salary, I will come soon. Bebe smiles. Bebe takes the gift. Purab says Sameer’s friend is young. Bebe is happy and gets a shawl. She says its from Sameer’s first salary and shows it to everyone happily. Meher smiles. Bebe says he has sent a gift for me, he did not forget me, he became smart now. He says my prayer is fulfilled, I m going.

She goes to Dargah. Meher asks Purab how did this happen so soon. Purab says we know, I brought this from Sameer. Meher says tell the truth. Purab says I lied, as I have written it and I brought the gift for Bebe’s happiness. He says you wanted to make Bebe happy. She says a lie is a lie. Purab says its tough to make you happy Meher. Gopi looks on. Sameer takes the rounds. Avtar sees the watch. Sameer stops and sits holding a pole. Avtar asks do you give up. He says pack your bag and go home.

He says time is running, tell me what to do. Sameer gets up and says I will complete and become an army man. He runs again. Gopi tells Malik’s man that Purab knows where is Sameer. The man asks him to keep an eye on Sameer. Avtar feels Sameer has something in him. Sameer falls and gets up fast. Bebe shows the gift to Channi and says see Sameer has send this. Snhe shows the letter and reads it. Channi gets happy and says great. She smiles seeing Bebe happy.

Meher sees Bebe happy and smiles.Bebe says I will wear this happily, Lord bless Sameer. Purab comes to Meher and she says I was wrong, Bebe’s happiness is valuable, and a small lie does not mean anything, so I m sorry to be angry on you. He says don’t get angry on me, we are going to be friends, so trust me. Channi gets jealous seeing Meher and Purab shakes hand saying no fights. Purab smiles. Meher comes to Bebe. Purab asks Channi is he going right, he will become friend and then go ahead to marry her. Purab goes to Bebe and Meher. Channi fumes.

Sameer keeps running with the load and the gun. Avtar sees the time. Sameer comes to him and throws the bag. He falls. Avtar sees the watch again. He says you finished the task but not at time, its good you did not drop the gun. Sameer says Purab said a gun is army man’s pride. Avtar says 29mins 40 secs. Sameer says I failed. Avtar says I gave you less time, you asked 30 mins and you did not fail, good, I m impressed. Sameer gets up and Avtar gives him the gun. He says take it. Sameer gets happy and takes it smiling.

Avtar says you have earned it, come one, tigers don’t cry. Sameer asks when will I get army’s uniform. Avtar says first become an army man. Give me the gun. Sameer says I won’t give, I completed the task. Avtar says yes, but training is still there. Sameer says its wrong. I will not give the gun. Avtar takes the gun and says it was a test to see whether you can become an army man or not, I will make you an army man and then you will get uniform. Sameer touches his feet. Avtar asks what did you do, am I your family. Sameer says you are my teacher and my mum says respect teachers. He says sorry. Avtar asks why. Sameer says I called you Hitler behind your back, but you are good one.

Sameer leaves and sees Ashish and his mum. He misses Bebe and becomes sad. He calls Bebe to hear her voice. Bebe says hello, who is it. Sameer makes a sound and Bebe realizes its him. They cry. Bebe says will I not know if you don’t say, you did good work bringing out Ranveer’s reality, I told this to everyone that its not your mistake. I was wrong, forgive me Sameer. She says when you come back, I will hug you infront of the whole Pind. Sameer smiles. Bebe says I m fine, don’t worry about me, you work hard. She cries and says you are my good son. Meher looks on and consoles Bebe. She says Sameer……… Sameer ends the call hearing Meher’s voice. He smiles saying Bebe is not angry on me now, she has forgiven me.

Meher asks Bebe what did Sameer say, when will he come. Bebe says he did not say anything. Meher asks then how did you know. Bebe says it was him. Meher says he would have talked. Bebe says this is mum’s heart voice, I know his every breath. Nadaan parindey ghar aa ja………………..plays……………..

Sameer is trained by Avtar and performs well. Lakshya ko har haal me paana hai………………………plays………………

Update Credit to: Amena_Hsan

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