Nadaan Parindey 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer asking Meher to come with him. A girl thinks she is teasing her and asks her brother to beat him. Meher saves Sameer from the beating. Sameer is about to leave with Meher, but a man meets them and says Sameer has promised me that he will give my loan back, but now he looks like he forgot me. Meher reminds him about the man. Sameer says I know you, tell me the amount, I will give it. The man says you may remember it, give it yourself. Meher says it will be fun. Sameer gives him money asking him to take it from his wallet. The man sees Rs 500 notes and takes the money he gave to Sameer.

Sameer and Meher come to the army office. She asks come with me. He asks why, can’t you go alone. He says come back soon, we have work at Dhaba, I m waiting here. She taunts him and says wait here, I will teach you a lesson today. She leaves. Purab brings Minty to the market and says I will buy some things for me, you go and come. Minty asks him to come with her, else leave. Purab says I m afraid of your mum, who will hear her taunts. She says no, I will explain her. He says no, do your shopping and then meet me here. She says fine and smiles seeing Purab, she says he is not so rude, he is really good guy.

Sameer waits for Meher. Meher comes back and says I m leaving, let him wait here all day. She leaves and he does not see her going. He says Meher is taking lots of time, Bebe will be worrying. Meher is at the bus stop. She says why is this so lonely, don’t know. I feel strange here. Bebe calls her and Meher says the work did not happen, I still have the cash, I m waiting for bus. Bebe says what, did Sameer not come. Meher thinks what to say now. She says I will tell everything at home. Bebe says tell me now.

She asks did you fight with Sameer again. A gang comes and takes her phone and purse. Meher says whats this shamelessness, give my phone back. Bebe hears this and is shocked. Meher shouts for help and she slaps a goon. They take out knives. She runs saving her purse from them. Bebe calls Sameer. She asks Meher is at bus stop and is danger. He says no, she is inside, I m waiting. She says I spoke to her now, go fast. He says she did not come out. She says you fought again, foolish, I knew this, she was shouting on someone, go and see what happened.

He says how can she go, she knew I m waiting. She says she might have gone in anger, see what happened, she is your responsibility, bring her safe back home. Sameer leaves to find Meher. Sameer comes at the bus stop and does not get Meher. Meher shouts for help. The goons follow her. She hides. They try to find her. They come infront of her and try to take the purse. She says leave me. The goon says why are you shouting, no one will come to help you, give me this purse else I will kill you.

Sameer comes there. The goons asks them to leave. Meher says Sameer call police fast. Sameer beats them single handedly. He beats everyone and Meher is shocked seeing his strength, his braveness. Meher is stunned. He says come sit, done with this. He shouts sit Meher. She looks at him and says you have beaten them so well that I can’t believe its you Sameer.

He scolds her for having fun and leaving without telling him, Bebe was scared, he was tensed, if anything happened to her, he would have not forgiven himself, she has risked her life just joking with him, is this what she calls sense. She sits and holds him. Sameer looks at her hands around him. Meher hugs him feeling his concern for her.

Bebe is angry and waits for Sameer. Sameer brings Meher home. She scolds Sameer and says you are so irresponsible, everything is game for both of you, you don’t use mind, this would have been a big loss for me, tell me what happened there. She asks Sameer why was Meher shouting there, what happened. She says Meher is not mine, she is my amanat, if anything happened to her, what would I say to everyone, tell me what happened. Sameer says its my mistake, I did not see her, she went to find me and I should have not let her go alone. Meher is shocked seeing Sameer taking the blame in him.

Meher brings food for Sameer. He eats with left hand. She asks when did you become lefty, you used to have food wit right hand. Sameer is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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