Nadaan Parindey 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 21st April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sameer and Meher coming to a marriage function to have food. Few women have a talk that they have mixed wine in the water glasses. Nimmi argues with Bebe and Mangal supports her. A woman compliments Meher. Sameer asks who was she. Meher says don’t know. The women tell the waiters to keep the glasses on their table and they will take it. Mangal and Nimmi says we have seen everywhere, Sameer is not there and Meher ran away from house, we know they are together. They warn her about panchayat. Bebe is shocked. He says sit in the car. Bebe says if I find them together, I will beat them. Sameer and Meher have the food as if they never had food. They go near the women table and have food. Sameer sees the men coming to them and is tensed thinking they will ask

their identity.

He tells Meher that the gents are coming here. Meher says what will we do now. Sameer says come closer. He says we haave to run now, they are looking at us. She says lets eat, have water and leave. They eat very fast. Meher asks are they still looking. He says yes, don’t worry else we will be caught. The waiter keeps the wine on the table. Sameer says lets have water and leave. They drink the wine and understands its something else. Sameer says they are coming, eat fast. They drink it. The men come to them and asks who are you both. Meher and Sameer try to fool them. They run from there. The men run to catch them.

Meher and Sameer have a laugh. They are drunk. They have a talk on the way. She says I had to study a lot. Sameer says you have time. The panchayat is called to discuss about the army border. The sarpanch says we will ask them to open a new way. Everyone agree. Mangal comes and says solve our problem also. The sarpanch asks what is it and asks Bebe is everything fine. Sameer asks Meher not to worry as he will bring hall ticket next time also. Meher says are you feeling dizzy? He says what about you? Meher says the village is roamng and laughs. Bebe says I don’t know about Sameer and Meher, I went to city. Nimmi says she is lying. Sameer took Meher, she is very innocent. Meher and Sameer are having a laugh.

Meher shows him a stone. He takes it and keeps it. She says give it back to me. He says I will always keep it safe. The sarpanch asks Bebe to answer them. Bebe says I swear on Lord, I don’t know where they are. Sameer and Meher come there together in drunk state singing. Everyone are shocked seeing them. Sameer and Meher laugh. Meher meets Bebe. Bebe can’t believe they had wine. Sameer says we went in a baraat and had full food. Bebe asks what is this nonsense, where were you. Sameer says don’t be angry, Meher was very sad and was finding you, I went after her. Nimmi starts crying and creates a scene. She says you have made Meher drink wine.

Bebe slaps Sameer calling him shameless. Everyone are shocked. Bebe asks Meher to be quiet. She scolds Meher and says your Bebe died, we are not related from today. Nimmi smiles and says we all have seen everything clearly, you can’t control your shameless son and is after my daughter now. She taunts Bebe and Sameer and asks the sarpanch to take the decision. Bebe looks at Sameer and Meher. The sarpanch gives the verdict that Bebe will stay far from Meher, she will not meet her. Bebe cries. He says if Bebe goes against this decision, then she will not be given food. Everyone are shocked.

Bebe cries and comes home. She talks to the Lord and apologizes. Its morning, Sameer wakes up and has a headache. Sameer thinks everything what happened and calls Bebe. Angrez picks the call and mediates between them. Bebe is angry on him. Sameer says I m apologizing, I won’t do this again. Angrez is stuck between them. Angrez asks Bebe to talk. Bebe says I don’t want to talk to him, ask him to drink more. Angrez says if he really goes then. Bebe says I will not forgive him. Sameer says I m having head ache. Bebe says take medicines from cupboard and don’t talk to me. Sameer becomes upset and thinks Bebe got insulted because of him.

Malik sees Sameer’s photo and plans to kidnap him. He says we have known everything about him. Malika asks his men to keep an eye on Sameer.

Meher tells Sameer I m leaving this village. Sameer says I will also come with you. He tells Bebe that he is going with Meher. Bebe thinks Meher is making a mistake, I will go and exp..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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