Nadaan Parindey 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher telling Bebe that she loves Sameer a lot and not to make her far from him. Bebe says I know this, so I went to Dargah and did a Mannat that you and Iqbal will be having a pure life for few days and leave all your desires, you will sleep in my room on the floor from now on. She says Sameer has to be fine, that’s it. Meher says Sameer is infront of our eyes. Iqbal looks on. Bebe says why did you come here running to see Sameer being scared of the bad dream, I have prayed for my son and you. She shows the thread which she has tie and which will remind her. Meher asks why did you do this. Bebe says why, can’t you do this for your Sameer, am I asking a lot.

Iqbal says she will surely do. Meher says yes, I will do as you say. Bebe smiles and says this is not just a thread, Sameer’s life is linked to this. She ties the thread to Meher’s life. Rabba………………plays……………Iqbal smiles and thinks he will go from here tonight after doing his work. Its night, Iqbal comes to the army office to steal the mission secret file. He fools the guards and gets inside the room. A guard thinks he came here before and the glass was there. They look around to see who is there. Iqbal hides and gets to the locker room. He sees locker numbers and tries to find the one which has the file.

He gets the confidential locker and opens it by the key. He sees the file not in there and thinks its shifted. He meets Malik and says the file is shifted. Malik gets angry and says our mission is failed, btu anything more, shut the mission now, lets go across the border. Iqbal says no, I won’t go back. Malik says the file is shifted, it means they are doubting both of us. Iqbal says I will bear the risk, I will get the file from the new place. I will not go back to my country without doing my mission. Malik smiles and says you will lose your life. Iqbal says you worry for mission, I m not afraid of death. Purab comes to Sameer’s room and is shocked to see pillows under the bedcover.

Iqbal comes back home and is shocked to see Purab in his room. Purab says you came back, you made me wait a lot, where did you go and what you got. Iqbal says I know your problem, you lost your sensed, have this smartness for the duty, so you fail everywhere, the girl did not become yours, you lost your uniform. Iqbal taunts him. Purab comes to him and replies well. Purab does his inspection. He does not get anything and Iqbal smiles. Iqbal warns him to be away from Meher, and him. He says I will ruin everything and forget our relation. He asks Purab ti get out of his room.

Purab gets angry and leaves. Iqbal says if I got the file tonight, I would have not faced him. The senior asks the man to keep the file safe. He asks to summon Sameer. The man asks do you think Sameer did this. Iqbal comes to Bebe and sees her scolding Meher. Meher says she will make a good paratha. Iqbal says I m going to my Dhaba. Bebe says you won’t go, I will go to Dhaba from today and Meher will come with me. Iqbal asks why, you said you will rest at home. Bebe says you do yorru work. He holds her hand to stop her and asks her to let him go. Bebe says no need, I said I will go.

Iqbal acts sweet infront of Meher. He tries to convince her and asks her not to tale Meher there, else her fasting can ruin seeing the non veg hings. He holds her cheeks and Bebe slaps him. Purab comes there and sees this. Meher asks what did Sameer say, he is becoming a stone in your eyes these days. Bebe scolds Meher. Meher says I know one thing, that you should have not slapped Sameer like this, he is not your son, but my husband too.

Purab asks Bebe to swear and say does she doubt on Sameer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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