Nadaan Parindey 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer, Meher and everyone enjoying in the amusement park. They have icecreams. Meher says we all will have orange sticks. Minty asks Sameer to take icecream. Sameer says I don’t have the mood. Meher asks why, are you fine, you love icecreams. He says I don’t want. They insist. Sameer says fine give me. Sameer sees them having the icecreams in weird way and Balli asks him to do it. Sameer says I can’t. They leave. He tries and likes it. He smiles.

They have fun in many rides. Meher and Sameer hit each other in dashing cars. Balli gives the commentary. They cheer for Meher and she wins. Meher smiles. They praise Meher. Sameer says see what I do, I will make her cry else Iqbal………. He stops saying. Balli says what Iqbal. She says then my name won’t be Sameer. Sameer thinks to control himself and focus on his mission. Meher is scared to go in giant wheel. Sameer says leave it Baalli, Meher can die. Balli says yes I can’t bear this. Sameer says think again, will she vomit. Balli says she did not.

Balli says she is my beautfil sister but you concentrate on your mission. Sameer gets tensed and says what. Balli says to make her lose. Sameer challenges Meher to go for this ride. Balli supports Meher and says its not a girl thing. Sameer says I m going for it. Balli asks Meher to go and accept his challenge. Meher says I won’t risk myself for this bogus challenges. Sameer says she is scared, she will run from here now. Meher agrees and says she will not even scream. He says think again. She says fine. He says the loser has to do what the winner says. Meher says fine agreed, go and take the ticket.

Sameer buys the ticket for that ride. They sit in the ride. She gets scared. He says are you fine, she says yes. The ride starts. Meher closes her eyes. Everyone cheer for Meher. Sameer smiles. Balli cheers for Sameer. Meher gets scared as the speed increases. She holds Sameer’s hand and rests her head on his shoulder. He looks at her and she leaves his hand. She does not scream and wins. They go to the stall where they can win prizes by shooting at the balloons. Sameer gives everyone some tips. Meher also tries her hand and fails.

They get depressed as they did not win. The man asks Sameer to show his aiming skills. Sameer says I know myself, leave it. The man says don’t you trust yourself. Meher asks Sameer to aim and show the man. They cheer for Sameer. They are shocked to see his hand having nail marks of Meher. Meher thinks she has held him very tight. Sameer aims and says the board is not kept right. The man says no, we have to show face to the Lord. Sameer aims and hits at the centre. Everyone is happy. Sameer gets many gifts for them by shooting at many balloons. The man is shocked and loses to them.

Meher says she wants a pink teddy bear. Sameer agrees and the man asks him to shoot at the burning candles and blow them off with one bullet. Minty says this is cheating to toughen this. Sameer says blow the candles. Everyone look on tensed and waiting to see what Sameer does. Sameer aims at the candles. Sameer shoots right and everyone is much happy. The man is shocked. Meher gets the teddy bear. Sameer gifts her and says happy birthday. Meher is happy. Sameer pays the man. Everyone leave. The man says don’t pay more. Sameer says I cheated, as I did not tell you I m an army man, but you cheated too. The man says you are great.

Meher sees this and says you have changed. He says how many times will you say. She says as you are doing this which you did not do before, come. Minty says lets go to the fate teller and find out. Meher says no. They tease her. They insist and take Meher to the pandit. The pandit sees Meher’s hand and says your marriage stopped else your life would have been ruined, the one who loves you is very far from you. Meehr says wrong, the one who loves me is with me. The pandit asks Sameer does he really love Meher. Sameer is quiet. Meher asks him to show his hand. Sameer refuses. Everyone insist. Sameer gets tensed. Minty says we know that you love Meher. Sameer says I don’t believe this. The pandit asks is there any other reason. Meher says show your hand, why are you afraid.

Sameer scolds Meher infront of everyone and threatens her. He leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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