Nadaan Parindey 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab telling his dad that he will leave this house and will never show them his face. Everyone is shocked. Channi stops him and says she agrees for his and Minty’s marriage, and Purab is accepting his mistake, what if he did not tell us, he is our son, our blood. She asks Mama to forgive Purab as he is regretting. Mama forgives Purab and agrees for his marriage. Meher is shocked. Purab smiles. Mama says I will talk to Mangal. Purab comes to taunt Meher and says your plan has flopped in one stroke, I m a good player, it took just one min to turn the game, tell your sister that she will have to face my anger.

Meher goes to talk to Nimmi and Mangal. She says I m trying to explain Purab is not a good guy. Mangal asks why is she saying this, what did he do, the whole village likes him and praises him. Nimmi says she is jealous. Meher says the truth is Purab is a cheap man, he has tried to molest me and Sameer has beaten him up to save me. Mangal, Nimmi and Minty are shocked. Mangal gets Mama’s call. Nimmi takes the call. Mama says he called to say he agrees for Purab and Minty;s marriage. Nimmi says yes, its good. Nimmi says now I know why Meher came here. She says Purab’s dad is ready for this proposal.

Mangal looks at Meher and says what should we tell them now. Nimmi says Meher has to tell us did she know this. Mangal asks whats the difference. Nimmi says Meher is jealous and lying to us. She scolds Meher and says why is Mehere doing this. Meher cries and says what I m saying is right. Mangal believes Nimmi and does not believe Meher. Minty stops Meher and asks why did she do this, whats the need to lie. She says I did not feel you are my step sister and supported you, but this time you proved you are my step sister. Minty and Meher cry.

Meher comes home. Bebe thinks about Sameer and cries. Meher tells her about Purab and Minty and is upset. Bebe tries to convince Meher to agree for Purab and Minty’s marriage, as he is really regretting. Meher says he is marrying Minty to take revenge from her, please stop this marriage Bebe. Bebe is shocked. Purab talks to Minty and asks her not to think much. Minty smiles and flirts. She asks him to always fold hands for her after marriage. He says I will make you fold hands, tying with ropes and will torture you. Minty is shocked. Purab says he is joking. She says you scared me, but I trust you. I can’t believe all my dreams will come true. He says rude things. She gets tensed and says why are you saying so. He laughs and says be strong, you have to be strong after marriage. He jokes and asks her to be strong as she is going to be army man’s wife and ends the call as Bebe came.

Bebe asks him whats his motive to marry Minty. He says he was joking. She says she came to talk straight, how can he marry Minty, when he loves Meher. Purab is stunned. Purab says you are doubting on me Bebe, you know I always felt the world can be against me, but my Bebe can’t, Bebe will always trust me. He says why did I not die before hearing this. He says I always gave you value more than my mum. He reminds her of his childhood and he used to come to her when he was ill, hungry and needed a mum. He says when you were worried for Sameer, I helped him and got him in army. I have always done my duty of an elder brother.

He says I tried hard to get him back here. He says but when he came back, I felt he is not Sameer. Bebe is stunned. He says my doubt got more firm, and I made some mistakes. I did few wrong things which I should have not done, I tried to molest Meher, but because of this way, as I wanted to see is this the real Sameer, and he did. My doubt went away. He says but I got defamed in this, I don’t regret losing my respect, but I was afraid for you and Meher, no one should harm us, I wanted to save you and Meher from him, I love you and Sameer a lot, I want to see Meher safe.

He says I know Meher misunderstands me, hates me, I made mistakes. He asks Bebe not to misunderstand him and trust him. Bebe thinks Purab is true, he is thinking right, how to tell you that his brother is in danger, don’t know where is Sameer, but she can’t tell him for Sameer, she won’t let anyone point on him, he will not let Meher come in his happiness.

Meher asks for Iqbal’s help. He asks her to end the matter if this does not work. She says this time Purab will be caught.

Update Credit to: Amena

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