Nadaan Parindey 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Iqbal explaining Bebe what if I don’t do my mission, Sameer will not be back, forget him then. He says this country will not leave me. She says this is not for your country, Malik is a bad man, he will not leave you. She says the day he gets the file, he will kill innocent people. Iqbal says no, I won’t let this happen. Bebe says you trust him, but he will not leave you and Sameer, he is not yours. Iqbal says he won’t let him do anything, he will die but not let him hurt you. He holds her hand and says I promise I will protect you all, I don’t have any other way, but I have to do my mission, I can’t back out, everyone’s lives are at risk. He says try to understand, don’t stop me. He leaves.

Meher cries in her room and says how did he slap me like this, he got angry on my words. She says if he hates me, he should be far, why is he explaining the meaning of life and love. Bebe comes to her and Meher says I feel Iqbal is hiding something, he is hurting me, if I m nothing to him, he should be away. She says why does he do this, is there any secret. Bebe says what secret. Meher says I mean, his anger is something else, like a plan, like he is doing this intentionally, I know him, he is not like this. Bebe says stop thinking this, this is your love for him. He does not love you. She asks Meher to take rest and forget everything. Meher says she can’t forget her first love. She says I m stunned how did I get fooled.

She thinks about Iqbal. She says no Bebe, I have seen pain in his eyes, he also loves me. Bebe scolds her. Meher says he could have used me, he knows that I won’t stop him, but still he did not do anything, why did he do this. Bebe says don’t think about him, he has to go, let him go. She says this was a bad dream, when Sameer comes back, you see life will come on track. Meher says I have to start walking in dark. They cry. Meher leaves. Bebe prays to Lord and says I don’t have answers, and no words to explain her, you solve this matter now.

The chief shows the file to Sameer and his staff member. He says now the responsibility is on you. He says we have to put the bait to catch the fish. Iqbal smiles. He says we have to take a chance. The chief says I will take the chance. He asks Sameer to kill the traitor. Iqbal nods yes. He comes home and thinks is this any plan to trap me. As Purab always told them he had a doubt on me, he is senior officer and maybe they believed him, are they trying to catch me red handed, its not easy to get the file. I have to be double alert. He thinks if he is caught, he will be fine, but Sameer will be in problem.

Bebe comes to him. She asks him not to think much. He says I m thinking about Sameer, not me. She says his fight won’t be over, he has to deal with Meher, if she married him, Sameer will know she does not love him. He says no, Meher hates me now. She says no, you think if you slap her, she will hate you, she loves you a lot, she told me that its your secret behind your anger. She says you also love her, maybe so you always kept her respect. He says how can she love me now, fine, she will hate me one day. He says I will do something wrong with her. Rabba…………………plays……………… He says you forgive me please. Bebe gets worried.

Channi asks Purab to take rest and not worry, as Mama will come home soon. Minty comes ythere and hides seeing Channi. Minty comes to Purab and talks to him. He apologizes to her and says we are not made for each other. She says fine, I have forgiven you, but tell me how will I explain my heart, what was my mistake. She says she will love him forever and not marry anyone else. She cries and leaves. Purab says how to tell you I never loved you. What did I do this, I broke her heart.

Meher and Bebe have a talk. A lady comes and invites Bebe to come in Jagrata at her home at night. Bebe says I m going out of city, how to leave her alone. The lady says why, where is her husband. Bebe looks at Meher. Bebe says he will come, fine, I will come. The lady says fine, come for sure. She leaves. Bebe asks Meher to get ready as they will go together. Meher says she does not want to go. Bebe says how to leave you alone. Meher says I will give him food, and then rest. Bebe says fine, I will tell him, you take care. Bebe leaves.

Iqbal is in his room and thinks. Bebe comes to him and asks why is he sitting like a statue. He asks what happened. She says she is not at home tonight, Meher will give you food, don’t trouble her, she is not well. He asks where are you going. She says in Jagrata, I will come home soon, don’t worry. Bebe leaves. Iqbal thinks Meher will be alone and he has to go from here as he gets the file in few days, he has to make Meher realize that I m very bad man and she should forget me.

Meher talks to Iqbal while he is sleeping. He asks her not to go in sleep. She gets close to him. He kisses her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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