Nadaan Parindey 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 17th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Meher trying to go in the exam hall but she is not allowed. Sameer is hurt. He wakes up and runs. Meher waits for the hall ticket. Sameer comes running all the way. He is no allowed inside the university. He says I got late and sees a pole. He does pole jumping over the gate. He lands inside. Meher sees him coming and is happy. She smiles and goes to him. Sameer gives her the hall ticket. She says thanks and runs. Maasi comes there and takes the hall ticket from her hand. Even her dad comes there. Maasi scolds her for lying to her. Meher asks her dad to explain her. Her dad slaps her. Meher says I want to study, whats wrong. Sameer sees them taking Meher and stops them.

Maasi scolds him. Sameer says let her write the paper, its wrong. We will talk later

at home. Meher’s dad scolds him. Sameer talks to Meher. Maasi beats him and says see his guts, its about Bebe, he is after my girl, lets go to Bebe today. Sameer says I will also come with you. He sits in the jeep and Maasi pushes him. He falls. Meher gets worried for him. Sameer says I was also going Pind, you could have taken me along. Bebe is shocked to see Meher with Maasi.

Bebe asks what happened. Maasi scolds her. Bebe asks what did I do. Meher’s dad says we respect you. Maasi says why did you send her there. They have an argument about Meher’s studies. Meher says I had to study, why are you involving Bebe. Maasi is about to slap Meher and Bebe comes in between. Meher scolds them and says why are you making Minty study then. She says I promised her dead woman that I will keep Meher happy, I will always do this. She asks Meher’s dad Mangla did you forget Meher’s mum. Maasi starts crying. He says she loves Meher more than Minty. Maasi says she is mine, don’t interfere in my house, else I promise I will not leave you.

She says I m looking for guys. Sameer comes and says Meher wants to study, not marry. Maasi says stay away from Meher. Sameer says you have wasted her one year. Mangal says end the matter here Bebe, don’t meet Meher, else we will go to Panchayat. Maasi says lets go and takes Meher with her. Meher shouts Bebe, stop me, do anything. She says I want to study and do something. Bebe cries. Maasi brings Meher home and scolds her. She scolds Minty also. She gives Mangal 7 days time and asks him to find any handicap man and marry Meher to him. Meher is shocked and says you can’t let me marry by force, I know laws.

Maasi says so you will send us to jail. She says your mum would have killed you. Meher says don’t talk about my mum. Maasi slaps Meher. Mangal gets angry on Maasi and she scolds him also. Maasi says I will beat you now. She throws Meher on the bed and takes her books. She throws the books. Meher tries to stop her. Maasi says I will burn these books. Meher hides her passport. Maasi asks what is this. Meher says nothing. Maasi takes it and is shocked. She calls Mangal and says see whyat she is doing. She shows him the passport. He is shocked and looks at Meher.

He says its visa form for Canada. He asks what is this Meher. Maasi fills his ears. She says I wanted to do this. Maasi says ask with whom is she running. Mangal asks how did you get the visa form. Meher says I have just filled it, I was not running from home. Mangal gets upset. Maasi says I will send you to Canada. She locks Meher in the room.

Purab’s mum comes to talk to Maasi to ask about the scene created at Bebe’s Dhaba. Maasi says Meher is troubling her a lot, you tell me what should I do now. Purab’s mum asks her to think what could have happened, if she ran away with someone, then Minty’s marriage would have cancelled. Maasi says I want a guy and will marry her in 7 days. Purab’s mum tells about Canada proposal. Meher says I will not marry. Maasi says yes talk to them. Purab’s mum says you can take some time, if she creates a scene, my image will be spoiled. Maasi says trust me, fix the marriage. Meher says I will not marry. Maasi says I m sending you to Canada. Maasi says call them and tell them they should marry in 7 days.

Purab’s mum says its final now. Purab’s mum thinks now Meher will not marry Purab. The spy gives Malik’e men info about Sameer. Bebe stops the men and they get shocked. Bebe sees the papers and picks it.

Meher cries and tells Sameer that Maasi is forcing her to marry to a NRI and then she can’t study.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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