Nadaan Parindey 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer giving his medical test. He says I have all the qualities to become an army man. The man asks him to remove clothes. Sameer changes his clothes and comes out in vests. He asks why did I not get uniform. Avtar Singh comes and says attention, follow me. Sameer waits to get the gun. He goes with Avtar. Sameer sits without his permission. Avtar stares and Sameer gets up. Avtar asks him why do you want to get in army. Sameer says to become responsible. Avtar sats who told you. Sameer says Purab. Avtar asks what do you know about army. Sameer says a man gets a gun and becomes army man. Avtar asks what are you qualities. Sameer says give me a gun, my aim is very good.

Avtar says why do you want to get into army. Sameer answers funny. Avtar asks him to polish his shoes and make them shine in 10 mins, such that they can see face. Sameer says why, don’t they have mirror to see the face and thinks so this way a man becomes responsible. He starts polishing the shoes. Channi asks Purab to meet a girl as she is very rich. Purab says he will marry only Meher. Channi says she won’t come in this house, she is characterless. Purab gets angry and says I don’t care about what people say.

Channi says I will stop having food if you are adamant. She asks him to choose between mum or Meher. He says fine, I will ask dad and let him decide. He says I know dad will agree to this. Channi says ask Meher first what she wants, she likes Sameer more than you. Purab says its nothing like that. She says but Sameer likes her, your dad will support Sameer. Purab says you are right, I have to win Meher’s heart and when dad agrees, you can’t do anything. She says fine.

His dad comes and asks whats going on. Channi smiles seeing her. Purab hugs him happily. His dad asks how are you here, you came in Meher’s marriage right. Purab says heer marriage did not happen. His dad is shocked and asks what did you do. Channi says nothing, Sameer stopped her marriage. Mama talks to Bebe and says this is not right. He says Channi you could not called me. Channi says you would have taken out gun, Bebe has forgiven Sameer.

Channi taunts Bebe. Mama asks Meher did Sameer tell you this before. Meher says no, he was my best friend. Mama says did you tell him you are not happy with that marriage. Meher says no. Mama says I don’t understand. Channi says he should have thought about Bebe atleast. Bebe says Meher is hurt more, her life is ruined, she lost her family. Mama says don’t worry, I will talk to Mangal. Channi says talk to Nimmi. Meher says I don’t want to go my home. Everyone are shocked. Channi says fine, then where will you go, who will keep you.

Bebe says I took Meher there and explained Mangal, butt Nimmi kicked me and Meher out. Channi says yes, its not good to keep Meher here. Mama says I will talk to Mangal, how can we do this. Meher leaves being upset. Sameer polishes the shoes. He tries to see his face in the shoes and says I can’t see my face and the polish is ending, no I can’t fail in my first test. Sameer says Purab asked me to use mind, think what to do. He wears the shoes and polishes more. Avtar sees him sitting in his chair and wearing jhis shoes. He scolds her. Sameer says who do you want to see face in shoes, having such a big mirror at your home. He says I will shine the mirror. Avtar gets angry and says attention. He cools down and says have food. Sameer says I forgot this for the first time, I m feeling hungry.

Avtar says lunch time is over, wait for dinner. Sameer says fine. He says I will eat in mess. Avtar says you can’t go there, you will get food in kitchen, you will get food as per the work you did. Sameer says fine, I can stay hungry now. Avtar says out. Sameer says the shoes. Avtar says keep it, out. Sameer leaves. Avtar says don’t know Purab has sent whom, nothing can happen with Sameer. Meher packs her bag. Bebe says first let Mama talk to Mangal, I don’t think they will agree.

Meher says even if they agree, I will not stay there and now I can’t stay here. Bebe asks why, where will you go. Meher says don’t know, I will leave this house, pind and you. Bebe says did you think how will I stay without you. Meher says can’t I get independent and get a chance to live my life. Bebe says fine, I will also come with me. Bebe also packs her bag. Meher says Sameer went to become responsible. I can go to any city and stay alone. Meher says don’t make me weak, let me go.

Sameer sits in the field and feels hungry. A guy comes and asks did you not have food. Sameer says no, I m waiting for dinner. The guy gives him snacks. Sameer asks is there anything else. The guy give shim laddoos which his mum made. Sameer misses Bebe. Sameer tells him about Bebe and gets tears in his eyes. Sameer says you take this, its yours. The guy asks him to call Bebe. Sameer says I can’t call her before becoming responsible.

Purab comes to talk to Meher asks is she leaving. She says yes. He says I have to stop her. He gets a call and says police station? He is shocked. He says I m coming there now. He smiles and says great timing, Meher will not go anywhere, I won’t let you go.

Purab exposes Lovely Singh, Ranveer’s first wife. Bebe and Meher are shocked meeting her. Bebe says Sameer was saying the truth and we did not trust him.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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