Nadaan Parindey 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher talking to Sameer and says she likes this new Sameer. He asks her to go and do her work. Meher says I have much work, not like you, to enjoy the holiday. Purab thinks about Sameer’s words. He says why did Sameer ask this, I felt he was not asking me, but reminding me of the moment when I shot him, who will explain me, how he got saved from my bullet, else he is not Sameer, I have to find out the truth, but how. Channi comes to Purab. She sees some stains on clothes and says some stains don’t go with wash, you will always remember it. Purab says stains? Mark of the bullet? If he is Sameer, then he will have the bullet mark on his chest.

Its morning, Sameer wakes up. Meher comes to him. She says lie down, I have some work. He says keep your hands away. She says then close your eye still I say. He says don’t know what will she do. She puts water on him. He says Lahol. She asks what. He scolds her. She says I was reminding you of old days. She says I m Meher, how can I change. He gets angry and controls his anger. She says always control it infront of me. She leaves. Sameer asks Bebe to give him breakfast. Beeb asks why did you not go for jogging, is he fine. He says ask Meher, I don’t want to talk to her.

Meher stops him and scolds him holding his collar. He says leave it, else I will forget all the friendship. She says I will remind you. Bebe says he is getting angry, leave his collar. Meher says don’t take his side. Bebe says if you fight like this, then leave the marriage thing. Bebe leaves. Sameer says you made Bebe annoyed. Meher says she will come, I know her. He says you know her better than me, she gave birth to me, he thinks of his mum. Meher says sorry. Sameer says I will change my tshirt. Purab looks on and thinks its good chance to check the bullet mark.

Sameer removes his tshit and turns. Purab misses to see him. He comes in and Sameer wears the tshirt till then. Sameer asks you here? Purab says I came to say sorry, for scolding you. Sameer says I did not feel bad, you did a lot for me, you can scold me. Purab says don’t know when you grew up, sometimes I feel I don’t know you, you are not my brother, but someone else. Sameer gets tensed. Purab smiles and says I m joking. Sameer says change is life’s rule. Purab says I want to spend time with you, lets go on jogging. Sameer says tomorrow, I m going to Dhaba now. Sameer leaves with Meher.

Purab says till when will you get saved. Meher orders the items for the Dhaba. Sameer gives some ideas. Meher reminds him of old time and Sameer is shocked as he does not knew it. A guy calls Meher and scolds her for giving them cold food. Sameer gets angry. Meher says the food was hot, you were talking on phone. The man is about to slap Meher, but Sameer stops him. Sameer scolds him and asks Meher to go inside. Meher says leave him, come.

Angrez and Heera look on. Minty and Balli come there to meet Meher. Minty asks Angrez to pack some food and says their parents are fighting. Minty says I heard you both are fighting a lot. Sameer catches a pot from falling. Balli says what a dive, great. Meher thanks him. A man comes in a jeep. Balli asks Sameer to lift the jeep and show him. He challenges Sameer. Sameer goes to the jeep and really lifts it. Everyone is shocked seeing his strength. Balli says he is our real hero.

Meher says what did he eat in that country. Its night, Purab is unable to sleep and gets up. He thinks of Channi’s words. He sees the time. He feels eager to know about Sameer’s truth. Purab and Sameer come to workout in a forest. Sameer asks is it enough, jogging over. Purab says lets do pushups and lets see who does more. Purab takes off his tshirt. He starts and asks Sameer to remove his jacket. Sameer does so and turns to face Purab. Purab is shocked seeing the bullet mark on his chest.

Purab asks about the bullet mark. Sameer thinks he shot himself to make the mark. Purab asks when did this happen. Sameer says you are asking as if you don’t know. Purab says how will I know. Sameer says I got hurt in war. Purab says its good you got saved. Sameer says thanks to you, people are respecting me because of you. Purab gets confused. Sameer asks what happened, did I say anything wrong, I did not forget anything, Meher was marrying a wrong man, you called me and asked me to break her marriage, and I did it.

Bebe kicked me out, I was crying and I told you to make me responsible, you sent me to army and see my life changed, you did a big favor on me, thanks. Purab says you got emotional, I can die for you. Sameer says so I can ask for your life anytime right. Purab gets tensed. They do the pushups. Purab thinks he lost partial memory, no need to worry now, I m safe.

Meher tells Bebe how can he forget my birthday. Sameer does not remember.

Update Credit to: Amena

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