Nadaan Parindey 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 16th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bebe becoming happy thinking Sameer came back. Meher and Bebe try to see. Sameer comes back home and hides from them. Bebe says he went today, it looks like the whole Pind is silent. Bebe says it looks like he went long ago. Sameer hears them talking. He laughs seeing Bebe missing him. He says I knew it you will cry sending me. Bebe asks Meher to go home and study. Meher says fine, I will go, I have kept all the books here, if Maasi sees my books, she will create a scene, she says I will go Canada. Bebe says I will not send you. She hugs Meher. Sameer is annoyed that Bebe is hugging Meher. Meher says I will come early tomorrow morning, then we will have tea together. She smiles and leaves.

Bebe thinks of her past. She shouts no……… and comes out running.

She is shocked to see Sameer infront of her. She gets happy and hugs him. Sameer smiles. Malik tells his men that only Sameer can take them to their destination, bring him here, I want him soon. Sameer rests in Bebe’s lap and sleeps. Bebe cares for him and smiles. Its morning, Meher prays to Lord for her exams so that Maasi should not know about her exams. Minty asks where is she going. Meher says I will tell later. Minty says Maasi is at the door. Meher says what should I do now. Meher goes by the rooftops. She comes to Bebe’s house and is shocked to see Sameer.

Sameer is counting birds. She gets angry on him and beats him. She asks what are you here, how did you come back. He says they have sent me back. I will not go there, I will be with Bebe. They both have an argument. He says Bebe was crying, I can’t see her crying. She says I was ;proud of you. Bebe comes and finds Meher angry. Meher scolds Bebe too. Bebe says its good he came back, if he was ill there, I would have not known. Meher says I will die seeing this love, what will we tell Purab, why did he come back. Sameer says I will talk to Purab, its our house’s matter, why are you talking. Meher says why did you do all the drama, I did so much to send him. Bebe says let it go.

Meher says you are happy with what he is. He tells her that she will bring her BP medicines. Bebe says its your exam today, all the best, be calm. She asks Sameer to wish her all the best. Sameer says yes, I can;t be annoyed with her. He says all the best, I will pray to Lord that you forget everything you studied. She runs after him to beat him. Purab calls his mum and asks about Sameer. She says he went in army truck. Purab says he came back. She says why do you care about him. Meher leaves her hall ticket there and leaves.

Purab’s mum says Meher is here with Sameer. Purab asks her to talk to Maasi about Meher’s proposal. He says I will come taking two day leave. You should talk to them in two days, else you will regret. She says I will talk to them. He says they will not say no, I m best for her. He says fix the date and tell me. She says Purab is mad after her. Meher comes for the exam. She is confident and says she will write well. Bebe talks to Angrez and says what can I do if he came back. Angrez says he understands relations well. Purab’s mum comes and says its Purab’s insult as Sameer came back. She says what will Purab answer them. Bebe says I will explain Purab. She says explain Sameer, people respect Purab.

Bebe praises Sameer. Angrez says Sameer has a golden heart. Bebe cries. Mama consoles her. Bebe is annoyed. Mama scolds his wife and takes her with him. Meher is shocked to know that she forgot the hall ticket at home. Meher calls Bebe and tells her everything. Bebe says what, how will you write your exam now. A man hears this. Meher cries. Bebe says don’t worry, I will find at home.

Sameer’s friends come to talk to him and asks him to get ready. Sameer gets Meher’s hall ticket and is about to tear it. Bebe comes and asks for it. Sameer hides it and asks is it this. Bebe says go fast and give her, she is crying, she called me, she is worried, she can’t write exam without this. He says my friends are waiting for me. Bebe says if you don’t go, I will die. Sameer says fine, I will do this for you. Sameer leaves on a cycle. His friends tell him that the brakes are damaged. Meher gets tensed and calls Bebe. Bebe says I have sent it by Sameer. Meher says why did you send him, I don’t trust him, I have 10 mins now. Bebe says calm down, he will reach now. Sameer rides in high speed and a stone comes in between. He falls and faints as he gets hurt.

Maasi comes and scolds Meher. Bebe argues with Maasi. The guy gives info about Sameer.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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