Nadaan Parindey 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nadaan Parindey 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher crying as Iqbal pushes her. She comes to cut her nerve. Bebe sees her and stops her by slapping her. Meher says Iqbal said he will leave me and go, what will I tell everyone. She cries. Bebe says don’t cry, I have a way. She asks her to listen to her, let him do anything, he will give our Sameer back, I will explain Sameer, no one will know anything. Meher says what about me. I love him, not Sameer. I married Iqbal, what about me. Bebe cries. Bebe asks her to forget everything. Bebe says this will be for everyone’s good, you think whom you loved. She says get strong and come out of this web. Meher hugs her and cries. Iqbal looks at Bebe and Meher. Bebe cries seeing him.

Its night, Bebe comes to Iqbal and he says he has to get Purab and Mama. She cries. He asks what happened now, don’t cry. He wipes her tears. She says your Mama has not let Sameer miss his dad ad Purab always gave him brother’s love. She says what his Mama did for her, he opened a Dhaba for her so that she should not beg to anyone. She says he got same thing for Purab and Sameer. She says he has done many favors on us, don’t let anything happen to him. Iqbal says he will manage everything. He says you just take care of Meher, she will be hurt, but there is no way, I will make her hate me a lot, that she will not take my name.

Bebe says I did not know this happened, Meher will give her life. She asks do you also love Meher. Rabba………………plays……………. Iqbal turns. Bebe says tell me the truth, I m your mum, if Meher loves anyone, its not easy to reject her love. She asks does he love her. Iqbal says I just know that whenever I go from here, I will have emptiness in my heart and life. Bebe cries. He says I will go from here, but incomplete. Maybe I……….. Bebe says this is not an answer, why don’t you tell me, do you love her or not. Iqbal says no, I don’t love Meher. He leaves.

Bebe says he can’t even lie, he is my son afterall. He talks to Lord and says what will happen of this love, which did not turn into words, it will hurt both my children. Meher thinks about Iqbal’s words. Meher looks at Sameer and Bebe’s pic and cries. She says where did you go, leaving your best friend. She says you did so much for my smile, and now see my state. She says its punishment for not loving you, but I love Iqbal, and now this love can hurt me a lot. She says she is not alive and not dead. Everything is over. She hugs the pic and cries.

Mama talks to the army chief and they ask why did he shoot Purab, being his father. The chief asks what happened. Mama thinks he can’t tell him, else Purab will be dismissed from army. Iqbal comes there. Mama looks at him. The chief asks Sameer what happened, tell the truth. Iqbal thinks about Bebe’s words. Iqbal says since I came back, Purab had a doubt on me that I became a traitor or imposter. He says Purab told this to Mama and things went wrong and then on that day this happened. Mama ji love me a lot and did my upbringing, that day the matter came out and Purab scolded me. Mama ji could not bear it and he got angry. Purab misbehaved a lot and Mama ji shot him. The chief says fine and asks Mama to go. Mama looks at Iqbal and leaves.

The chief asks Iqbal to join soon in place of Purab. Iqbal says yes Sir and smiles. Iqbal talks to Mehtaab and they talk how to free Sameer. Mehtaab asks him to take Malik’s help and asks his mission work. Iqbal says he has to do his mission else Malik will not help him. Iqbal says we have to free Sameer soon. Bebe comes to Meher and brings her fav food from Dhaba. She sees Meher getting high fever and worries. Bebe says I will call doctor and sees phone not working. Meher says don’t worry for me, what will I do being alive.

Bebe asks Iqbal to call the doctor and he says he won’t and acts rude infront of Meher. He rushes to get the doctor and asks him not to tell anyone at home that he called him. Bebe sees him and says she can see his love in his eyes.

The army chief plans to catch the traitor. Iqbal says don’t worry. The chief says he is taking risk.

Update Credit to: Amena

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