Nadaan Parindey 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nadaan Parindey 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher scolding Minty. Minty argues with Meher defending her point of view. She says mum always wanted this. Meher says I m your sister. Iqbal scolds Meher and asks her to let Minty take her decisions. Iqbal says lets go home and leaves. Minty says she loves Meher a lot and she always took her side at home. Meher says how to explain you Minty that you are doing a big mistake. Meher leaves. Minty asks Purab why is Meher against you. Purab says against me, or against your happiness. They come home. Bebe asks Iqbal how is he. He says he is fine. Meher asks Bebe to take him to the room, else she will take him.

Iqbal is unable to walk. Mama asks Purab to support Sameer. Purab holds Sameer. Minty sees Purab and smiles. Channi asks Minty and Balli to go home. They leave. Purab makes Iqbal fall. Meher asks Sameer are you fine and scolds Purab. Purab taunts Iqbal and calls Minty asking her to wait. He smiles and leaves. Meher says how can any girl think to spend her life with such a cheap man, how to explain Minty. Mangal and Nimmi come to meet Channi and Mama. Mangal brings Minty’s proposal for Purab. Mangal says Sameer is still unwell. Nimmi says so what, we can plan.

She says we came for Purab and Minty’s proposal. Channi and Mama are shocked. Channi says Minty is not eligible for marriage, she is so young, let her play and study. Nimmi says you are right, but Minty and Purab are not listening, if they are ready, what can we do. Mama says what are you saying, did Purab say this. He asks Channi did she know this. Channi says no, I m hearing this for first time. Nimmi laughs and says I thought you know it. Mama says we don’t have any objection, but we have to ask him once, then we can decide. Mangal says fine, talk to him.

Nimmi says we have to hurry up as Purab and Minty are roaming in the village holding hands. They leave. Mama asks Channi whats going on, Purab wanted to marry Meher and now Minty. Channi says you ask him, my mind is not working. An army man comes to meet Sameer and asks when will he join, as he has to go for big mission. Iqbal says soon, as I m fine. Bebe says doctor asked him to take bed rest for 2 weeks. Iqbal says he has to go. Bebe scolds him and says you can’t move till 15 days. Meher says yes, he will join after 2 weeks. The man leaves. Iqbal argues with Bebe and says I know why are you worried.

Bebe says you know how a mum can go far to save her son. Iqbal thinks it will be great to fight with Bebe as she is strong. Nimmi asks Balli to go to tailor. Balli promotes the Life Ok Now Awards. Bebe talks to Channi. Bebe says you can say no if you are not ready. Channi says Nimmi wanted to say if they love each other, what can we do. Channi says your brother is ready for this. He will talk to Purab today evening, I don’t like this. Meher hears this. She gets Purab and Minty’s pic in her phone.

She thinks to sort out this matter and talk to Purab now itself. Minty leaves seeing Purab come. Meher comes and scolds him. Purab asks Meher what will she do. She says she will tell Mama that he was drunk and tries to molest her. She says Sameer will tell why he wanted to kill you and beaten you. She says I will go to police station too to file the report. Purab says your name will be ruined, you are just married. She says I m not afraid, as its about my sister’s life, and I can do anything to save her, you will go to Mama now and tell him that you will not marry Minty.

Mama talks to Channi about Purab and Minty. Channi says talk to him once. Purab comes to him. Meher comes and hears them. Bebe and Channi looks on. Mama asks him does he like Minty, you said you like Meher. Purab says he was mistaken as he felt Meher loves him, but he was wrong, he came to know later that she loves Sameer. He says I was mad in anger and I felt Meher cheated me and I misbehaved with her. He says I became an animal in anger and got drunk. He says I tried to molest her one day. Everyone is shocked.

Mama slaps Purab and scolds him. Channi cries. Mama asks is this his upbringing and studies. Mama says so Sameer has beaten you, but why did Bebe not tell me. Purab starts his acting and says he was taking revenge and forgot about relations. He apologizes to Mama. He says I understand love and respect increases when shared. He says Minty loves me and I want to marry her to bring my life back on track. Meher is shocked. Purab says this is my wish and regret, don’t say no. He says give me one chance to make my life better. Meher thinks he has turned tables round, how should I save Minty now.

Bebe asks Purab why is he marrying Minty, what is his motive? As he has loved Meher. Purab looks shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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