Nadaan Parindey 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balli saying Nimmi has asked Meher not to come back home. Channi smiles. Bebe gets upset. Meher hugs Minty and Balli. They cry. Minty gives her the bag. Meher looks on. Minty says this is your belongings. Minty says mum asked you not to come back. She says she said you died for us. Meher is shocked. Meher asks Balli not to cry, and says you both can come to meet us. Minty asks will you stay here now. Meher asks them to leave. They leave. Bebe says Sameer will stay outside from today, he did a mistake.

Bebe packs his bag. Meher says no, he is your son, I will leave. Bebe says no, its his mistake, you will stay here and he has to go. Meher says can you live without him. Bebe says he has to become responsible now.He has to go, don’t stop me, let me do what I m doing, its right. Sameer thinks about Baba’s words and smiles feeling he really loves Meher. He says I love Meher. He says I will ask Baba again. Bebe comes to meet Sameer in the Dargah. Sameer says its good you came, you can’t scold me, as its Lord’s house, I m sorry, I swear on you, I did this for Meher’s happiness, I searched for you to tell RV’s truth. Bebe says you did good.

Sameer says why were they sending her so far without finding anything about RV. Bebe says Meher lost her respect, you got beaten, no one will marry her now, if you were responsible, this would have not happened, she would have married you, not bear this, stay here in this Dargah, don’t come home. She leaves. Sameer says what did Bebe say, if I was responsible, Bebe would have made me marry Meher, why did they not tell me before, now I understood, so Meher and Bebe wanted me to become responsible, now I understood, I love Meher, I will go and tell her everything, I want to make her happy and settle with her, become responsible, don’t worry Meher, I m coming to tell you everything. Meher writes a letter for Bebe saying I m leaving, this is Sameer’s house, he has the right to stay here, I don’t want you both to stay apart because of me.

She packs her bags. She thinks about Channi’s words. She takes the dupatta Bebe gave her as shagun and keeps it out. Bebe comes home and comes to her room. She gets the dupatta with the letter. She reads the letter and is shocked. Meher walks on the road. Sameer meets her and is happy to see her. He says I was finding you. He asks why are you crying till now, don’t worry I will become responsible now. Meher says shameless, you can’t become anything, go home and take care of Bebe. He says listen to me and smiles.

He says I want to tell you something. She scolds him. She says I m fed up of you Sameer. I can’t bear seeing your face, let me go. Sameer is shocked and says I did this for you. She says you did wrong with me and Bebe, what will Bebe give answer to everyone. She says its enough, you keep on doing mistakes, I can’t make Bebe sad, I don’t want to talk to you, Bebe comes there. Bebe scolds Meher for leaving her mum. She says people would have said Meher run away from Bebe’s house, your name would be spoiled, even mine and your family. Problems will increase.

Meher says what should I do now. Who will marry me now. Bebe says I will find a solution, I promise you Sameer ruined your house, and I will solve it. She says your marriage will happen from my house. Come home. Meher nods yes and looks at Sameer. Sameer thinks he can keep Meher happy, and have to make Bebe sure of this, he has to become something to win Bebe’s trust. Mangal and Nimmi are upset thinking what Meher did, he curses himself. Sameer comes to meet him. Mangal asks what do you want. Nimmi also comes there and scolds him.

Mangal says get lost. Sameer says I want to marry Meher. They are shocked. Mangal slaps Sameer. Sameer says beat me, if make me marry her. Mangal scolds him and says you are not capable to marry any girl, what work you do, you are not responsible, if Bebe dies, you will die hungry. Sameer cries. Purab comes home. Nimmi comes home and says Bebe you are thinking to make Meher marry your son. Bebe says she is your daughter, keep her. Nimmi says Sameer came to me and said he will marry Meher, as he loves her. Meher and Bebe are shocked. Nimmi says why did you send Sameer to my house. Bebe says did Sameer come there.

Nimmi taunts her and says yes, he came and Mangal kicked him out. Bebe says this can’t happen. Nimmi says tell Sameer to be away. Purab and Cahnni come there and hear this. Bebe talks to Meher and says who is teaching this to Sameer. Did he talk to you about marriage. Meher says never. Bebe says don’t lie, are you saving him. Meher says no, he told this to break my marriage, I don’t know why he did this. Its time to talk to him, I will catch him. Purab says think before you do anything. He says I have come, I will talk t him. Channi says why will you talk to him, Bebe will manage. Bebe says I can’t manage now. She leaves. Meher cries. Purab looks at her. Channi says I told you they are having an affair, everything is out now, don’t think about her now.

Sameer tells Baba that Meher does not love her. Purab says he will marry only Meher. Meher tells Purab that no one can take Sameer’s place. Purab says I will send Sameer so far that you won’t remember him.

Update Credit to:Amena Hasan

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