Nadaan Parindey 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe bringing Meher home and shutting the door on Sameer’s face. Sameer says open the door, don’t kick me out of the house. Meher and Bebe cry. Sameer leaves and walks on the road. Bebe holds Meher and hugs her. Meher says dad said he will let me meet you at Bidaai time, I did not know it will be like this. Sameer cries coming to a field. Rab likhta hai jeevan ke lamhe………………..plays…………….

Sameer comes home in hurt state and Bebe is shocked to see him. Sameer walks to her. Bebe takes the gun and says stop there. Sameer is shocked to see this. Bebe says you have ruined Meher’s respect in her marriage, you are not my son. This was Bebe’s imagination. Sameer comes home and knocks the door asking Beeb to open. Channi gets angry. Meher gets up. Bebe says let him stay out. Channi says what will happen now, my plan flopped. Meher opens the door and looks at Sameer. He says Meher, forgive me.

Meher says why did you do this Sameer. Sameer says RV was cheating you, he was already married in Canada, he would have made your life hell. Meher says and you made it heaven right, see how happy I m, tell me why you did this. Meher says what did you get doing this. Bebe looks on. Meher says if I had gone, everyone would be happy, why did you tell everyone that you love me. Meher says why did you lie to them. She says why did you break my marriage, you did not leave me to show my face. She cries and says everyone were right, you are not my friend.

Sameer is hurt. She says you have ruined me. Sameer says what are you saying. Bebe takes Meher inside. Meher says my dad got ashamed, why did he lie. Sameer says I told this to stop the marriage, yes I told I love Meher, but to stop them. He says Purab told me to do anything to stop the marriage. Purab is on the way calling home. He calls Channi and she talks to him. Purab asks about Meher’s marriage. She says who told you. He says how did this happen, you talked about my marriage or not, tell the truth. Channi says her marriage did not happen.

She says Sameer told he loves her, who would marry Meher now. Purab says I don’t understand, why did they do this after you spoke about me. Channi says Mangal and Nimmi were in greed, I won’t make her my bahu. She is characterless. Purab says I m coming, till then you keep quiet. Channi thinks what to do now, this Sameer spoiled everything. Sameer comes to Dargah and talks to old Baba. He shares his feelings with him. He tells him what he felt when Meher said yes to marriage and when Meher gave away his memories. Sameer talks innocently and Baba smiles.

Sameer tells him that he cares for Meher, he stopped the marriage because of wrong man. Baba says this means you are in love with Meher. Sameer is shocked. Rabba………………plays……………… Sameer says what? Baba says yes, it was before too, but you realized when Meher was going far from you. Baba asks him to have food. Sameer thinks and says love Meher. Meher does not eat food and thinks about what happened today. Bebe pacifies her and says one day everything will be fine. Meher says no, everything is over.

Bebe says Mangal will come to take you, I know. Channi comes and asks Bebe to send Meher back. Minty and Balli come to meet Meher. Bebe asks why are you asking. She sees a bag with Minty. Balli says its Meher’s belongings, mum has made her room empty and asked her not to come back. Channi taunts Bebe and says Sameer will come back, will you keep Meher and Sameer together, everyone will gossip, send her far, if her parents have kicked her out, what will you do. Bebe is shocked. Channi leaves.

Bebe scolds Sameer and says if you were responsible, Meher would have not agreed to marry anyone else. Sameer comes to Mangal and Nimmi and says I want to marry Meher. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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