Nadaan Parindey 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nadaan Parindey 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher and Bebe talking how to free Sameer. She says Lord gave me so many signs and I was blind in his love, I loved an enemy, I thought he is Sameer and loved him. She says it means I did not love Sameer, do I did not get a heart sign, and I did not know its not Sameer. They cry. Bebe says think you got saved, thank Lord. Meher says but not Sameer, he is still across the border, don’t know in what state. Mehtaab gives food to Sameer. Sameer is glad. Mehtaab asks him to have food. He says we will go soon, I m doing arrangements. Sameer eats the food as he was hungry since many days. Mehtaab smiles seeing him and asks how is it. Sameer says about Bebe’s handmade food, she makes it good. He asks about Ameer. Mehtaab laughs and tells about Iqbal.

He says Iqbal is 40mins elder to you, you were lazy always. Sameer says yes, and misses Bebe. He says he will share Bebe’s lap with his brother. He says Lord does things always for good, and see we all met. Mehtaab signs yes. Sameer says now you have to meet Bebe, will you come with me. Mehtaab says yes. I will come. Sameer says but what about Meher, did she think Ameer is Sameer. Iqbal hears Meher talking and saying she loves him. She cries and sees Sameer’s pic. She says my world changed when he came in my life and I don’t know when did I fall in love.

She says what should I do now. Iqbal feels bad. She says she can’t forget him now. Bebe comes and sees Iqbal and Meher. Meher says I married him and can’t come back, I can’t love you Sameer. Iqbal looks at Bebe and leaves. Bebe sees Meher crying ad cries. She comes to talk to Iqbal. She says what to do now. Iqbal says about whom. She says about Sameer’s Meher, her heart broke, she loves you and can’t forget you, she will ruin her life. I know her very well. He says I did not think this will happen. She says think about Meher, will she cry all her life. She says if you go, then she will end her life. Iqbal is shocked.

Bebe says no, you don’t go, She holds his hand and asks him to stay here and bring Sameer, I will talk to Sameer, he will listen to me, we will stay as family, please stay back. Iqbal cries and says you are a mother and I have may favors, I can’t say no to you, but I have another mother, my country. He says he has to work for his country. He can’t cheat his country. He says Lord have given you happiness of just one son and leaves her hand. Haye Rabba…………………plays…………….. Bebe cries. Iqbal says don’t worry about Meher, I have one way. Bebe asks what.

He says everything will be fine. She asks him to say. He says he will heal her wounds. He says she will be hurt now and will forget me slowly. She says how, you both are so close, is it easy to forget you, she loves you a lot. She says you don’t know she does what she decides. Iqbal says he is also like this, till she sees me in my bad face, she won’t believe, I will hurt her and do what a cheap man does with his wife, I will make her hate me, you promise you won’t come between us. I will make her love Sameer again, I will send Sameer here and go from here forever, then Meher and Sameer’s life will be good, you stay happy seeing them happy. Bebe cries and hugs him.

Meher cries in her room. Hota nahi sach jo dikhta hai………………..plays……………….Iqbal cries. Bebe comes to Meher and asks her not to cry. Nadaan parindey ghar aaja……………….plays…………….. Bebe hugs Meher and cries. Its morning, Meher and Bebe have a talk. Meher curses herself. Bebe says she will cook. She asks her to go to Dhaba and divert her mind. Meher says she can’t do any work. Bebe says will you go anywhere leaving me. Meher says I can see whats going on in your heart, I felt everything will be fine, but no, Lord does not love me. She says Lord hurts the one who has the power to bear it. She says I can’t bear it more. I m tired now.

Meher says she knows Bebe’s pain as she lost Sameer. Meher cries and curses Iqbal. Bebe stops her. Bebe defends Iqbal. Meher curses Iqbal’s mum. Bebe cries and says every mum is same, children lose the path. Meher says no, sometimes even mum becomes enemy to push children on wrong path. Rabba……………plays………………….

Iqbal scolds Meher and says he married her to save his mission. He says he has used her, she is no one to him. Meher is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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