Nadaan Parindey 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 10th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Meher going back home. Minty talks to her and says Maasi saw you with Sameer. Purab is better than Sameer, I think he likes or loves you. Meher scolds her. A man is being sent by Malik to the village for getting infor about Sartaj. They drop him at Bebe’s Dhaba. The guy cries and tells Bebe that he was his father and pushed him from the bus. Bebe cares for him and asks why did he do this. The guy says i don’t work, thats why. I don’t get work. Bebe and Angrez ask him his details. She asks did you eat anything. She asks Angrez to give him food and give medicines also. Angrez asks now where will you go, fine you be here, I will get medicines and good. The guy smiles.

Mama aims outside and Purrrab makes an entry at home. Mami is happy seeing her son.

Mama welcomes him happily and hugs him. Purab greets them and takes their blessings. Purab looks at his gun. Mama says I know you always wanted this, its yours from today. He says your commander told me good things about you, I have one wish, keep respect of this uniform, never bend your head. Purab says yes dad, it will never happen. The man calls Malik and says our informer has reached. Malik says ask him to get info. Purab brings a gift for his mum. Mami says I know you went to Bebe first. He says Dhaba comes first, then our home. Bebe comes home.

Purab sees the dress which he brought for Meher. He says Meher, you are very innocent, and don’t understand anything, I waited a lot for you to grow up, now no one will come in between us. Maasi scolds Meher for being with Sameer. Meher says I went to drop him to Bebe’s Dhaba. Maasi asks who is he for you. Meher’s dad asks Meher about Sameer. Maasi gets very angry on Meher and says he is useless. She says Bebe laughs at the Dhaba and talks with so many men. She says if Bebe sits at home, does her brother not give her food. Meher says Bebe works for army’s widowers. Maasi speaks ill about Bebe.

Maasi says from today, you will never meet Sameer and Bebe, and will not go to her home and Dhaba. Meher is shocked. She says Bebe is my mum, her family is mine, she stays with me in my happiness and pain, so I will also be with her, I m her shadow. Maasi says see how she is arguing. Meher’s dad gets angry and holds his head. He asks Meher to go inside. Meher leaves saying Maasi that she stays outside the house not to hurt her by showing her face. Maasi tells him to go and scold Meher. She says I will see Bebe, I will make an issue at her home today. She asks him to come with her.

Bebe talks to her brother. Maasi and Meher’s dad come to talk to them. Maasi says we have a complaint about Sameer and Meher, they roam around, everyone gossip about them, do something about Sameer. Mami says Sameer is innocent. Maasi says he is not innocent, he stays with Meher all the time. She asks Bebe to stop Sameer. Purab looks at them and hears the talk. Mama says you talk to Meher, our Sameer does not force her. Bebe asks Maasi to use her senses, they are childhood friends, if you doubt on them, they will not respect you, go home, I will talk to them. Maasi says stop their meetings. Meher’s dad says Meher has grown up now, we are thinking about her marriage.

Purab comes and greets them. He gives them special sweets. Mami says our son is very rich, so many proposals are coming for her. Meher’s dad asks them to look proposals for Meher. Purab asks what did Sameer do now. Bebe says he does not do anything. Purab says if I make him work then? Maasi says yes, it will be good. Maasi leaves with her husband. Purab looks on. He asks Bebe shall I make Sameer work anywhere. Bebe says yes, fine, he will listen to you. Purab says give me two days time. He says but he will have to leave this Pind. Bebe is shocked. Mami smiles.

Bebe comes to Sameer and looks at him. She thinks of Purab’s words and is upset. Its morning, the guy is homeless. Angrez asks Bebe what to do about him. The guy asks Bebe to give her some work. Bebe asks Angrez to hire him. She says don’t know why do people make their children away from them. Angrez asks him to go to the room and keep his bag. The guy gets happy. He calls someone and says I got hired here, I will inform you soon. Purab sees him with the phone. He asks who are you.

Purab holds that guy and asks Bebe about him. Bebe says leave him, he is homeless. Purab says don’t keep anyone like this. Purab asks his details and tells Bebe its risky to keep anyone without their id. Bebe says leave him. Purab asks Bebe to make the guy leave as he finds him wrong. Angrez wishes Purab happy Lodhi. Purab says I have good news. Sameer got a posting, its govt job with good income. He asks Bebe to pack his bag. Purab asks Bebe not to worry and leaves. Angrez asks Bebe will you send Sameer to Jalandar, don’t send him. Bebe says every son has to go for work, he will learn to stay alone. Bebe is upset. Bebe thinks about Sameer and cries. She says how should I send him.

Bebe talks to the old man and asks Meher to make Sameer agree for this. Meher takes Sameer for a movie and asks him to take the job.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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