Nadaan Parinde….#Os

“What is this? Am I going to eat this?”,said Tara.
“Aree! Tara , you will have to eat this”,chided the mother.
“Pata hai na ..I don’t like masur daal ….it’s yuck ? app hamesha yeh bana dete ho!”,cried Tara and set the plate aside.
“Tara you need to eat everything”,said her father.
“Papa , bacchi nahi hoon main, I am a grown up now, I know what I need to eat and what not.”,replied Tara sharply.
“Is this the way to talk Tara?”,scolded her mother.
“Yes, you can’t force me”,said Tara and went away in her room.
Her mother sat on the table and put her hand on her head.
“Did you see? Hamesha yahi karti Hai yeh ladki.”
“Calm down Twinkle….. She is just tired as she has returned from school.”
“But Kunj… yesterday also she behaved the same…everyday she gets angry on petty issues. Koi baat sunna hi nahi chahti …apne galti nahi maanti Hai, Saara time phone par chipki rehte Hai, phone nahi toh laptop….Kunj you did a big blunder by buying her a laptop.”,said Twinkle.
“Oh! Twinkle! Hum toh Khaana kha le…. chodo usse…hmm? Main usse baat karunga”, assured Kunj.

Tara was Twinkle and Kunj’s 15 year old daughter. She was a beautiful girl, she had taken after her father, she had brown orbs,sharp nose and complexion like Kunj.She was her father’s princess.
Tara being in her teens had grown rebellious. She used to crib while eating her food, sometimes she would get angry at small things. Though she was brilliant in studies but what do studies do when you lack good behavior. Her mother used to do everything for her,from preparing her lunch to combing her hair, from ironing her clothes to polishing her shoes , Twinkle would even do that.
As far as Kunj is concerned, he was a perfect father.He used to wake her up early in the morning, teach her science subjects, prepare coffee for her while she was studying,drop her to school.He had never even slapped his daughter. Guess his love and care did not let him do this.She was always pampered from her childhood by her Grandparents and Parents. But at this age , she was a wild youth….This age is like this.isn’t it?
Twinkle was fed up her daughter’s behavior. There were constant fights between Twinkle and Tara. Tara used to get angry a lot and in her anger even broke things. They would fight but reconcile also.Tara after realising would also apologize.

“Aaj Kya hua school mein?”,asked Kunj as he escorted Tara to the car.
He sat in the driver’s seat while Tara sat in front after throwing her bag at the back seat.
“Kuch jyada nahi, Papa…”
“Test ke marks?”asked Kunj.
Tara- oh!! So guess how many I got?
Kunj- 10/10…?
Tara- Yay!!!!! Yes…. Papa I finally got 10/10 in chemistry….??
Kunj- I knew it….Pyara baccha ?

“Maa….Maa!!”,chirped Tara as she entered the Sarna house.
She kept her bag on the sofa and sat on the dining table where Twinkle was sitting.
“Aaa gayin Madam Sarna?”
Tara- Haan! Maa….I got full marks in my test.
Twinkle- That’s very good ?.
Twinkle went inside the kitchen and brought two glasses of water for Kunj and Tara.
” Maa- Papa?? Ek baat kehni thi…”
TwiNj- bolo….
Tara- Maa…woh…
Twinkle- Woh Kya? Speak up taru….
Tara- Maa…..Woh mere friends ne computer coaching ke baad ghoomne ka plan banaya Hai…
Kunj- Khahan ?
Twinkle- Tara ! Khaha Jaana hai!? Hum chalenge na?
Tara- Nahi Maa ….Unhone mujhe bola Hai ki hum momos khane jayene.
Kunj- Offo!!….Woh toh tum Ghar par Kha sakte ho na…Tara tum kabhi bhi akeli nahi Gaye ho to phir?
Tara- Papa main Badi ho gayin ho….I am not a kid anymore..
Twinkle- ok fine! But ask Riya to drop back you on time..
Tara- Thank you Maa… Papa​ aap?
Kunj- Kyu nahi….Jao par phone leke Jaana….
Tara- Thank you papaji…
That’s when Tara began roaming after her classes.
She would everyday go out with her friends…On being stopped from using phone she would fire back at Twinkle​ and even Kunj.
Her childishness was getting on Twinkle’s nerves….
She remembered her mother’s words which she had spoken when Twinkle was in her teens…”Jab tumahre bacche tumhe pareshaan karenge tab pata chalega [ when your kids will make you fed up , then you will understand what parents go through…]

Kunj was sitting on the bed with his phone trying to do something…While Twinkle was folding the clothes.Kunj kept his phone aside and called Twinkle…
Kunj- Twinkle….come here…..Twinkle!!!
Twinkle came there and went near him.
Kunj put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. He hugged her waist and kissed her on her tummy….
Kunj- What is Tara doing?
Twinkle- She is completing her work.
Twinkle- what’s the work Kunj, I have to go, leave me…
Kunj- No…
Twinkle tried to go but Kunj pulled her back so that she landed on the bed with he on top of her.
Kunj- You can’t go.
Saying this he kissed her forehead.
Twinkle- Will you let me go?
Kunj- Naaa….
Kunj kissed her on the cheek while Twinkle caressed his head.
Twinkle- Ab ho Gaya?
Kunj- No….Twinkle itne din ho Gaye…we have not spent time together….Do you remember how we used to flirt and romance during our early days….
Twinkle- I remember Kunj, how can I forget those days….
Kunj- so let me rewind those days…
Twinkle blushed sensing what’s going to happen next.
She closed her eyes and caressed his back. Kunj went closer and kissed her. Both indulged in showering love to each other.
Tara after completing her work went inside her parents room and saw both of the cuddling….
Tara became jealous because her mother was cuddling into her father..she made a grumpy face and went inside.?
She stood at the door and spoke…
Tara- Very bad! Very bad mummy….app Papa ke paas lete ho? What about me?
Twinkle and Kunj were shocked at the sudden intrusion.
Tara went towards them and sat on the bed. She pulled Twinkle to her side and said- ” Papa ….hato she is my Maa….”
Twinkle smiled and hugged Tara.
Kunj was shocked….His daughter snatched his wife ??…..
Tara kissed twinkle on her cheek and snuggled into Twinkle while Kunj made a sad face.
Seeing this Tara held his hand and pulled him closer. Kunj smiled and hugged her.
The family slept together. The feeling of togetherness made Twinkle’s heart swelled with joy…..

Twinkle was sitting and watching TV with Kunj…It was 8:30 and still Tara was not home.
Kunj- Where this girl has gone?
Twinkle- Kunj, I told you naa….don’t let her go…..see it’s so late…since morning she is out…
Bell rang and Tara came in.
Twinkle got up and went to her.
Twinkle- Tara! Where were you?
Tara- Maa khaha to Tha ghoomne jaa rahi hu!
Twinkle- You are getting careless day by day.
Tara- Chill Maa….don’t overreact.
Twinkle- What do you mean? Is this the way…keep quiet, change your clothes and come down within 5 mins to eat your food.
Tara- No….I don’t want to eat sada hua khana.
Kunj- Excuse me ! Khana sada hota hai?
Twinkle- Tara! Bahut bigad gayi ho tum….Bahar ka Khaana Kha kha ke dimaag kharab ho gaya Hai. You have lost all your manners. When will you behave properly? Kitna gussa ata Hai tumhe? Kab sahi seebolna sekhogi Tell me! Everytime you behave rudely be it with me or with your dad….You can’t even do your own work. How much will I work? From morning till night, I work and you roam like street urchins. What is all this nonsense? Don’t you have to study? From today you will not go anywhere. Do you get it?
Tara- Keep quiet ! I will not listen to you. Aap koi ehsaan nahi Kar rahi ho! You don’t want to do my work then don’t ….I can do own work….Sara time cheekhti rehti ho…..Meri baat Kar rahi ho apne baat karo na! Aap bhi toh Papa pe cheekhti ho.
Kunj- Tara ! Don’t cross your limits….be quiet.
Tara-Why should I keep quiet . Ask your wife to be quiet. Maa aap har roz dimaag kharab karti ho…Aap Kahin chali Kyu nahi jaati , do minute chain ke Milenge….
Kunj shouted at her to keep quiet
Tara spoke furiously and went away.
Kunj- Tara!!! Come back…right now!!
Twinkle was flabbergasted. She lacked words.Her daughter had spoken such cussing words to her. Twinkle sat on the sofa with tearful eyes.
Twinkle- Kunj….
Kunj was himself shocked seeing Tara.
Kunj- Calm down Twinkle…..Calm down… everything will be fine.
Twinkle- I falied as a parent. I failed to provide her with values.Kunj she spoke very rudely.
Kunj tried to calm Twinkle down. They had never imagined that their daughter would do so.

Next day, Tara woke up….it was 6:00 a.m
She thought why Papa didn’t wake her up. She was late.
She got up and quickly went to bath.
She came out and was shocked as today Twinkle had not arranged the clothes.
Tara hurried and took out her clothes haphazardly. She called out for Twinkle but she did not respond.Tara tied her hair in a pony and came out.
Kunj was sitting and sipping his juice.
Tara- Papa! Why didn’t you wake me up ?
Kunj- Why should I? You always ask me not to wake you so I didn’t wake you up.
Tara- Papa ! Where is Maa?
Tara grabbed her lunch box which was kept at the table.
Tara- Khahan Hai?
Kunj- Woh pados mein kaam see gayin Hai..
Tara- Chalo Papa …der ho rahi Hai….
Kunj- haa ! Chalo…

Kunj dropped Tara home and went to his work. Tara walked in the house and expected Twinkle to be there but to her surprise Twinkle was not present at home.
Tara was shocked where did her mother go.She went and dailled her number on the landline but it was unreachable.
Tara thought she might have gone to market. She changed her clothes and went to kitchen to have her lunch but to her surprise the lunch wasn’t made. Finding no other option she ate biscuits and drank juice.
After sometime, she went to her room and completed her work and studied.
It was 5:00 p.m , Tara got up from her table and sat in the living room watching TV. Today, there was no one to scold her.
But Tara wasn’t happy at all. She had begun missing her mom.
She was scared because she had not seen her mother since morning.
Tara once again called Twinkle but no avail.
Tara sat in her room sadly.
Ting…Tong……bell rang making Tara ran from her room.
She quickly opened the door expecting her mother to be there.
“Ma…app…..aa gayin….Maa”
“Papa? Aap ? Mujhe laga Maa Hain..”,said Tara sadly.
Kunj- Maa ! Nahin Papa Hai.
Tara- Papa! Where is Mummy?
Kunj- I don’t know.
Tara- What do you mean you don’t know?
Kunj- I mean she has to do some work.
Tara- Which work?
Kunj- I don’t know. Tara, why are you asking about her. Didn’t you want her to go away? Leave it….I am coming within 5 Minutes ok?
Kunj went to freshen up leaving Tara.
Tara started to realise her folly….
Kunj came down and warmed the food which was kept in the refrigerator.
Tara without speaking anything ate it.
By the time they ate food it was 8:30 p.m
Tara began to yawn as she was feeling sleepy.
Kunj-​ Taru, go and sleep…Mummy aa jayegi….ok?
Tara- but Papa…
Kunj- No but wut…..go and sleep….
Kunj pecked her cheek and sent her to bed.

Next day was Sunday…
Tara woke up late again ……it was 8:00a.m…
Tara went outside her room to see whether Twinkle had come back or not….But she wasn’t back.
Kunj was toasting some slices of bread in the kitchen.
Tara- Papa!!! Maa kahan Hai?? Batao naa
Kahan Hai Maa…..p…pa….ba….to…naa..
Kunj- Pata nahi…
Tara began to cry….
Tara- jhoot bol rahe hoo aap…..Maa ko bulao na….Maa….ko bulao…na….Papa….Papa….
Tara jerked Kunj few times and sat on the floor crying hard…..
Tara-Wapas aa Jao naa Maa…..main Tang nahi karungi…..Mummy…..Papa ….app ko bhi Tang nahi karongi…..Maa..ko bulado……I want my mother back……Maa…….Maa…..I won’t fight…please come back…..Maa ke pass le Chalo….Papa….maaa….
Kunj felt sad at her condition. He picked her up….
Kunj- Stop crying Tara….You are not a kid.
Tara- Papa……I am a kid and I want my mother back….Maa….ko bulao….please….Papa…
Tara stopped speaking when she felt a hand on her shoulder from behind…
Tara turned around and was happy to see Twinkle….She hugged her tightly and cried.
Tara- Maa…..Kahan chali gayin thi aap….I am sorry…..please forgive….me…..please…..I love you Maa…..please forgive me ….jab aap gayi thi tab mujhe pata chala… I am nothing without you…..I will not trouble you…..please maaf kardo……I will not crib for the food….I will study hard…I will not trouble Papa…..Please don’t leave me ever…
Twinkle- I know Taru….I love you……stop crying now ……I am here na…and you said that you are no more a kid so why are you crying?
Tara- I was wrong…I am not a grown up….agar main Badi hoti toh aisa behave nahi karti…….
Kunj hugged both of them….He placed a kiss on Tara’s head…..Once again the family was united but this time it was for eternity.
Twinj were in their bedroom while Tara was sleeping in her room.
Twinkle- Kahin Hamne galat to nahi kiya…
Kunj- No…twinkle yeh Umar aise ho hoti Hai…..Tara ek nadaan Parinde ke tarah Hai…aur usse abhi se sahi raasta dikhana jaroori Tha….Usse apne galati ka ehsaas bhi hua Hai…..Ab would samajh gayi Hai ki kisi ko , specially that you should not speak rudely to your parents…
Meri beti sabse acchi hogi……
Twinkle- Hmm…..Maine aur tumne bhi apni jawaani main aisa kiya​ Hai….au….
Kunj- Matlab? Hum Kya buddhe Hai ?
Twinkle- I am trying to say something else…Don’t interrupt..
Kunj- Wait wait…..Do you mean I am old??
Twinkle- What???? Maine kab kaha?
Kunj- kehna toh yahi chahti ho…abhi Batata hoon…
Saying this he pulled Twinkle towards him and hugged her tightly…
Twinkle- Are you mad??? Kya Kar rahe ho?…..Main kuch aur bol rahi thi…..
Kunj- ssshhhh!!! Haan to Kya keh raha Tha main…..Haan ….hum buddhe ho Gaye hain? Jawaani to tum mein abhi bhi baaki hai ??hmm?
Kunj kissed her neck after kissing her neck he attached his lips to her and continued to shower his love while Twinkle kept blushing even today, after so many years also….his touch would make her crazy like a newly wedded….
Because love is never old, it’s just much more stronger……
So….this ends here……Readers and writers out there…Hello!!.??…..I am not able to comment so sorry for that. I shall Comment from now….
Give your feedbacks if you love it…..And Sach mein Comment no silent reading …ok?
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