Nadaan Ishq! ( ISHKARA / GAURIKA OS )

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Hii everyone…. My name is Richa! N I’m new to this Ishqbaaz / Dil Boley Oberoi family!!!! I hv read few os on shivika n rumya n also gaurika so thought to pen down one for Gaurika! I hv been following the show from almost starting n I like all the characters. ….

Okay I won’t bore u much….. Just take a few minutes to read this os of mine n if u like it then pls do comment….. N yup this is not related to the show…. Its totally different…..

I would love to be part of ur ib n dbo family….. ???

So let’s get started….


Gauri and Ishana are best friends….. They both are working in a office…. Ishana has just shifted to a new home…. Ishana lives alone in Mumbai so gauri is here to celebrate with her…..

Gauri ( scanning the house ): beautiful….. I must say being with me ur choice has also improved…..

Ishana: o really???

Gauri: really….

And they both burst out laughing…… They both sit on the sofa and keeps on laughing…. Gauri stops…

Gauri: ishu… But still something is missing….

Ishana: missing but wht?? Everything is there. .

Gauri: no yaar…. I mean just look at the walls and that side it’s all empty…. I think u shld get some paintings and statues… Wht say???

Ishana: wht r u saying gauri??? Now from where will I find paintings and statues n u know how much work v have in office…. Let it be as it is…….

Gauri: arre y to take tension when gauri sharma is present right beside u??

Ishana: means??

Gauri: means u be ready on Sunday i.e. Tomorrow at 11 am I’ll take u to an artist….

Ishana: really gauri?? kis artist ko pakad k rakha hai???

Gauri: ishu he’s my friend n a very fab artist…. U’ll love his paintings…

Ishana: okay if u say so…

And they talk for a while and have their dinner… Later gauri goes to her home…..


Next day, Sunday.. Gauri brings ishana in front of a huge mansion…. Ishana is confused as to y they were here….

Ishana: gauri v were supposed to go to the artist… Y hv u brought me here????

Gauri: calm down ishu.. The artist lives here only…

Ishana: but gauri…

Gauri: don’t worry ishu I’m there na… Now come lets go…..


Gauri knocks the door of a room and opens it slowly… Ishana is standing behind her. They slowly goes in and sees a man with long hair engrossed in making a painting…..

Ishana is abt to say something but gauri signs her to be quiet… Ishana compiles. Ishana can see the reflection of the person in the mirror and she’s just awestruck to him…


I entered the room with gauri where a man was engrossed in completing his painting…. His room was full of paintings colours and statues… ahaan! Artist!!!! I was abt to speak but gauri held my hand and signed me to stop…. I looked at her confused but then compiled… Then my gaze went to the mirror kept across the man…. I saw his reflection in the mirror…. He’s so handsome…. His eyes.. His lips.. His hair…. Everything is just so…. So….. Umm I’m short of words. … …. His eyes were saying a million things. .. His hands were just moving like the tongs of machine on the big canvas…… How can a person be just sooo good??? I wonder… ..

Her thoughts are broken by the sound of moving a chair…. She looks up and finds the man getting up from his stool / chair and then turning towards them and finally making his way towards the girls…..

Gauri: hii om!!

Om: hey gauri whats up??

Gauri: all good! U tell….

Om: well everything good!!!

He looks at ishana who was standing at a distance feeling a Lil awkward between friends…. He looked at gauri and raised his brows….

Gauri ( goes n brings ishana in front of Om ): ishu this is om and Om this is ishu….

Om ( forwarding his hand ): hii ishu…

Ishana: ishana…

Om: okay… Hi ishana.. Myself omkara… Omkara singh Oberoi!!!

They shook their hands…

Gauri: om I told u na she wants to buy some paintings for her new house… ( om nodded ) Yeah so just show her ur latest collection… I’ll join u back in the evening…

Ishana ( hyper ): where r u going gauri??

Gauri: u know na ishu ma has come from village so I need to go with her…

Ishana: but…

Gauri: don’t worry ishu… I’m sure om will make u feel comfortable and don’t worry okay?? Just chill n hv a look at his paintings okay??

Ishana nods nervously. Gauri hugs ishana and Om and goes from there… Ishana looks here and there nervously….

Om: shall v??

Ishana nods and he takes her to his gallery which is full of beautiful paintings and crafts and statues…. Ishana is just amazed to see such beautiful artistic things….. Slowly and slowly they both gets mixed up with each other and gets comfortable……. In the evening gauri came but still half of the paintings were yet to be explored but better luck next time……… Ishana nad gauri left from there……


It’s night and ishana is just shifting her sides, not getting sleep…. Finally, irritated she gets up and comes to the balcony….. She closes her eyes and sees om’s face…. She opens her eyes suddenly….

Ishana: oh god whts happening to me!?? From the time I hv met him I’m just thinking abt him….. Have I fallen in love???? ( she blushes at her thought ?…) Kuch bhi ishana……

She hits her head slightly and after much trying she gets successful in sleeping….. With thoughts of omkara running in her mind………


Next Sunday again ISHKARA meet at Oberoi Mansion and he shows her his different paintings….. As she was now comfortable with him, she kept on talking and talking…… They have bonded so well in just two meetings and the last week has made ishana realise that she has fallen in love with Omkara! whether she was with him or not with him, she was always in her own dreamland thinking abt her and Om!!!! She didn’t knew where she was going….. She has forgotten that she was just his customer…. But love doesn’t see all this….. LOVE JUST HAPPENS……… Same happened with ishana…… She was lost in her dreams with Omkara!


After one month, Om was at ishana’s place to give the paintings she has selected…. Ishana gave him a warm welcome and after putting all the paintings and statues at their appropriate places they sat back to have some tea amd snacks…….

Om: finally ur house is completed….. Now my work is over…..

Ishana felt hurt hearing that… She keeps om staring at him. Om feels her gaze on him. He looks at her and asks thru eyes ” wht happened? ”

Ishana: actually om… I wanted to say something….

Om ( sipping his tea ): yeah say na ishana……

Ishana: om… ( she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath and blurted out ) om I love you.. I love you very much…….

Om spitted out the tea he was drinking. With a heavy heart she opened her eyes only to find om standing with his back towards her. She stood up and stood behind him…..

Ishana ( whispers ): om….

Om ( turns amd smiles ): its okay ishana… In this age this all keeps happening…. Its just infatuation ishana and trust me it’ll go away in two or three days…… n also I’m getting married soon so I n ur ways are different…… My best wishes are always with you!!!!

He smiled, patted her shoulder and left from there…. He just left without even listening to her….

She wanted to shout and say that it is just not infatuation… Its Love…. She loves him and that’s the truth……

She fell on the floor with a thud as the tears made way down her cheeks…….. From sky she directly fell on the ground… Her dreams were broken like a piece of glass…..


I had heard that when stars break and fall they too feel the pain…. N now I’m also feeling that unbearable pain of love… Who knew that to love someone also u need to think twice!?? Now where should I go?? I can’t live here with all his memories… … I can’t tell this to anyone nor I hv someone who will give me shoulder to cry…… The best way to keep myself away from him is… Is leaving this city…… I can’t live here anymore………

She took transfer to Delhi thinking that maybe she’ll get rid of his thoughts but how wrong she was……….



Today after eight years im back in Mumbai! Just to attend the naming ceremony of gauri’s son. I was standing outside gauri’s house. I recalled how gauri insisted me to come to her wedding but I refused making lame excuses… I thought that I hadn’t attended her wedding so be it naming ceremony of her child…… Wiping my tears I went inside…… There were so many memories in this house of me and gauri….. How much v used to fight, play with each other……. Om I tried hard to forget u but everytime I tried I was unsuccessful……. Each time when I felt lonely and depressed don’t know from where u would come in form of tears from my eyes….. .. Those were the most beautiful moments of my life which I had spent with you…. Those were my… Only my moments.. ….. From last eight years I wanted to meet u…. I wanted to know how ur life was going… Who’s ur wife… I wanted to know whether I had any place in ir life or not…… ….

” ishu… ”

I heard someone calling me from behind…. I turned back wiping my tears only to find gauri with her husband…. Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi! I then remembered that gauri was the one introduced me to om… She was the link between us…… I felt chocked. I was shivering! I somehow composed my self and went towards them trying hard not to burst out…..

Gauri: ishu…..

Gauri screeched and hugged me. I smiled and hugged her back. I looked at om who was playing with his son! We broke the hug.

I forwarded my hand towards him.

I: cong… Congratulations om!

He held my hand from beneath his child. His touch made me shiver. I withdrew my hand and looked at gauri and held her hands.

I: I’m so happy for u gauri… Congratulations…..

Gauri: thank you ishu… But u know how much I missed u….

I: sorry gauri but I had to go….. N now also I’m sorry but…. But I need to go….

Gauri: wht!? No ishu u’ll not go anywhere…… Om u pls tell her not to go…. At least spend a day with me…. We r meeting after 8 years common ishu yaar……

I ( before om could say anything ) : I’m sorry gauri but its important for me to go…. I promise we’ll meet afterwards……

Gauri: promise??

I: pakka promise….

Gauri nodded and hugged me. I saw om for the last time amd went from there while tears came automatically from my eyes……. Meri Palkon k dayron mein ek khwaab fir beh nikla… Waah ri meri kismat, tune bhi kya mazak kiya , jo pehle se kisi ka tha, usi ke sapno mein daal diya…. Do kadam saath chalkar voh juda ho gaye, aise logon ko toh Humsafar nhi banaya karte…….

I thought as I moved out of gauri’s home in a hope to never return again in this city……………


Yeah so this was my first OS on ISHKARA / GAURIKA!!!! I know it’s short but I just wrote wht I thought…… I hope u guys liked it….. I’m sorry for any mistakes if I hv done….. So pls take some more precious minutes of ur life in telling me how was it…..??? I’ll try to rectify my mistakes and come back with another OS on any of the three couple……… And also do tell me if u guys will accept me in ur family!!! Coz I would love to be part of it.. . Thank u so much for reading my OS!!!! ????

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With Love

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  1. We want only gaurika story.not ishakara. Ishakara chapter was closed.
    Love you gaurika ????????????????

    1. Richa19

      At last it was gaurika only… I just wanted to show ishana’s pov… Hope u liked it….

    1. Richa19

      Thank u dear!!! ?

  2. heart touching story!!!!

    1. Richa19

      Tysm dear!! ?

  3. Whoo what an unexpected plot. Fabulous

    1. Richa19

      Thank you nitika!!! ?

  4. Pratha

    So, u wrote a fabulous ff.
    I loved it.
    Ur. most welcome to the family of ISHQBAAZ…
    Post more but Pl. can it be with only ISHKARA….

    1. Richa19

      Thank you so much pratha ‘!!!!???

      I’ll try to post a new story soon!!!

  5. Amayaa

    Heyyyyy richa
    Welcome in our big ishqbaaz family
    It is really unexpected new thing nd exciting too ……………
    But here 1 request 2 u
    Add Shivika nd Rumya with their children too
    Eagerly waiting for de next part
    Hope u will post it soon

    1. Richa19

      Thank amayaa for accepting me in ur big family… I’m glad u liked it…….

      It was just an os so no next part… Sorry for that…. N i’ll try to write a story on three brothers soon…… ??

  6. It is awesome dear…

    1. Richa19

      Thank you dear!!! ?

  7. Nilash

    Hi Richa a hearty welcome to our family… your os is just superb no words to describe the awesome writing style of your’s…. the last words of Ishana is the best way you ended it…
    Hope to read your new works soon…

    1. Richa19

      Thank you so much nilash!!!!! I’m happy u liked it…. ???

  8. B.k.maha


    1. Richa19

      Thank you!!! ?

  9. Verna

    Wow Richa.. such a painful story.. I don’t know y but I can feel pain of Ishana.. u penned emotions very well

    1. Richa19

      Thank you so much verna!!!!! I’m happy u liked it ‘!!!!??

  10. Yashu

    Awesome dear

    1. Richa19

      Thank you yashu dear!!! ?

  11. Richa19


    1. Richa19

      Thank you so much guys for ur support I’m overwhelmed with ur awesome response….. ????

  12. Aarti32

    I luv Ishkara..N your OS was awesome..So I double luvd it..Plzz post more on Ishkara

    1. Richa19

      Thank you so much aarti!!! ? I’ll try to post one soon…

  13. Super soo emptional???? come back soon

    1. Richa19

      Thank you dear!!! ?

  14. So heart touching… Loved it… Feeling sad for ishana…

    1. Richa19

      Thank you!! ?

  15. So heart touching… Loved it… Feeling sad for ishana…

    1. Richa19

      Umm thank you!! ?

  16. Lovely!!!

    1. Richa19

      Thank you!! ?

  17. Nice story

    1. Richa19

      Thank you!!! ?

  18. AMkideewani

    Superb Richu darling

    1. Richa19

      Thank you so much crazygirls.p!!!!! ? ? I’m glad you liked it….

  19. Awww such a cute story…..

  20. Amazing… Loved the last part….

  21. Amazing… Loved the last part….

  22. so emotional.. superb…

    1. Richa19

      Thanks!! ?

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