Nadaan Dil RagSan episode 15 – Ragini accepts her love for Sanskar

Ragini rooted to the spot after seeing kavya sanskar kiss.She just couldn’t stand there any longer .Laksh was standing just behind her and he got suspicious with ragini’s expressions.
Infact he got doubt long back from the time he returned from US.She was maintaining distance from him..She neither hugged him not came close to him every morning.He was longing for her concern.
He came closer.
Laksh: What’s wrong ragini.Why r you staring like that.
Ragini jerked .
Ragini: no nothing.I dont like di with sanskar thats it.
Laksh: why?
Ragini: No laksh Its just I am protective for di..
She goes from there angrily.
Laksh(in mind): you changed ragini .Kavya had lot of affairs first also but you were never concerned this much ..

Ragini comes home crying and reminisces about kavsan
Laksh comes there .
Laksh: what happened ragini.?
Ragini: nothing laksh.
Laksh: what is wrong with nowadays u cry a lot.Ragini see. If you dont say what u feel no one will understand
Ragini: what did u say?
Laksh : I said If you dont say what u feel no one will understand
Ragini goes to her room thinking about laksh’s words.
Ragini: I need to tell sanskar about my feelings.laksh is right.
She keeps thinking about them and lies down like that only.

Next morning she wakes up but doesn’t find sanskar.. neither kavya was home since last night. Horrible thoughts started haunting her ..Suddenly the front door opened and sanskar came in his eyes were red due to lack of sleep. And followed by him was kavya and she looked tired and she had love bytes all over her neck.Ragini became pale..She wanted to punch her own di..
..She tried her best to avoid both of them..

Next day kavya was leaving the city..At airport sanskar was standing with remaining band and laks at far end and ragini and kavya were talking to each other.
Kavya: ragu I need to tell u something .
Ragini knew what it was but she nods.
Kavya:I think I am in love with him.
She points towards sanskar where he was standing with his friends.
Tears sting to ragini’s eyes.
Ragini: why dont you tell him then.
Kavya: I feel awkward around him.
Ragini rolls her eyes.
Ragini: you didnt feel awkward when sleeping with him..
She was as rude as possible but kavya didnt notice it.
Kavya: how did you know that.
Ragini: I know everything that is happening between you two.
Kavya: sorry ragu sanskar told me not to tell u.
Ragini gets more hurt.
Finally kavya leaves.

One month later

Ragini got so angry with sanskar that she always ignored him.
Sanskar also ignored ragini as he couldnt see ragini with laksh.

One day ragini gets a call.It was kavya.
Kavya: Ragu is sanskar there?
Ragini: no why you could have called him on his number.
Kavya: I did many times..He is not picking my call.
Ragini: what is so urjent.
Kavya: I am pregnant.
Ragini gets shocked.

Here sanskar was in pub talking to arjun and maya.
Ragini goes to him angrily and slaps him hard on his face.
Sanskar grits his teeth in anger

He grabs her by shoulders and drags her close.
Sanskar: what the hell.
They were dangerously close and dangerously angry.
Arjun and maya separate them.
Ragini: you r such a dog.
Sanskar looks away angrily.
Ragini: I though you were just a play boy but you are a male pr*stitute.
Sanskar : Look who is talking.
Ragini: Sanskar!
Sanskar: same here first say what happened.
Ragini kavya di called .She is pregnant
Sanskar gets shocked and panicked.
Sanskar: what?
HE immediately calls kavya.
Ragini follows him to hear them.
Sanskar: kavya We took precaution right.
Ragini puts phone on speaker .Sanskar ignores her by rolling his eyes.
Kavya: but sanskar pregenecy is side effect of protection.
Both ragsan roll their eyes.
Sanskar: what have you decided.
Kavya: I dont know. I thought you should decide l know so I called you.
Sanskar: kavya .I dont think this is right time for baby.Abort it.
Ragini looks on with shock.
Ragini: are you out of your mind.
Sanskar: you suggest something then.
Kavya: you r right.Sanskar I will get this aborted.
Sanskar smiles and disconnected the call.
Ragini is all horrified with their casual nature.
Ragini: are you mad.So selfish.You have fun you have s*x and you kill an innocent baby.
Sanskatr: ragini just shut up.Its our thing let us handle it.
Ragini: how can you be so selfish sanskar.Your mom died and you didnt have a mother so you dont know what it feels like.
Sanskar raises his hand on ragini..
SanskarL: dont you ever bring my mom into all this.
Ragini: I will how dare you try to kill an infant.Ek toh you have s*x and now this. First me now my sister
Sanskar drags ragini close.HE pins her to the wall.Arjun and maya dont understand what to do.
Sanskar: how can u think like that about me. Me and kavya..
HE bangs his hand angrily against the glass table thus injuring his hand. Ragini flinches.
Sanskar:I am a play boy.I sleep with girls but that was before seeing you,before falling in love with you.I could never even be myself.I tried to forget you I tried to move on .But everytimne I touch a girl it feels like some germs are crawling on my skin.I love you damnit.
Teras sroll down from his cheeks.
Ragini: but kavya di.
Maya: ragini kavya di was with sahil that day.
At that time ragini gets kavya’s call.
She picks it up.
Ragini: di?
Kavya: haa ragu I am coming there to meet him.I need to tell him.
Ragini: who are u talking about di.
Kavya: sahil aur kaun.He is the father of my child.
Ragini gets confused but somewhere she was so relieved.
Kavya: but that day you kissed sanskar.
Kavya: oh! that yeah but we broke the kiss and he told me he loves someone and cant imagine anyone else.Thats it I got hooked up with sahil. why?
Ragini: I will call you back.
She looks at sanskar rolling eyes sarcastically.
Ragini: dont you dare do that.Leave my di but you took advantage of me.
Sanskar: how many times should I tell you.YOu were the one forcing on me and secondly I am not that kind to take advantage of drunk girl.I love you ragini .I dont want to get you by cheating.buyt no you dont want to understand.
Ragini looks on shocked.
Ragini: what did you say?
Sanskar: I didnt do anything that day.
Ragini sleeps on top of sanskar and covers herself with blanket saying how much she loves him.
Ragini: sanskay I love you and that stupid Laksh but he doesnt care for me. See HE left me.YOu wont leave me nna?
Sanskar : never if I get you i will treasure you.
ragini suddenly vomites and sanskar takes her immediately to washromm./
HE washes her and changes her clothes and makes her sleep.

FB ends.
Ragini: I dont believe this.
Arjun: he is right ragini.That night he came to my house.
Sanskar tries to leave from there angrily.ragini realises her mistake and the way she hurt sanskar with her words
She runs and holds sanskar’s hand stopping him.
Ragini: sanskar please stop.I am sorry.
Sanskar: how many times ragini.You dont trust me at all..
Ragini: I know I hurted you a lot.I promise I will never do this.
Sanskar shakes his head with tears floating away.
He tries to leave again but ragini holds him firmly and comes close to kiss him but he pushes her .
Sanskar: dont kiss me .Dont make me weak.what is the point of kissing and hugging when you dont love me.
Ragini: because I do.
Sanskar: see I told you dont you understandd..what did you say/
Ragini: I said I love you.I always did but i was stupid not to discover it.sanskar smiles finally.
Both hug each other.

Precap: laksh comes to now about ragsan

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