Nach Baliye 7 5th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 5th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karan and Rithvik welcome the viewers on Nach Baliye 7. They welcome the jugdes Preity Zinta, Chetan Bhagat and Marzi Pestonji. Marzi comes and tells that he didn’t come last week, as he was busy searching diamonds to perform with the jodis. He says this week, jodis will perform with a dancer. Rithvik welcomes 5 celebrities, dancer Salman, dashing Karanvir, ravishing Mukti Mohan, beautiful Sargam, dancer Amar. It will be seen how the jodis will perform with the third person. This week Nach will not be too much, but three much.

Rithvik says the couples will perform two times, first performance will be trio and other will be duo performance.

Rithvik welcomes Sargun Mehta. Sargun says she got married because of Nach. Rithvik tells that Ravi proposed her on Nach Baliye. Karan says it has become matrimonial show. Sargun says she got married as she thought she will not get other guy like him.

1. Sargun with Rashmi and Nandish:

They perform on african tribal music. Nandish acts as hunter and the girls act as tribal girls.

Judges Comments:

Preity says I love Nandish’s look. Today you are evil hunter. She says Sargun performed well. Overall act was really really good.

Marzi says nice presentation and Nandish looks good in this avatar. He says overall the nice act. You picked Rashmi upside down and the moves were nicely done. I thought you could have been better.

Chetan says this three much concept is new and challenge. Nach Baliye isn’t easy, but you did well.


Marzi 8, Preity 8, Chetan 9. Total 25. Advantage +1= 26.

Sargun tells that Rithvik and Asha are getting married next year. She tells this year Upen proposed Karishma. They had given agni pariksha on Nach. Chetan says they are real couple.

Chetan says Marzi was missing last time and tells the poetry. Marzi counter fires at him with his poetry.

2. Mukti Mohan with Sana and Dipesh:

They perform on the song Main Lovely Hogayi Yaar…….from the film HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi says Mukti is awesome as a dancer. I like trio’s lift. Very nice act.

Chetan says very good. You couldn’t identify your first act. Well done.

Preity says you were fabulous. She says this act was depended on Dipesh and he lifted both the girls nicely.


Marzi 9, Preity 9, Chetan 9. Total 27.

Karanvir says he is very happy to perform with Himanshu and Amruta.

3. Karanvir with Himanshu and Amruta:

They perform on the song Singham……………….from the film SINGHAM.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi says I loved the opening. You started with a bang. I loved that you experimented with this. He says lift didn’t happen, and it happens with everyone. He says Amruta refused to carry on. Your act was fabulous and flawless.

Preity says Amruta matches with both the guys. She says Karanvir was good. It was a nice act.

Chetan says it was a warrior dancing powerful act. He says nice act.


Marzi 8, Preity 8, Chetan 9. Total 25. Advantage +1= 26.

Rithvik says he has a surprise for Karanvir. He calls Teejay. Karan gets happy seeing his baliye. Rithvik says Karanvir and Teejay was part of Nach Baliye 4. Rithvik asks Karanvir to guess Teejay’s complaint. Karanvir couldn’t hear her.

They dance on Chitti Kalaiyya Ve……….

4. Salman with Upen and Karishma:

They dance on the song Jaane Nahin Denge Tujhe…….from the film 3 IDIOTS.

Judges’ Comments:

Preity says she can’t see Karishma crying. She says Upen did very well. She likes the end and says it was nice.

Chetan says he liked Karishma’s expressions. Upen dance well. Salman is the best dancer.

Marzi says it was treat to see Salman dancing. It was a bang on dancing.


Preity 8, Chetan 9, Marzi 9. Total 27. Advantage +2= 29.

5. Amar with Mayuresh and Ajisha:

They dance on the song Tumse Na Jaane Kyun…….from the film AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI.

Judges’ Comments:

Preity says I don’t know what to say. You are amazing. She says you told about age old story of a college going students. She says you loved the steps which were difficult. I loved it.

Marzi says he didn’t like it. He gives standing ovation. He says it was feel good, smile, and treat. He says slope movement was perfect. This is three much.

Chetan says he also wants to give standing ovation. He gets up and gives standing ovation. He says it is an honour to judge you.


Chetan 10, Marzi 10, Preity 10. Total 30. Advantage +1= 31.

Marzi tells that Rithvik was also there and was not selected in dance programme.

Rithvik, Mayuresh, Amar, and Salman dance superbly on the song Desi Boyz.


1. Mayuresh and Ajisha 31

2. Upen and Karishma 29.

3. Sana and Dipesh 27.

4 Himanshu and Amruta 26.

5. Rashmi and Nandish 26

Duo performances:

1. Rashmi and Nandish:

They depict their life and the turmoil they went through during filing the divorce.

They dance on the song Hamari Adhuri Kahani…………….from the film HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI. They get emotional and hug each other.

Judges’ Comments:

Preity says I got emotional seeing your performance. You both are brave to accept problem between you. Your act was good, and the emotional quotient was very touchy.

Chetan says it was emotional to depict your life. Rashmi says she can’t tell in words. Nandish says she was taking this performance personally. Chetan says you danced like a professionals.

Marzi says this is eventually a dance show. I like when you both tried to touch each other, but stayed away. It was a fabulous act and you deserve this. He gives standing ovation.


Chetan 10, Preity 9, Marzi 10. Total 29.

2. Upen and Karishma:

They dance on the song Jumma Chumma Dede Chumma……..…from the film HUM.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi says it was entertaining. Upen hold the ground and it was amazing, as Karishma would have fell down.

Chetan says I can’t see Marzi giving speech. He shows his shirt with Marzi’s picture on it. Preity says he means if you tell anything to Marzi then he will get stomach ache.

Preity says start was amazing. All in all, it was a great act. Chetan says it was entertaining, paisa vasool act.


Preity 8, Marzi 8, Chetan 9. Total 25.

3. Mayuresh and Ajisha:

They dance on the song Yeh Haseen Wadiya Yeh Khula Aasman……………. from the film ROJA. They does aerial act.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi says I am proud to be part of this show. He says awesome act.

Preity says wow, the coordination, and expressions etc are good. You are so talented. It is a pleasure to see your performance.

Chetan says you are wonderful dancer and did risky acts. He says safety is first and we are protected about you.


Preity 10, Chetan 10, Marzi 10. Total 30.

4. Amruta and Himanshu:

They dance on the song Pal Pal Me Chal Chal Hai…………….Maula from the film METRO.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi says lovely opening pose, nice expressions, lifts were good. Good act.

Chetan says you did well and does good lifts. He says Amruta excels in classical dance.

Preity says it was great opening. She says she like when Amruta lie on Himanshu’s back.


Marzi 9, Preity 9, Chetan 10. Total 28.

5. Sana and Dipesh:

They dance on the song Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage…………..from the film DUM LAGA KE HAISHA. Dipesh cries after the performance. Rithvik comforts him. Dipesh says this was the first emotional act, and was carried away. He says I imagined Sana marrying someone else. Sana hugs him.

Judges’ Comments:

Chetan says it was different rhythem and sweet act.

Preity says I felt emotional and it was amazing. There was something in it.

Marzi says I am happy about it. Nice and emotional moment.


Marzi 9, Preity 10, Chetan 8. Total 27.


1. Mayuresh and Ajisha 31 + 30 = 61.

2. Rashmi and Nandish 26 + 29 = 55 .

3. Himanshu and Amruta 26 + 28 = 54.

4. Upen and Karishma 29 + 25 = 54.

5. Sana and Dipesh 27 + 27 = 54 .

Smart Jodi is undoubtedly Mayuresh and Ajisha. They get a microwave and 10000 Rs. gift cheque.

Rithvik says three jodis are low scorers today. Marzi says we will calculate the scores since wild card entry episode. He says Karishma and Upen are safe. Marzi says Sana and Dipesh will be eliminated today. He says their score is 134. And Amruta and Himanshu’s score is 135. Sana and Dipesh say that they enjoyed on Nach. Rithvik asks the viewers to watch Prefinal Gala Episode on Next Sunday.

Ekta Kapoor and Jeetendra come as celebrity judge on Prefinal Gala Episode next week.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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