Nach Baliye 7 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rithvik asks Himanshu and Amruta about their favorite love challenge. Himanshu tells when he picked her lip balm. Amruta says when she was writing all the things came infront of her eyes. Himanshu tells that his friend kissed him and Amruta felt bad about it. Himanshu says if that thing ends with a sorry then it is done. Amruta says he has become a perfect husband now, totally. Himanshu says when we get back together, we feel complete otherwise we are incomplete. Rithvik asks Sana and Dipesh. Dipesh says many love challenges are his favorites. He says we had more fights here on Nach. Dipesh says when I was asked to bring three important things without which I can’t live. I brought my shoes, and Sana said are you mad. He says I still love you a lot. He says every love challenge was good.

Sana says all the love challenges was her favorites. She liked the love challenge when they were asked to collect the garbage in the bag. She says we were hurt and it was very important to come back in a big way. A flashback of the Swach Bharat love challenge was shown. Dipesh says he has changed in a good way because of Sana. Sana says she learnt this on Nach Baliye. Sana says she realized to make things fine between them.

Rithvik asks Ajisha and Mayuresh. Ajisha says Tere liye was her favorite love challenge. A clipping is shown when Mayuresh tells Ajisha about his feelings. Mayuresh says he likes GK love challenge. A flashback of the GK love challenge is shown, where in Ajisha couldn’t answer it properly and Mayuresh was asked to eat donuts and sing a song.

Nandish says he liked the sacrifice love challenge. I came to know about Rashmi’s feelings. He says I thought everything is sort out between us, but when Rashmi raised that issue. I thought to work on that. Other love challenge is that when Rashmi wrote about my sacrifice, and I was happy that Rashmi remember it till now after 5-6 years. Rithvik asks your relation was bitter-sweet when you came here, and tells about Agni Pariksha love challenge. He says you have realized suddenly that Nandish will panic if such situation comes again. Rashmi says before that love challenge, we were not on talking terms. After that he came and hug me, and I asked what happened? He told about the fire accident. She says I didn’t know that Nandish would react such a way if anything happens to me.

Nandish says love challenge made him realize self realization, and he will protect her all his life. He says he won’t leave Rashmi regardless of the problems they have between us. Upen says communication level increases because of this love challenge. Rithvik says he will remember this journey for the rest of his life. Karishma says you are a wonderful host.

Rithvik sings a song Choti Si Zindagi…….Amruta says she is feeling like it was a last day at her school. She will miss everyone and all the moments. Rithvik connects video chat with Rohit and Aishwarya, and asks them to wish the jodis best. He says this week’s result. I told you that you will get advantage in this love challenge. He says whoever has 1 heart, will get 1 point added in score, and Upen- Karishma will get 2 points extra. Rithvik says love challenges have finished. Amruta says it is not yet finished as Nach is still too much.

Rithvik wears the wig and converses with the jodis. Dipesh asks what is his plan for tonight and jokes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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