Nach Baliye 7 24th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 24th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rithvik Dhanjani and Karan Patel talk behind the scenes about the love challenges and have a witty take on the concept and judges. They come on the stage and kickstart the show. They welcome the judges Chetan Bhagat, Priety Zinta and Marzi, and contestants. Rithvik says he will be showing Vishesh Tipni/Special tips along with the performances. Karan calls upon the first performers.

1. Himanshu and Amruta:

They perform on the song Sadda Haq………… from the movie Rockstar.

Judges’ comments:
Marzi: I love the whole presentation, you need to work on timing of cheroegraphy, otherwise great act.
Priety: Energy and everything was good, you are one of the promising contestants, all the best.
Chetan: Everyone is working hard, this was a very good act.

Scores: Marzi – 8, Priety – 9, Chetan – 9. Total 26.

Karan asks for the Tipni to be together as they are together for 11 years. Amruta says there is back story in everyone’s life, I was always his wife for 7 years and did not think of becoming his GF or timepassing, I was protective, crazy, sincere and today I m changed, I wanted to be with him, I became what he wanted and give him space, and went against my nature. She says when his dad passed away, I was seen a balanced man who has put aside his work for his mum and brother, and handled the business. She says I can just do good with such a good man. Himanshu says she asks me to do anything I wish, she is very selfless.

2. Rohit and Aishwarya:

They perform on the song Yeh Jism Hai to kya………… from the movie Jism 2.

Judges’ comments:
Marzi: Nice and innocent, your pull towards yourself was nice, I did not understand the story.
Aishwarya says she wanted to show that cheating on partner is bad, it hurts your soul.
Marzi says very good message, all the best.
Priety: You got emotional, some moments were good. Rohit was amazing, and Aishwarya is already a dancer and performer.
Chetan: The act had everything, amazing.

Scores: Marzi – 8, Chetan – 8, Priety – 9. Total 25.

Karan makes Rohit dress as Vampire and takes his audition, which turns hilarious.Marzi wears the vampire teeth to bite Chetan.

3. Sharad and Mrunal

They perform on the song Is tarah khudse aa mujhko jod dun…. Katra Katra mai girun……….. from the movie Alone.

Judges’ comments:
Chetan: Mrunal looks pretty, she is lucky that her love is a writer. I like the act, Sharad ended the awkwardness.
Preity: It was sensuous, Mrunal was outstanding, I felt it missed in few places, but it was a good act.
Marzi: The cartwheel was bit missed, otherwise awesome act.

Scores: Marzi – 9, Chetan – 8, Priety – 9. Total 26.

They show a video clipping in Sharad’s parents. Sharad says his weakness is his family, he has come here to get approval of his relation which he wants to take ahead, he is sure he will convince them. Mrunal says he is always concerned about his parents, I m very glad that I got a life partner like him, who holds great values. Sharad’s cousin comes to support him and says he is like my own brother and I m sure Sharad will not go ahead without his parents’ consent. Chetan says many couples are watching you and salute you. Sharad says a writer can change thinking of society and I will change it, this is my aim. They all request Sharad’s dad to agree for Mrunal and Sharad’s relation.

4. Payal and Sangram

They perform on the song Ya Rabba…………. From the movie Salaam E Ishq.

Judges’ comments:

Marzi: Sangram’s energy was phenomenal, he was doing a fabulous job, it was a nice act, we saw Sangram more in this.
Priety: Sangarm is the hero of this act, his movements were good, this marking will be going for you. It was one man show as you carried Payal.
Chetan: I m partial for innovative act, it was good, not conventional dance, great job.

Scores: Priety – 8, Marzi – 8, Chetan – 8. Total 24.

Sangram says I love you to Chetan and asks him to give him good marks. Chetan says I m inspired by your strength, try something on Marzi by your wrestling moves. Sangram lifts Marzi and runs across the stage.

5. Nidhi and Arpit:
They perform on the song Tu hi ye mujhko batade & Sun raha hai na tu………….. from the movie Aashiqui 2.

Judges’ comments:

Priety: I liked your story telling and saw passion, pain. It was an amazing performance today.
Marzi: Arpit did very nice and Nidhi I m happy with you, I think your journey will start from here.
Chetan: I felt you both can’t do well, but today I think others have to be careful of you.

Scores: Chetan – 8, Priety – 9, Marzi – 8. Total 25.

Nidhi says she knows Arpit very well and he is her Lord. Karan takes her test and asks questions related to Arpit’s character Duryodhan of Mahabharat show. They make Arpit have sugar for right answer and eat chilli for wrong answer.

6. Rashmi and Nandish

They perform on the song Aa Zara kareeb se……… from the movie Murder 2.

Judges’ comments:
Marzi: Very clean, you did four lifts together, perfect, I did not feel either is better, you both were awesome pair.
Priety: It looked they compliment each other, it was a great act.
Chetan: It was a near perfect act for me.

Scores: Chetan – 10, Priety – 10, Marzi – 9. Total 29.

Rashmi and Marzi dance together. Marzi jokes on Chetan and dances around him.

7. Upen and Karishma

They perform on the song Tera Chehra jab nazar aaye…… from Adnan Sami’s album Tera Chehra.

Judges’ comments:
Marzi: They did well, cradle sway and last pose to sleep on Upen was pretty, we learn few things seeing them.
Priety: I liked you held your character and please always try something new.
Chetan: It is big responsibility to portray mentally unstable people act, you pulled it very well.

Scores: Priety – 8, Marzi – 8, Chetan – 8. Total 24.

Karan calls Rohit, Payal and Sangram to hit darts to the judges and contestants’ dartwheel.
Priety and Marzi hit darts to Chetan’s pic. Chetan says he will still love Priety and Marzi.

8. Sana and Dipesh

Sana has muscle sprain and Dipesh requests he can’t perform with Sana and can perform with his choreographer. The judges agree.
Dipesh and his choreographer Sneha perform on the song Battameez Dil……….. from the movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani.

Judges’ comments:

Marzi: The good thing is I saw you when Sneha was dancing along, all the best.
Priety: You were okay, not awesome, sorry.
Chetan: Performance was good, there will be super impactful performance from you and Sana.

Scores: Priety – 7, Chetan – 8, Marzi – 7. Total 22.

9. Jai and Pooja

They perform on the song Teri baahon me jo sukun tha mila….. from the movie Ek Villian.

Judges’ comments:

Marzi: Nice drag, few things were very nice, you bounce when you pick her and take an extra step, good act.
Priety: Good act but Pooja the body has to be correct when someone lifts you, it has to be graceful, nice.
Chetan: It should be some freely done, liquidity should be there, otherwise good act.

Scores: Priety – 8, Marzi – 7, Chetan – 7. Total 22.

Top scorer Jodi is Rashmi and Nandish, and get Dinner set and Rs 10000 cheque. Karan says the low scorers are Jai and Pooja, Dipesh and Sana. Priety asks do they any immunity. Karan says no. Priety says I don’t think we can choose any one, so both will be eliminated. Marzi says she is right, we can’t decide, its not fair, they can either stay or go. Chetan says we wish they stay but last week there was no elimination, so unfortunately they have to go.

Move of the week: Rashmi and Nandish.

Nach’s Daily Panchnama is shown.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. they should have not eliminate a fabulous dancer like sana and dipesh……i am not gonna watch it anymore..All these r Bakwas..judges don’t know whom to eliminate….

    1. Yes you are right, Rashmi and Nandish got a chance to stay so why are they eliminating Sana and Duoesh when she got muscle sprain. This is wrong, they shouldn’t have done this, they’re should’ve been some type of game to tell them who was going to be eliminated!

  2. it was really not fair to eliminate SANA n DIPESH :'(

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