Nach Baliye 7 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rithvik says if your partner lies to you, then it will hurt you. Today’s love challenge is SACH Baliye. He says we want to know if the couple know each other really and tells about the polygraphic test. He welcomes Polygraph expert Deepti Shah. She tells that it is a lie detector test. Rithvik says we will know today, who is liar and who is truthful. Dipesh comes first for polygraph test. Rithvik asks him to say the truth only, else he will be caught. Sana says she is getting scared. He says this love challenge depends on you, as you will hear his answer. You have to tell if it is a lie or truth.

1. Dipesh:

Deepti: is your name is Dipesh Sharma?
Dipesh: no and then says yes.

Deepti: If your ever lie to Sana.
Dipesh: no.

Deepti: if Sana jokes to hide her feelings over a broken home.
Dipesh: no.

Deepti: did you ever raise a hand on any girl?
Dipesh: no.

Deepti: if you have any girl in your life other than Sana.
Dipesh: no.

Deepti: if you think Sana is because of your money.
Dipesh: no.

Sana says she got scared with first answer.

2. Mayuresh:

Deepti: if your ex girlfriend is better dancer than Ajisha.
Mayuresh: yes.

Deepti: if you think Ajisha is a fool.
Mayuresh: no. Ajisha says he is lying.

Deepti: if dance is more important for you than Ajisha.
Mayuresh: yes.

Deepti: if you took any wrong step in your life?
Mayuresh: no.

Deepti: if Ajisha is with you because of your name and money.
Mayuresh: no.

Deepti: if Ajisha is with you because of Nach.
Mayuresh: no.

Mayuresh says he didn’t believe on the machines and believes on his relation with Ajisha.

3. Amruta:

Deepti: if you ever lied to Himanshu. Amruta: yes.

Deepti: if Himanshu married you late for his career.
Amruta: yes.

Deepti: if you think Himanshu is less successful than you.
Amruta: yes.

Deepti: if you think to take revenge from anyone.
Amruta: yes.

Deepti: if it is true that you couldn’t build home with himanshu till now.
Amruta: no.

Deepti: if your past relationship effects your present?
Amruta: yes.

Deepti: do you feel bad to change for Himanshu.
Amruta: yes.

4. Rashmi:

Deepti: if your name is Rashmi.
Rashmi: no. Nandish says it is her screen name.

Deepti: if you have done any cosmetic surgery.
Rashmi: yes.

Deepti: if you feel ashamed of your bhojpuri film.
Rashmi: no.

Deepti: if you ever tried to spy on Nandish. Rashmi: no.

Deepti: if you ever trapped anyone?
Rashmi: no.

Deepti: if you think Nandish is betraying you after marriage?
Rashmi: no.

Deepti: if you got scared with Nandish’s anger.
Rashmi: yes.

Deepti: if Nandish raised his hand on you?
Rashmi: no.

Deepti: do you live with Nandish.
Rashmi: yes.

Deepti: Did you want to take revenge from someone.
Rashmi: yes.

5. Karishma:

Karishma says if she gets certified to be trusted then only she will answer. Rithvik says they will get her married.

Deepti: if you ever lied to Upen
Karishma: Yes

Deepti: if you have broken anyone trust
Karishma: yes

Deepti: Did you cheat to win Nach Baliye’s love challenges
Karishma: No

Deepti says: If you thought to take revenge from someone.
Karishma says yes.

Deepti: If you think Upen is going to marry you surely?
Karishma: looks on thinking about an answer.

Rithvik tells that polygraph test showed that Karishma and Upen cheated to win love challenge. Karishma says she don’t believe on machine. Upen says they did a mistake by coming here.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Interesting.

    1. do not trust mere machines, sorry this was not right thing to do to these contestants! have faith in humans not in machines. thumbs down to organizers if they take this seriously, if it’s a fun game, no problem

  2. poygraph machine is only a machine – to do this challenge in all fun is fine, but to call someone deceptive or dishonest due to their response being registered by the machine as that would not be right. It is a known fact that polygraph testing is very controversial. Some people are nervous in general and due to their anxiety, etc, etc….the testing cannot be deemed accurate. I am sorry but this testing is not right on a dancing show! it’s outrageous that these contestants are being put through such tests! I am wondering also if some of the contestants are being “used” just for TRP ratings by the organizers…If these contestants are going to be rated by this sort of “machine” testing, then this show is doomed – it’s cheap publicity at the expense of others. If this is taken as a fun exercise, no issues, but certainly a machine cannot be given that much importance. sorry. I will be very very saddened if the organizers held anyone guilty due to this testing. I hope they have the wisdom not to do that.

  3. polygraph testing is not accurate and should not be used in this dance show! I am appalled if this machine was taken so seriously as it can affect human relationships adversely as well. Wrong move in my opinion

  4. yeah…..exactly!!!!!!

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