Nach Baliye 7 21st June 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 21st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karan tells that Nach Baliye 7 has so many 7 things in common and they will tell later. He says this 7 has been too much. He asks Preity if she believes in 7 births. Rithvik comes while Main Yahan Ho Yahan song plays in the background. He shows the poster in which Rithvik is seen inplace of SRK with Preity. He tells my love for you is real and I can give life for you. Karan talks about seven vows penned by wives and bring laughter on stage.

1. Himanshu and Amruta:

They dance superbly on the song Oh Humdum Soniyo Re………………from SAATHIYA, and Mann Mast Magan…….from the film 2 STATES. They take the wedding vows during their performance. Himanshu fills Amruta’s maang with sindoor at the end of performance.

Judges’ Comments:

Preity asks Himanshu about blood on his face. Amruta says her zari work touched his face and that’s why his face bled. Preity says I like the concept and you showed the marriage concept in musical way. There was some mis-coordination, but nice performance.

Marzi says I like lifts and your dance is good. He says timing is very important, nice and sweet act. He likes the way Himanshu fills her maang with sindoor at the end of performance.

Chetan says he remembered a moment when he was with his wife, their performance have touched his heart.


Preity 8, Marzi 8, Chetan 10. Total 26.

Table is brought on the stage and Amruta is asked to put garland on Himanshu’s head. Rithvik, Karan and Himanshu stand under the table with their heads poping out. Amruta throws the flower garland ring on Himanshu. Karan says you have won dinner set. Rithvik tells about father’s day and says girls search for their father’s qualities in their husbands. Offscreen Rohit says that his father in law is particular about time. Parag says he has a good relation with his father in law. Mayuresh tells that he has a good trick and will agree him by making him eat mangoes, etc. Dipesh says he will tell Shayeri to his to- be father in law, and will take care of his daughter. Rithvik wishes all the fathers, a happy fathers day.

2. Rohit and Aishwarya:

Rohit says Aishwarya was hurt on her ribs and requests judges that he wants to perform with someone else. Preity permits him.

Rohit dances with his choreographer on the song Saathiya Saathiya Sunke……………, Rokhi Sukhi Roti……………Gopala Gopala Makhan Churane…………….Laila Muqabla………….Mere Pass Hain Tu…….medley songs. They get standing ovation from the participants.

Aishwarya comes on stage. Rithvik asks how did you feel as Rohit performed for you. Aishwarya says she was seeing his performance and it was fantastic.

Judges’ Comments:

Chetan says it was not easy for him, keep it up. I like the music, different kind of music and different dancing.

Preity says your ease, joking nature was reflected in your performace. I loved your AR Rahman songs. Starting was good and you danced well without Aishwarya.

Marzi says I like your efforts. You put a lot of efforts, and nice performance.


Preity 8, Marzi 8, Chetan 8. Total 24.

3. Rashmi and Nandish:

They depict a soldier’s life story as he gets ready to go on a war after bidding bye to his partner, but the twist is Rashmi becomes a soldier here and Nandish waves her bye

They dance fabulously on the song Lag Jaa Gale…………….from the old film WOH KAUN THI.

Rashmi says she has not performed for marks today, as she tells about her relative’s husband death while he went for a war. Preity says it was emotional for her too as her father and brother were in army.

Judges’ Comments:

Preity says it was a good, and touched the heart. She gets emotional.

Marzi says that was a nice twist when Nandish kept cap on Rashmi’s bed. He says Nandish’s dancing have improved.

Chetan says it is a good concept with a reminder that you have to die for someone you don’t know. He asks them to be together always.


Preity 9, Marzi 9, Chetan 9. Total 27.

Rithvik comes on stage with wig on his head and asks Preity to dance with him. They dance on the song Tere Roop Balle Balle…..from the film Soldier.

4. Karishma and Upen:

They will depict 7 sins of life…….and performed on the song Maut….. from the film KAANTE.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi says perfect timing when Karishma was on you. He says everything was negative, your poses and pictures were weird. He says Karishma is a good partner, nice act.

Preity says wow guys, concept is mind blowing and evil. Nice performance.

Chetan says very artistic and beautifully done, better than last time.


Marzi 9, Preity 8, Chetan 9. Total 26.

Upen says they have vowed to do bungee jumping together.

5. Sana and Dipesh:

They dance romantically on the song Bahon Ke Darmiyaan…………… from the film KHAMOSHI.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi says commendable, but somewhere I didn’t see your growing love in your dance. I couldn’t connect, but I love the last part of your performance.

Preity says Sana is an amazing dancer, and Deepu is also good. She says it was overall great act.

Chetan says I saw two moons today. There was elegance in your act. He says story telling or concept could have been better. Nice act.


Chetan 8, Marzi 8. Preity 9. Total 25

Rithvik tells about Chatur Naan “IQ” love challenge and tells Sana and Ajisha couldn’t answer well. Karan asks Ajisha to come on stage and tells about the competition. He tells Marzi have to drink bittergourd juice for Ajisha’s wrong answers, and Chetan have to drink for Sana’s wrong answer. Marzi asks Karan and Rithvik to drink instead.

Karan questions Sana about Rajastan’s state dance. Sana answers dandiya. Chetan says ghoomer is the right answer and drinks bittergourd juice.

Rithvik asks Ajisha, there are 12 fishes in the water and 5 are drowned, then how many are left. Ajisha says fishes can’t be drowned in water as they are in water.

Karan asks Sana about 4 neighboring countries. Sana says Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Srilanka. Karan says Bhutan is the right answer instead of Srilanka. Chetan is made to drink bittergourd juice.

Rithvik asks Ajisha about the spokes in Ashoka Chakra. Ajisha says 26, but the answer is 24. Marzi drinks the juice.

Karan asks Sana, if you throw stone in blue sea then what will happen. Sana says stone will be drowned in water. Chetan says right answer.

Rithvik asks Ajisha about the first president of India. Ajisha says Mahatma Gandhi. Marzi says Rajendra Prasad. Karan says Ajisha and Sana gave 2 right answers so get a gift. They get almonds and hair oil.

6. Ajisha and Mayuresh:

They depict 7 fears of women’s life. They dance fantastically on the song Abhi Mujhme Kahin……Marrjawun Ya Jeelun Zara………..from the film AGNEEPATH. They get standing ovation. Ajisha cries after the performance.

Judges’ Comments:

Preity says to be honest, you are good dancers, and I got emotional. She says my father is no more, but I am sitting here as my parents didn’t treat me as a girl, but as their boy. She says there is no difference between a girl and boy. If you educate girls like your son then they might go beyond them.

Marzi says it is a serious issue and commendable in dance. He says outstanding. People will tell that he is your boyfriend.

Ajisha cries and tells that when she has chosen Mayuresh. Her father stopped talking to her for two years. She says my mum and brother came here today. I hope I make my dad proud.

Chetan makes her laugh and says you might not know about political or GK knowlegde, but you know humanity and it is enough. Well done.


Marzi 10, Preity 10, Chetan 10. Total 30.

7. Shefali and Parag:

They depict 7 real reasons of love in their performance.

Shefali and Parag perform superbly on the song Tum Jo Meri Zindagi……………Teri Ore……….Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai…………Tum Jahan Main Wahan…………..Soniyo O Soniye……….medley songs.

Judges’ Comments:

Chetan says your act was good, but somewhere it didn’t work for me like last time.

Preity says you both are sweet and I couldn’t see cuteness in your act. I can’t think that it is good act like last.

Marzi says lifts were good, but transitions were not clean. Shefali was struggling today. You both are made for each other. All the best.


Chetan 7, Marzi 7, Preity 7. Total 21.

Karan calls Miss Gorgeous Tanakpur. Anu Kapoor comes with Hrishita Bhatt. A duplicate Buffalo is brought on stage as it plays Miss Tanakpur, and Rithvik takes photo with garland around his neck. Preity says it can’t be possible. They promote their film Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho…….A Video clipping of the film is shown.

All the jodis dance on Airtel App advertisement song. Rithvik says superb. He promotes My Airtel App.

He says today’s top scorer jodi is Mayuresh and Ajisha and they get Nach Power. He says one jodi will leave from this stage. Rithvik says Rashmi and Nandish have love power, and Rohit and Aishwarya have Nach power. He calls Shefali and Parag as they are lowest scorer jodi. Parag says their love have become more stronger. Shefali thanks everyone. Preity says you both are so sweet and wishes all the best. Karan says finale will be nearer and asks the viewers to keep viewing Nach Baliye.

Today’s Elimination: Shefali and Parag.

Mayuresh and Ajisha promote “shake it to make it contest” and ask to download My Airtel App.

Rithvik tells about the love challenge of the coming week. He tells that polygraph test says that you have done cheating. Karishma says no. Upen says he did a mistake by coming here on Nach.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Mayuresh & Ajisha are a threat to other couples

  2. Upen & Karishma cheated earlier and no action was taken against them. Nor did the judges talk to them about it. Remember during the love challenge of ladies having to smell the shirt, nandish said something and they were disqualified. And Chetan spoke to them regarding that,incident + the one when Rashmi went to LA faking an injury.
    Then how come none of the judges spoke to UPMA regarding their cheating incident?

    1. Yes that is true they are giving chances to puma dont mind this

    2. Yea and according to the latest reports, semi finale is already shot and Ekta along with her dad were the chief guests. UPMA scored the least and they were to be eliminated, but Ekta’s dad announced that there would be no elimination that week. This is some sort of partiality I feel

    3. i completely agree with you but i think tomorrow’s episode will be amazing

  3. Tbey could have depicted the meaning and importance of seven colours in the rainbow. Or 7 emotions of life or 7 phases of life birth, nursery age , school, college, marriage, old age, death. Suggestions just for rohit n ash and shefali n parag

    1. Or Sana and Deepesh, cos even though they are my favourite couple there choice didn’t make sense

  4. They*

  5. Love u both Upen & Karishma…i just pray that u win the nach baliye…All the best…

  6. I am a big fan of upma ; I wish u will win nachbaliye7? . ❤ u.

    1. I also wished the same but they are cheaters so they do not deserve the trophy

  7. I am a big fan of upma ; I wish u will win nachbaliye7? . Love u.

  8. I’m a big fan of Upma .I wish that they will win nach baliye 7.

  9. I dont want upma to win nach baliye 7

  10. I am a huge fan of Rashmi and Nandish… they make good use of their emotions in their dance performances..!! I wish that they win this show… lots of luck…for u….

    And regarding the recent episode Ajisha’s father stopped speaking to her for choosing the field of dancing ….not for Mayuresh I guess!!…….

  11. I too like rashmi n nandish.. Theymake a good pair..
    I too want them to win..
    I dont like upma.. I have noticed them,they always show off.. If we ignore upen as he is an nri but karishma always show off tat she is good actually she is not

  12. I really wish for Rashmi and Nandish to win Nach Baliye 7…… bcz it’s them who deserves this!! Apart from being honest they are the ones who have been consistently performing well….. and they are too sweet for obvious reasons!!

    Moreover commenting on the topic of being partial with UpMa….it is quite obvious because Ekta Kapoor knows clearly well that they r the most popular couple of the current season … So in order to make her show more popular she is not letting UpMa to get eliminated as their elimination would make her show less famous…..

  13. Rashmi and Nandish….. please put lot of efforts in your dances bcoz yu r really doing well….. and we really want you to win this season….

    love u Rashmi and Nandish….

  14. we are the big fan of upma we wish aall the best to them we luv u upma
    chetan bhagat never point wow moments of upma and never apriciate them

  15. u will definitely will upma
    and hate u chetan bhagat

  16. we trust u that u will never cheat someone
    wish u luck upma

  17. Just want to say that I think everybody is very mean to Upen&karisma especially Riithvik and even the judges they give good comments and then Low marks and they have done a lot of out-of-the-box dancing

  18. Just want to say that I think everybody is very mean to Upen&karisma especially Riithvik and even the judges they give good comments and then Low marks

  19. Love you both Upen n Karisma, WISH you BOTH WIN THE NACH BALIEY. all the best XXX

  20. rashmi and nandish should win this show….. they are the ones who should be awarded as the winners of nach baliye 7….. we all love you so much rashmi and nandish

  21. Nandish and Rashmi…….. All the very best to you… love yu so much…….

    this season wouldn’t had be a masala if rashmi and nandish weren’t there….. they are the “jaan” of the show literally !!

  22. Upen and Karishma get less marks bcz judges also know that they are cheaters. Hate you upma

  23. rashmi n nandesh I lyk ur jodi n perfm well… I wish u own nachbaliye 7.. n rashmi di u r mh fvrt frm jhalak dikhlaza n I lyk ur acting… n ur voice iz too good n I lyk ur attitude n nature plz keep it up… n nadesh sir u r handsome yrrr…. main to marti hun aap pe

  24. Rashmi and Nandesh are too much emotional baggage

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