Nach Baliye 7 19th July 2015 Written Episode Update *Finale*

Nach Baliye 7 19th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nach Baliye season 7 is coming to an end with this Finale Episode. Top 4 jodis have been selected for Finale and will perform today. The Finale will have one celebrity winning couple among the Top 4 Finalist. The winner will be chosen by audience voting. Preity Zinta enters and dances on the song Naach Meri Jaan Naach with guys’ participants. Chetan Bhagat and Marzi Pestonji come and dances with the girls. The Top 4 jodis make an entry dancing on the same song. Rithvik comes the viewers and says everyone is glued to their television screens to know who is the Nach Baliye season 7 winner.

Rithvik asks the couples, what do they want to win? Upen says if they win then it will be icing on the cake and he will gift the trophy to Karishma. Ajisha says she wants her father to feel proud of her and that’s why I want to win the trophy. Mayuresh tells about everyone’s blessings. Nandish tells that it was needed as their relationship has improved because of Nach. Chetan says Nach Baliye season 7 is different and shown couple’s stories also. He says that was the too much factor for me. Rithvik says winner will get 5 lakh rupees from Signoraware and Honda Jazz car. He says we didn’t tell that the winning jodi will also get 30 Lakh rupees from Star Plus and their choreographer will get 5 Lakh rupees.


A video is shown where some of the participant and even co judges bash and tease Chetan with their words. Chetan tells that he is a man and loves Marzi.

Rithvik says Award goes to Marzi for Chetan Ki Chutney. He congratulates Marzi and gives him hand blender to make chutney.

1. Rashmi and Nandish:

They get retro and dance superbly on the Dil Dhadakne Do…..Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke……… …Gore Gore Mukhde……… Rock n Roll Soniye……..medley songs.

Preity says it was outstanding amazing. Marzi says it was awesome.

Rithvik tells Rashmi that you had a problem with Nandish’s friends and calls one of his friend Ali ( Romi of YHM). Ali congratulates them for reaching Nach Baliye Finale. Ali says there was no problem from Nandish’s friends’ side. Rashmi says everyone’s point of view is different. Nandish says it is better to communicate to clear the matters. Nandish proposes Rashmi and says he fell in love with her for the second time. Rashmi blushes. Rithvik says I wish this trophy go to your house.

Karan Patel gives a special performance on the song Yeh Kali Kali Aankhein……with Sana and Mrunal,…..Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jana Sanam…with Aishwarya….Chamak Challo with Shefali…..and Lungi dance with others. After the performance, Sana says she really enjoyed dancing with Karan.

Rithvik says girls gave a good competition to boys in every love challenge. Later he asks Karan to be with his wife and says all the guys are feeling bad as you had danced with their partners. Karan says he have to work for his family. He welcomes Ajay Devgan and Shreya. Rithvik asks him about the film Drishyam. Ajay Devgan tells about liking the film script and promotes the film. Shreya says she had a good time working with Ajay and says you people will not have time to eat popcorn too while watching the film.

2. Mayuresh and Ajisha:

They performed fantastic aerial dance on the song Na Seekha Maine Jeena Jeena….. Teri Meri Kahani Hain Baarishon Ka Pani…………….from BADLAPUR AND GABBAR IS BACK respectively.

Ajay says he is in shock, and says he didn’t see good body coordination like this before. It is superb.

Rithvik tells that Ajisha’s father is here with us. Ajisha’s father says he couldn’t believe seeing her aerial performance. He appreciates her dancing. Ajisha thanks him and says I love you very much. She gets emotional. Her father says he is proud of Ajisha and felt good seeing her performance. Karan asks her dad to hug Ajisha and say that he is proud of his daughter. He agrees and goes on stage to hug Ajisha. Ajisha gets emotional and starts crying.

Ajay says I am also a parent and have a daughter. He tells time has changed and asks him to let Ajisha follow her dream. Ajisha says before Nach Baliye, I was a back dancer. She says she worked with Ajay as a back dancer in the film Bol Bachchan and requests Ajay to dance with her. Ajay wishes her best.


Nomination is shown. Nidhi, Payal, Karishma and Arpit are shown crying.

Rithvik says the Award goes to Arpit Ranka. Chetan gives him award and asks Arpit to whom he wants to give credit to. Arpit says he wants to give credit to his wife Nidhi.

3. Upen and Karishma:

They dance sensually on the song Meri Desi Meri Desi……Main Lovely Ho Gayi Yaar…..medley songs.

Chetan says it was most beautiful act of yours till now. It was looking as if Shahjahan was dancing with Mumtaz Mahal. Marzi jokes that Mumtaz was Mumtaz Khan and not Mahal.

Karishma’s mum and her niece come on the show. His mum says she wish to see Karishma married in 6-7 months. Upen says they will go to London after Nach and will plan their wedding with his family.

Rithvik asks Ajay to take up the love challenge. Ajay makes a pic. Nandu of Jassi game comes on the stage dressed up as a girl to bring laughter on the show.

Rithvik Dhanjani gives a special performance on the song Jab Bhi Koi Lakdi Dekhun…….Ole Ole…..Churake Dil Mera………After the performance, Rithvik requests Shreya to dance with him. She dances with him Kya Re Zindagi Kya Hai Tu……. A clipping of Drishyam is shown. Ajay wishes everyone and leaves with Shreya.

Rithvik promotes Dance Plus on Star Plus from 26th July, every Sunday at 8 pm.

4. Amruta and Himanshu:

They dance on the song Banno Tera Swagger Lage S—y….Tu Tu Meri Main Tera Hone Laga……marathi song…….medley songs.

Marzi says I think it was fabulous. You both deserves to be in finals. Well done.

Himanshu’s mum comes on stage. Himanshu says he will also bend infront of his mum. Rithvik asks him to choose with whom he wants to go with dinner? Himanshu says he will go with mum. Rithvik asks if he will keep his child’s name with Amruta’s choice of name or his mum. Himanshu choses Amruta’s suggestive name.


Nominations are shown. Chetan, Marzi and Rithvik.

Marzi says Chetan deserves this award as he was praising everyone. Chetan says it was just healthy friendship. Rithvik gives the Award to Chetan. Chetan accepts the award.

Preity announces Special performance by Chetan Bhagat and Marzi Pestonji. Chetan performs first, followed by the eliminated guys of this season. They perform on the song Masti Ki Tanki Main………..Everyone laughs seeing Chetan’s dancing. Marzi enters and dances on the song Satakli…..

Rithvik says it takes a lot of strength and courage to get on the stage and dance. He applaud for his dancing. Chetan says he did dance for the fast time. He says everyone should conquer over his fears. He says he was afraid of dancing and have beaten his fear. Marzi says something happens only once. Preity says if you think I will say, amazing, mindblowing, awesome, then I will not say that. I didn’t come here to lie. She says she likes his performance and enjoyed it. She gives him standing ovation. Karan asks Preity to declare winner between the two. Preity choses Marzi as the winner. Marzi says Chetan did well and deserve an applause.

Rithvik calls Anusha Bhagat on stage. She says she couldn’t make him dance, but Nach Baliye did it. Arpit asks them, who proposed first. Anusha tells about their love story and Chetan.

Marzi says Chetan has tested all the couples and asks him to test his compatibility with his wife. Rithvik asks them to take up ‘Aaji Sunte Ho’ Love Challenge. Anusha tells about her complaints while Chetan tries to identify it with head phone on his head. Chetan identifies some of her complaints. Marzi says your relation with Anusha is for births as opposite attracts. Chetan says he really values Anusha’s intelligence and asks others to look for intelligence in their partner.

Dance Plus team performs on the stage. Remo D’Souza comes dancing on the stage. Remo says this is different and will break all the records.

Rithvik and Karan welcome Shake It To Make It Contest Couple, Anjali and Vijay.

Anjali and Vinay dance on the song Pani Wala Dance from the film KUCH KUCH LOCHA HAI. They get a trophy. Rithvik asks about their favorite jodi. They say Himanshu and Amruta.

Darshan Dhaval, singer comes on stage and sings different for the Top 4 jodis while their happy lovely moments are shown. He says his mum’s favorite jodi is Rashmi and Nandish.

Rithvik and Karan tell that they have result in their hands and invite the finalist to perform on the stage for one last time.

All the four couples dance on the song Bezubaan kabse…..from the film ABCD. Rithvik says it was stage break performance and you people deserves to be in finale.

Rithvik says everyone is waiting to know the winning jodi. He says the fourth jodi who will say good bye to us is Mayuresh and Ajisha. Marzi says you have done a fab job.


Rithvik wishes best to the Top 3 finalists. He asks the viewers whom they want to see as winners.

Winning jodi: is


The jugdes’ present the trophy, 30 Lakhs rupees cheque from Star Plus. And 5 lakhs rupees Cheque from Signoware and Honda Jazz Car.

Karan calls their relatives and choreographers on stage. Their choreographers gets a 5 Lakhs rupees cheque and Yamaha bike.

Himanshu says everyone’s blessings has been fulfilled and thanks everyone for giving so much warmth, love and affection to them. Amruta gets teary eyed and misses her dad. She thanks everyone for their votes.

1st Runner Up: Rashmi and Nandish. They get Yamaha Bike.

2nd Runner Up: Karishma and Upen.

Rithvik thanks the viewers for watching Nach Baliye season 7 with Too Much quotient.

NACH BALIYE Season 7 ended today and Himanshu and Amruta are the winning jodi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. HimTa
    lv u
    lv u

  2. who is 3rd and 2nd???

    1. 1st Amruta himanshu
      2nd Rashmi nadish
      4th mayuresh ajira.
      So u can guess who is 3rd right reality couple se real couple 😮

  3. Viewers took a very good decision they deserve this title. Bit lil upset for mayuresh and ajira they also performed soooo well. Anyway happy they are one of 4 finalists. 🙂

  4. congrates himanshu amruta u deserve dis trophy but i thnk ajisha mayuresh shd be 3 instd of fake couple karisma upen

    1. Yes I agree with you. I hate that fake couple thank god they lost it. ?

  5. Love u aamruta himaasho……….m very happy to see u winning guys… ? after dis nach baliye 7 I hope being a winner will make u proud….. ? but god bless and always be supportive to each other your whole life .. U wer my favorite himruta and will always be guys… ? ?LUV U BOTH GUYS… ???? ?

  6. himanshoo n amurutha deserve for winnin love challenges not nach award

    mayuresh ajisha deserve the win

    1. seriouslyy???????

  7. totally agree wid you kbhat mayuresh ajisha rock

    1. though dey came at last performed well

  8. I just love nach baliye…….in season 8 i think Karan and ankita will be participants…….i luv AmShoo/HimTa

  9. I knew it . They really deserves the trophy . I’m gonna miss u Himanshoo and Amruta

  10. Kothe .. I think amruta is a bit fake but I like Himanshoo He deserves to win not amruta! But they are partner so we cant do anything lol.. And amruta Himanshoo didnt have lots of votes! Nb7 has cheated

    1. how do u knw????

  11. Yayy!!!! HimRuta won!!!!!!! They desrved d trophy…congrats HimRuta…will miss u guyz…wanted mayuresh n ajisha in d 2nd position…anyways…happy fr all d finalists

  12. wattttt???? very unexpected results…..

  13. Congrats himanshoo and amruta

  14. Himanshu and amruta deserved to be the winner. . I am happy for them

  15. I m very much happy ….. My favorite couple won the trophy

  16. I thought my favourite couple (karishma and upen) were gonna win but doesnt matter. At least they were the 2nd runners up! Congratualations Himanshoo and Amruta!!!!!!! ?

  17. They should be 50% 50% going forward I think Audience and Judges. If the couple is not so know to the audience then they will not shine. This is what happenend to Myu & Ajeshia. All their dances were just fantastic. Then Resh & Nandish – WoW and I would say a tie breaker between Krim / Upen and the winners of the show. I personally love the winners of this show but thought it was not fair for the rest. Karan / Rit did a fantastic job and the judges were amusing. All in all I enjoyed this show.

  18. Mayuresh and Ajisha are professional dancers, letting them participate itself is a big mistake, if they would have won , it would have been a big injustice to other participants.

    1. is der any rule professional dancers shouldnt participate

  19. I felt nandish and rashmi would have won as they danced better than himanshu and amrita

  20. Real winner is mayruesh and ajisha.

  21. jis epi me varun aaya tha dat was superb of NB 7
    Luv that epi..muuhaaa 4 my VD

  22. yeahh… m very happy for that.i love couple of himanshu and amrita

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