Nach Baliye 7 14th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 14th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The hosts Rithvik and Karan come on the stage with their hands tied with an iron cuff together, on Nach Baliye Season 7. Rithvik tells that all the jodis will be handcuff and feetcuff today and will dance to show their pavitra bandhan’s (sacred relation) chemistry. Karan says this year Nach is too much. Rithvik asks everyone to applaud for the judges Marzi, Chetan and Preity. He tells Marzi and Chetan have pavitra bandhan between them as they disagree with each other always. Karan says Preity is sitting in between them to pacify them. Karan welcomes Nach Baliye 5 contestant Parag and Shefali, Aerial dance specialist Mayuresh and Ajisha, and eliminated jodi of this season Sana and Dipesh as Wild Card Entries.

1. Himanshu and Amruta:

They dance superbly on the emotional song Mujhme Tu Tu Hi Basa…………….from the film SPECIAL 26.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi says it is enjoying twins, nice concept, very nice was that dance. You both were looking at each other.

Preity says starting was good, concept was good. I want the act to be wow. It was good though.

Chetan says dancing is going to be much difficult for all the couples because of the cuffs. He likes their dance.


Marzi 8, Preity 8, Chetan 9. Total 25

Mohit Malhotra comes to cheer for Himanshu Malhotra and tells that Himanshu is his mentor. He praises his brother.

2. Sana and Dipesh:

They thank everyone for bringing them back as wild card entry and promise to rock the stage with their performance.

They dance sensually on the song Zara Zara Touch Me……………..from the film RACE.

Judges’ Comments:

Chetan says Sana I missed you….He says I forgot that it is a dance show, seeing your dance. He says good act, welcome back. Your dancing was good, but you have to do better from others. He says he can’t tell what he thought about the performance, being a writer and that comment doesn’t suit in his age.

Preity says it was amazing, it was a completely turn around. She says I missed you both and wants to see more fun, more dancing. Sana was awesome today.

Marzi says he liked the line which Sana told, that she thought to come to office. He says I loved the way Dipesh took the lift. He praises their act and says it was not vulgar, but clean and outstanding.


Chetan 9, Preity 9, Marzi 9. Total 27.

3. Nandish and Rashmi:

They dance impressively on the song Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu from the film PK.

Judges’ Comments:

Preity says I liked your concept, and you touch the relevalent topic everytime. I think your act is mind blowing.

Marzi says your lift was effortlessly good. Very nice transition, good act, and asks him to hold Rashmi’s hand for all their life.

Chetan says you have carried the dance movements well. It had nice story telling and performance was good.


Marzi 9, Chetan 8, Preity 9. Total 26.

Rithvik shows the love challenge in which the baliyes are asked to do their partner’s make up. Shefali tells that Parag will never ask her to hurry up with her make up as he is made to do her make up on Nach Baliye, and he knows how tough it is.

Preity tells about Shefali and Parag’s performance on Nach Baliye 5 and tells they were engaged then. She welcomes them on Nach Baliye season 7.

4. Shefali Zariwala and Parag Tyagi:

Shefali tells that she is Kaanta Laga… girl. Parag introduces himself. Shefali says they want to make Nach too much. She says they got married because of Nach Baliye. Here on Nach, they test the compatibility. She says they are confident about their dance.

They gave outstanding performance on the song Ranjha Ranjha……..Na Kar Heere………..from the film RAVAN.

Judges’ Comments:

Chetan says they have shaken all the contestants. You used the strings well. I think your act was wonderful.

Preity says it seems you are here on Nach since long. I like your act when you lift her and she jumped on your chest. She says you have grace and s—yness. She says this was a very good act.

Marzi say beginning was good, you balanced well. He says nice moments and you know Nach is too much, so I am expecting too much from you.


Marzi 8, Preity 9, Chetan 9. Total 26.

Comedian Chachi shakes a leg with Shefali on Kaanta Laga song. Shefali dances fabulously.

5. Karishma and Upen:

They dance robotically on the songs….Naino Me Sapna………Dhating Nach……from the film PHATA POSTER NIKLA HERO.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi says many things were good. It was outstanding track. He likes your kiss act, pushups etc. He gives him standing ovation. He says he was not giving them marks to get this.

Preity says it was mind blowing act, your chemistry, dance, vibe is 10 on 10.

Chetan says I disagree so much with the judges. It didn’t work for me. He says somewhere down the line, there was clutter. Preity asks what? Chetan says Jitendra movie and robotics. Preity says I don’t agree with you. Chetan asks her not to suspect his motive. Preity says you don’t know how to dance and asks him to show her 1 step. Chetan fumes and in shock. Karishma asks Chetan to see their handwork. Chetan says he saw and knows what is entertaining to the viewers. He says he is commenting only on the act.

Marzi asks Upen not to dance to impress others.


Marzi 10, Preity 10, Chetan 7. Total 27.

6. Rohit and Aishwarya:

They dance like sweet 16 oldies on the song Jo Tu Mera Hamdard Hai………..from the film EK VILLIAN. Everyone gives standing ovation.

Judges’ Comments:

Preity says very sweet act, old age looks sweet. She says I want to see you do nice, innovative act, it was good.

Marzi says nice, creative act. He says you lift him, and it was good. Aishwarya says he got thin now. Marzi says you are lovely couple and keep dancing like this.

Chetan says act was good, old age was not bad. They will feel good seeing your act. It was outstanding and good.


Marzi 9, Chetan 9, Preity 9. Total 27.

Comedian chacha and chachi dance on medley songs. Rithvik praises them.

Marzi introduces wild card jodi Mayuresh and Ajisha…

7. Mayuresh and Ajisha.

Mayuresh tells that they are junglee, wild card jodi and will dance to the best of their abilities. Ajisha says she is a professional bollywood dancer.

They dance superbly mind blowing on the song Sun Saathiya Mahiya Barsade….. from the film ABCD 2.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi says Ajisha is also a good dancer like Mayuresh. He says you can be a great support for Mayuresh. It will be a treat to watch him. He says turns were nice on Mayuresh’s part. Nice act.

Preity welcomes them on Nach Baliye. She says your coordination, smile, split on tree, everything was good. She asks all the jodis to get ready for next week. She says they are strong contenders for the title.

Chetan says you are looking like technical dancers and says mother’s hand made food feeling shall see. Karishma says they shall pack their bags and go. Amruta welcomes them and says you are inspirational.


Marzi 9, Preity 9, Chetan 9. Total 27.

Comedian Chacha and Chachi add laughter to the show. Rithvik promotes Dance Plus.

8. Sharad and Mrunal:

They give sizzling performance on the song Tune Maari Entriyan Dil Me Baji Ghantiya……..from the film GUNDAY.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi says somewhere I thought Mrunal is thinking something.

Preity says you were out of sync and seems like counting something. She says audience doesn’t know what you are doing. It was not wow.

Chetan says this song needs energy and the performance is entangled in the rope.


Marzi 7, Preity 7, Chetan 7. Total 21.

Rithvik asks Mrunal to comment on Chacha and Chachi. She says both are sweet and says Chacha is lucky. Rithvik tells both are Chacha from inside, and laughs.

Rithvik requests Preity to dance with him. She dances with him on the song Pretty Woman………

Karan asks who has Nach Power this week. Preity they have decided to give Nach Power to Rohit and Aishwarya. She says Smart Jodi also goes to Rohit and Aishwarya, and they get dinner set and 10000 Rs cheque.

Rithvik tells Mrunal and Sharad are eliminated today. Karan says I hope your parents agree some day. Preity says you are cute couple and requests their parents to agree.

Sharad tells that they did love each on Nach’s stage and gave some good performance. He asked Mrunal not to hope him to dance, and didn’t think to reach till this stage. Rithvik asks Mrunal to speak. Mrunal cries.

Rithvik and Karan ask the viewers to watch Nach Baliye Daily Panchnama. Aishwarya tells about Shake It To Make It Contest.

Precap: Tomorrow’s love challenge is shown. Karishma cries and tells that she didn’t know about Upen’s adjustments for her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. H Hasan

    Nach Baliye is telecasting now since 10 pm, it got delayed because of Star Awards. I am posting fast guys in breaks.

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  7. Fingers crossed the elimination ………
    As the time passes waiting for the update ….. ?

  8. Maybe sharad n mrunal ill b eliminate…

  9. I knw this would happen …. HATE NB7.
    this is NOT AT ALL A REALITY SHOW …. AL PREPLANNED during love challenges they focus on one couple Nd all couples talk ill abt tht couple and tht week tht targeted couple is eliminated …… Yuck not giving imp for their love and performance …. How cheap and the name is reality show …. ( this is all abt sharad and mrunal I am saying )

    1. And last day of the love challenge evn it was intentionally asked by rithvik to dipesh have he seen the episodes aftr elimination , so tht thr can b a start for ill talkies abt sharad and mrunal ….

  10. Mayuresh and Ajisha rocked d stage n still got 27…..
    This is not fare…..
    they should hv gt atleast 29

    1. @ Pari I totally agree with you … They did an awesome act
      But Mayuresh and Ajisha aren’t real life couples… They are just good friends

    2. Hmmmm… ☺?

  11. This is all just cheating show .. Yuck ? I saw this coz of sharad mrunal and all the challenges wer good …. But once sharad mrunal out then bye bye NB

  12. HW can they throw sharad n mrunal out of the shw ….they r most cute and nice couple..

    1. all partiality and decided before handed…. C once rithvik said tht sharad’s mom did not answer to their questions so he is eliminated , then how come they gave video chats to NB…… All stories made by NB of star plus is fake in the name of real …… To just increase trp rating ……

    2. Not eliminated its disqualified*

    3. All other video chats of sharad’s mom was based on how and why they wont accept Mrunal. The task in daily punchnama was about something related to mrunal and like she literally had to participate. As sharad told, his dad must have stopped her from doing so

  13. Ya bye bye-bye NB…… Never to c it again ….. ?

  14. I liked mrunal and sharad initially. But the way mrunal speaks about others irritated me so much and i even wondered why noone commented on her attitude. Yesterdays episode was a great opportunity for others to vent out their dislike on her behaviour. Remember the time when they both accused arpit? Well this is KARMA! It was only 2 couples who had a problem with arpit and nidhi. But with mrunal most of them have some problems. She doesnt have to speak about others personal lives so rudely. She has her own troubled love life going on now and all others were pleading for their parents to accept their relation and yet she behaves this rudely. Also her attitude to sharad during make up session was so sooo rude.

    1. Wen she talked so ? Can u give me the episode’s date

    2. She said all these stuffs in yesterday’s daily punchnama episode…. on 13 june 2015

    3. And I thought you watched the show for Mrunal and Sharad so you should know which date they are talking about! Good that Mrunal is out, she was extremely rude anyway! Why does she have to talk about others lives anyway! She can’t sort out her own life and she’s butting into other people’s. Good thing Mr Tripqthi didn’t agree for there marriage, because to be honest, in the long run there marriage wouldn’t last that long! Sharad and Mrunal were always my least favourite couple and Sana and Deepesh are my favourite, cos they would never speak ill about anyone and when they opened up about Meunal meant that it was quite a serious topic and Rithwik is a host so he has to ask these questions.

    4. @zazzy..i think you are right. I dint want to comment on how their life would be going but even I seriously felt the same. Imagine his parents watching this show and they already must be having a bad impression on her seeing the way she behaves with Sharad. The make up session really showed a bad side of her when she was pissed with him and imitated him.

  15. I dont remember dates but in yesterday’s episode all the comments she made on others were clearly shown. Make up session was few days back.

    1. During which love challenge she talked so ?? And u knw at least she is honest enough to say so not like other couples acting sweet in front of camera..,

  16. You can be honest but you dont have to hurt others for that. What nandish said was right, statements you pass about others can hurt them so much and those words can never be taken back. Also its not that she spoke truth and became honest. She exactly doesnt know if whatever she says is right or not. She told about sana-dipesh that SHE HEARD like this and assumed it to be true. Also that Nandish must have raised his hands on rashmi..she doesnt have to say all this. Shes more of neegative person to me

    1. U believe the things shown by star plus ….. Thr may b many such fights abt others wich may not b shown coz of fav celebrity couple or so and all these r purly acting acting acting …. Nothin is reality……

    2. Well this is also your assumption. arent sure about other fights going on and all and yet you declare this. Lol

    3. All reality shows are pure acting only. Its not real in any reality shows. So lets not assume things

    4. So how come u assume mrunal as negative …. U saw mrunal’s acting only (according to ur opinion abt reality shows) right … Then y u say she is negative ???

    5. Just like the way you assumed lol. Even if its her acting(according to what you said initially about reality shows as pure acting)..a person doesnt have to be so negative about others. That was my opinion

  17. As i taught sharad and mrunal will be eliminated

    1. The shootings were all done some time back and each time they announce it on that who has been eliminated. Most of them now knows who all will be eliminating in the upcoming 3 episodes because all those have already been shot.

  18. Yup Devga..this stories r made by star plus…

  19. Well other couples are much more matured than her. And they know how to deal a situation without hurting others. Its not they are dishonest. They try to keep up a friendly bond and adjust well. That the only way you can survive on this earth. If you pass out statements about others people will only start disliking you.

    1. I totally agree with you

    2. 🙂

  20. Do u guys believe all the stories made by star plus ?? Life and arohi

  21. Let it be truth or fake. If you believe that the love stories and everything is false, then I EVEN DOUBT Mrunal and sharad’s love story and their parents opposition. Maybe they did it for sympathy purposes and for judges to give good grades. Who knows yea? So you dont have to dig so much and know if its true or fake. Its an entertaining show and lets all just enjoy it

    1. By the way I never said love stories are false and I never said I believe love story of sharad and mrunal too….

    2. Hahah then let it be. Why so much of clarifications here? Whatever happens its not going to affect our lives. Why waste time and energy for others? Lol

  22. simply they pointed mrunal.all the contenstants passed bad comments about each future episodes we can be able to see that footage.after mrunal elimination im not interested in nb

  23. Next week shefali & parag ll b eliminated…n after dt…aishwarya & rohit…n then before d finale…sana & dipeesh..!

    1. How do you know?

    2. bcuz the episodes are already shot and they announce it in tellychakkar who has been eliminated. until now maybe 3 dance episodes are already shot

  24. I’m soooooo happieeee that sharad and mrunal has been eliminated…. Mrunal was very much rude… Don’t kn

  25. Don’t bring them back with any wild cards…

  26. Aahana sengupta

    I m disagree with judges that they eliminate sharad and mrunal they were cute and awesome couple ;-(

  27. Aahana sengupta

    Pls eliminate sana and dipesh,himangshu and amruta

    1. No way
      Look at them.. They just rule the stage when ever they come.. Himanshu and amrutha

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