Nach Baliye 6 7th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Nach Baliye 6 7th December 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 6 7th December 2013 Written Update

Today’s episode of Nach Baliye starts with Karan telling Gautam that one month have passed since Nach Baliye started and worries when he will get his baliye. Gautam says he will get it. Karan says Shikha learned to say I love you to Raju. Gautam asks, when his number will come? Karan shows the jodis getting romantic with their baliyes. Karan says your number will surely come and says now it is time for the celebration. Gautam and Karan welcomes the three judges Shilpa Shetty, Terence Lewis and Sajid Khan.

Gautam invites the first jodi.

1. Raqesh Vashisth and his wife Riddhi Dogra.

They dance sensationally illusioning on the song Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Madhoshiyan Hai…from the film JISM.

Terence says, he likes Raqesh’s performance and tells Riddhi that she

was very graceful and the performance was superb.

Shilpa says, she is proud of Raqesh and it is a marked improvement. At one time she thought they are going to kiss and it was really impressive.

Sajid says, your act is a block buster. When you came here we thought you are a guest for 3 weeks but looking at their performance they will stay till the finale.

Scores: Sajid gives 11, Terence gives 11, and Shilpa gives 10. Total 32.

They get happy and hugs the judges. Raqesh tells Shilpa that he wants to express something and as she can’t be praise alone with words and dedicated a painting sketched by him. Shilpa is touched to see his painting of her’s and poses same as in the portrait. Sajid asks him to do the painting for his home.

Karan says you are safe this week. Riddhi appeals to the audience to vote for them and call on this number 18001202307 or logon to

2. Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi.

They sizzle on the dance floor with their foot tapping wild dance performance on the song Tu Hi Tu, Tu Hi Tu Satrangi Re….Tu Hi Tu, Tu Hi Tu Manrangi Re…from the film DIL SE. After the performance Asha says every morning she is not just getting up but waking up and she is working very hard for the competition.

Shilpa says, she can’t describe what Asha was in this act. She says you didn’t smile even once during the performance. You didn’t lose the wildness in the act. It was sensuous, beat, rhythm and praises Rithvik’s jump after the performance.

Terence says, this act was dangerous and you were mind blowing today. He says Rithvik is a better dancer but tells Asha that she is progressive well. It was overall good.

Sajid says, you were a block buster and says you both have aggression today. He says even Asha is a good dancer and tells Debina and Gurmeet that they are their tough competitor. He says hats off to them for walking on the stairs.

Scores: Sajid gives 11, Terence gives 10 and Shilpa gives 11. Total 32.

Karan says you are safe and on number 1 position this week. Terence asks them since when they know each other and since when they have been in a relationship. Rithvik says they know each other since 2 years but didn’t like each other in the beginning. He says I had gone for an event outside India and after coming back I called her but she didn’t pick the call. I enquired with the set crew and came to know that she was shooting. Rithvik says actually he was missing her. Asha says she was also missing him. She says she was jealous to see Rithvik with someone else on the screen. One day she asked him why he romancing the girl onscreen and he came to know of her hidden feelings.
Karan ties their hands together on Raju insistence and Asha free herself and becomes a winner.

Rithvik appeals for the votes and asks to call on the number 18001202311 or logon to

Special performance by Gurmeet dedicated to his wife Debina.

Gurmeets speaks his heart out about his lady love and says he knows Debina since 9 years but they are married since 3 years. He says, initially he was a struggler and sometimes didn’t have any money but Debina took him to the dance classes to learn dance. He gives the credit of his achievement to Debina and dedicates his performance for their love. Gurmeet dances on her favourite romantic song Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Me Aana….from the film AASHIQUI. He kisses her after the performance. Debina gets touched to see him expressed his love.

3. Vinod Thakur and his wife Raksha Thakur.

They give a thrilling performance on the song Jai Ho… Aaja Aaja Jind Shaamiyaane Ke Tale… from the film SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. They get standing ovation for their mind blowing performance.

Terence says, you get 11 out of 11 with right. He tells Raksha that she is looking beautiful like a bride. Classical dancer is difficult and he will ignore the mistakes in their performance. He says Vinod was dancing with his hands and it was beautifully conceptionalised.

Shilpa says, she remembers the line khud ko kar bulund itna ko khuda khud bande ke pooche ke bata teri raza kya hain…and tells this for Vinod. She says it is very entertaining performance. She says it is beyond super.

Sajid says, this is your 4th performance and everyone applauded. He wishes that they shall win Nach Baliye season 6.

Vinod says Nach Baliye changed his life as he has reached the world and got recognised by the people. Raksha says her family is very happy and Nach Baliye turned her life.

Scores: Sajid gives 11, Shilpa gives 11 and Terence gives 11. Total 33.

Gautam says you are on number 2 position this week. Vinod appeals for the votes and asks to call on the number 18001202303 or logon to

Raksha asks Shilpa to teach her some steps of classical dance and Shilpa happily complies. Shilpa gives a fabulous bharat natyam performance. Sajid and Terence applauds for her superb performance.

4. Bruna Abdullah and Omar Herror.

They dance on a romantic song Dhak Dhak Karne Laga….Ho Mora Jiyara Darne Laga…from the film BETA. They even dance on a cart.

Terence says, there was too much of force in the dance. He tells Bruna that she was justified in terms of attitude and expressions and tells Omar that he dances confidently but needs to improve.

Sajid says, he liked the performance and compliments Bruna’s personality. He wishes them all the best.

Shilpa says, she liked the act but the soul of dance is missing. She asks them to add their individual style to the dance.

Scores: Terence gives 9, Sajid gives 9 and Shilpa gives 9. Total 27.

Bruna teaches Dhak Dhak moves to Karan and Rithvik. Ankur says Bruna’s performance is better. Sajid asks, who is more beautiful, Bruna or Kanika, Ankur thinks for a while and tells Kanika is beautiful.

Karan says you are unsafe this week and asks them to take their seat.

Special performance by Ripudaman Handa for his lady love Shivangi.

He dances on the song Dil Da Mamla Hai Dilbar….Mast Kalandar….from the film HEYY BABYY. Shivangi says she is so blessed to have Ripu in her life and says his dance was very touching. Ripu says she is away from family and gifts her a family portrait. Shivangi thanks him. Sajid wishes them.

5. Raju Srivastav and his wife Shikha.

They dance on the song Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho Toh Yeh Lagta Hai… from the film HANSTE ZAKHM and also perform on the song Raat Akeli Hain… from the film JEWEL THIEF. They even dance on the moving wheel/circle.

Terence asks, how is Shikha’s leg. Shikha replies she is fine. Terence says you are looking hot. Raju compliments Shikha. Terence says last week he was disappointed but today it was a step up. At some point it was clumpsy which needs to work out.

Shilpa says, she has been seeing a distinct difference in Shikha’s attitude, style and confidence. She appreciates and applaudes for her. And tells Raju that she worked with him in Baazigar and it is amazing to see the competitive spirit in them.

Sajid says, whenever people see you, they smile but when you were dancing you didn’t smile and was concentrating in the dancing. He says he can’t keep his eyes off his performance.

Scores: Terence gives 7, Shilpa gives 8 and Sajid gives 8. Total 23.

Karan says you are safe this week. Raju appeals for the votes and ask to call on the number 18001202308 or logon to

Karan says today the baliyes gave a romantic performance. Gautam says tomorrow, the romantic performance will continue and asks the viewers to vote for their favourite jodi. All voting lines are opened for all jodis from 9 pm tonight till Monday 9 am. They sign off.

Rest of the 4 jodis performing on the stage with their baliyes and a special performance by Vinod for Raksha, and Riddhi dedicated her performance for Raqesh..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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