Nach Baliye 6 4th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nach Baliye 6 4th January 2014 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 6 4th January 2014 Written Update

New Year 2014 will start with some fabulous performances of the jodis to enter into Super 7. All the boys will give a lovely tribute to Shilpa Shetty. Competition will be very tough and one Jodi will eliminate this week. All the voting lines are opened from 9 pm tonight till Monday 9 am, so don’t forget to vote for your favourite jodi. All the jodis welcome the new year with their performance on the song Jhoom Barabar Jhoom…..They wish the audience a very happy new year. Gautam and Karan wish the audience a happy new year. Today, there will be new year celebration on Nach Baliye and one jodi will be eliminated. Gautam asks the judges about their new year resolution. Shilpa says, I will not cry on the Nach Baliye set as Sajid and Terence joke about it. Terence says, I will speak in chinese

from now. Sajid says, this time I will give real gifts to everyone.

1. Bruna Abdullah and Omar Herror.

They dance romantically on the song Surili Akhiyon Wale…Suna Hai Teri Akhiyon Se from the film VEER.

Shilpa says, I felt bad when I saw the last episode. She appreciates them for their performance and says this is the best performance of yours till date. Well done. Omar did lipsync for this song.

Terence says, You have beautiful utilised your space. Beautifully done and transition was smooth. Superb.

Sajid says, cake was missing in this performance. You are looking as good as a wedding couple doing wedding dance.

Scores: Shilpa gives 10, Terence gives 10 and Sajid gives 10. Total 30.

Sajid gives a gift to Bruna. Bruna opens it and finds a rakhi. She ties it to Ankur. Ankur cries jokingly.

To Vote for Bruna and Omar, call on the number 18001202301 or logon to

2. Ripudaman Handa and Shivangi.

They dance passionately on the song Bheege Hont Tere… Pyaasa Dil Mera from the film MURDER. They get standing ovation for their performance.

Shilpa says, I am a fan of Shivangi. I can’t express my happiness. I have never seen this type of romantic act on Indian Television and gives her a hug. It is beyond super performance.

Terence says, you have crossed all limits of romance today. From the start to the finish, it was beautiful. It looks like you are professional dancers. It is air tight performance.

Sajid says, you both need a prize money. Your aim is to win Nach Baliye and you will surely win if you keeps on giving fabulous performances in the future.

Scores: Shilpa gives 11, Terence gives 11 and Sajid gives 11. Total 33.

Sajid gifts a children’s preliminary cook book to Shivangi.

To Vote for Ripu and Shivangi, call on the number 18001202306 or logon to

3. Raqesh Vashisth and his wife Riddhi Dogra.

They dance exotically on the song Thode Bheege Bheege Se Thode Nam Hai Hum…Pehli Baar Mohabbat Ki Hai from the film KAMINEY.

Shilpa says, you are so graceful to Riddhi. Raqesh did a good job. You were comfortable and it is amazing to see the transformation. Well done.

Sajid says, performance was moderate, not good. You have confused me.

Terence says, It was clean, beautiful. There were beautiful moments and lifts. It is not the best.

Scores: Shilpa gives 9, Terence gives 9 and Sajid gives 9. Total 27.

To Vote for Raqesh and Riddhi, call on the number 18001202307 or logon to

4. Gurmeet Choudhary and his wife Debina.

They dance daringly on the song Raat Mein Hi Jaagte Hain….Muskaanein Jhooti Hai from the film TALAASH. They get standing ovation for their performance.

Terence says, this was a act of black widow spider. She loves her lover and then she kill and eat him. This is the best act I have ever seen. It was beautiful and unreal. It is amazing. Debina has done a good job. Best act of Nach Baliye season 6 till now.

Shilpa says, hats off to both of you. She applauds for Debina and says you are better than Gurmeet. It is beyond super.

Sajid says, I wish this would have been finale. If anyone wins by pure dancing merit is Gurmeet and Debina. I think it is the best act I have seen on the Indian Television.

Scores: Shilpa gives 11, Terence gives 11 and Sajid gives 11. Total 33.

Judges give a standing ovation for the choreographers.

Sajid gifts fresh samosas to Gurmeet as he didn’t have it since 8 years. Gurmeet relishes it. Sajid also gives them a kitkat break.

To Vote for Gurmeet and Debina, call on the number 18001202309 or logon to

All the jodis praise Shilpa Shetty. Rithvik and Gurmeet tell a dialogue from Jab Tak Hai Jaan for Shilpa. Shilpa thanks them.

5. Vinod Thakur and his wife Raksha Thakur.

They dance superbly on the bhagan Jai Devi Jai Devi….Hare Ram Hare Ram.

Shilpa says, unfortunately, dancing was less. I have noticed Raksha is improving and applauds for her.

Terence says, Malkhamb comes from Madhya Pradesh and Maharastra and it needs strength. I liked your hand stand. You clash and somewhere you forgot.

Sajid says, our judgement is easy. Your act is okay. Do something to make us stand and applaud for you.

Scores: Shilpa gives 9, Terence gives 9 and Sajid gives 9. Total 27.

Shilpa gifts them a Ganapati Idol.

To Vote for Vinod and Raksha, call on the number 18001202303 or logon to

6. Kiku Sharda and his wife Priyanka Sharda.

They dance amazingly on the song Kisi Ko Sapna Lage Tu…Kisi Ko Behti Hawa from the film DUM MAARO DUM.

Shilpa says, beautiful thing is you are living these moments with each other which you couldn’t in real life. Kiku is graceful and attempted some moves which is difficult for you. She applauds for them.

Terence says, Cha Cha Cha was good. It is important to put weight of the foot. Choreography, smoothness of the act and transition are impressive.

Sajid says, this was not a bad act. This is good. But after the last week robotic act, that fizz was missing.

Scores: Shilpa gives 9, Terence gives 9 and Sajid gives 9. Total 27.

Terence gifts a belt to Kiku and asks him to lose some weight to gain strength.

To Vote for Kiku and Priyanka, call on the number 18001202305 or logon to

7. Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi.

They sizzle the stage with their mindblowing performance on the marathi song Kombadi Palali Tangadi Dharun Langadi Ghalaya Lagali(Chikni Chameli) from the film JATRA.

Terence says, you should not be remembering your steps on stage which happened today. I reminded me of Madhuri’s ankhiyan milayon kabhi…steps. For me it is your 50 50 performance not your good performance.

Shilpa says, I was surprised until Asha forgot her steps. Otherwise it is a good efforts.

Sajid says, you are top contenders. If you want to become the winner of Nach Baliye, you can’t give this kind of performances. Good luck.

Scores: Terence gives 8, Shilpa gives 9 and Sajid gives 7. Total 24.

Asha gifts a guitar to Rithvik and proposes him. They hug each other.

To Vote for Rithvik and Asha, call on the number 18001202311 or logon to

8. Kanika Maheswari and her hushand Ankur Ghai.

They dance astonishingly on the song Tu Jahaan Main Wahan…Dil Sochta Tha Ke Koi Apna Ho from the film SALAAM NAMASTE. Kanika manages to dance with her fractured leg.

Terence says, I have an objection that you should not have dance with fractured foot. Choreography and dancing was good. It was simple, clean and lots of nice moments. There were no compaints but you should not take part in the show.

Shilpa says, It was a okay performance. I think Ankur was not very open in dance but I appreciate your effort.

Sajid says, it was good performance by default. Wishes Kanika a good recovery.

Scores: Terence gives 9, Shilpa gives 8 and Sajid gives 9. Total 26.

To Vote for Kanika and Ankur, call on the number 18001202302 or logon to

Karan says, number 1 jodi is Gurmeet and Debina. Gautam says number 2 jodi is Rithvik and Asha.

Today’s unsafe jodis are Kanika – Ankur and Bruna – Omar. Today’s elimination is Bruna and Omar. Bruna says, her experience is fantastic and thanks the judges and everyone for their support. Tomorrow will be costume drama competition. Lets see who wins in this competition.

Precap: All the 7 jodis performing on the stage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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