Nach Baliye 6 29th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Nach Baliye 6 29th December 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 6 29th December 2013 Written Update

Tonight on Nach Baliye, judges will be seen in their unseen style. Sajid will sing a song. Contestants will give challenge to each other for the first time. Challenges will be increased so the contestants have to prove their versatility in their dance. Jodis will get marks based on their perfection, and their performance will be judged by the hope. Challenges will be given keeping in mind/targetting the weak point of the jodi. Mistakes will not be forgiven. Gautam and Karan welcome the audience and asks them to vote to the favourite jodis as the voting lines are opened till Monday 9 am. This week there will be no elimination.

Kanika – Ankur give the challenge to Kiku – Priyanka: They ask them to dance on the hip hop style.

1. Kiku Sharda and his wife Priyanka Sharda.

They does hip hop on the song Aaja Aaja Dil Nichode Raat Ki Mataki Tode….Dhan Te Dan….from the film KAMINEY.

Terence says, hip hop style is derived from America. It needs aggression. You did free style move and it looks like you are from Newyork. It was superb and you were phenomenon from start to finish.

Shilpa says, competitive spirit keeps you going. Priyanka came into your own but the synchronisation and chemistry is good. Keep this effort going.

Sajid says, when you attempt this type of dance form, it means you want to be the contender of Top 4. Priyanka is good but not as good as Kiku. Well done.

Scores: Shilpa gives 9, Terence gives 9 and Sajid gives 9. Total 27.

To Vote for Kiku and Priyanka, call on the number 18001202305 or logon to

Rithvik – Asha give the challenge to Gurmeet – Debina: They ask them to amalgamate two international dance form in one act.

2. Gurmeet Choudhary and his wife Debina.

They dance superbly on the song Badtameez Dil…Maane Na Maane Na…. from the film YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI. They get standing ovation from the judges.

Terence says, you mixed two international dance forms, jive and pig steps(if I am not mistaken). They were authentic and tricky steps. It was beautiful. Air tight performance.

Shilpa says, Gurmeet dances very gracefully. Debina too dances well. It is beyond super.

Sajid says, you made me remembered my childhood. You have dance superbly. For me, you guys are the winners of Season 6.

Scores: Shilpa gives 11, Sajid gives 11 and Terence gives 11. Total 33.

To Vote for Gurmeet and Debina, call on the number 18001202309 or logon to

Sajid gives them KitKat break for their fabulous performance.

Sajid challenges Shilpa and Terence to identify the hindi word. Terence wins…

Bruna – Omar give the challenge to Ripu – Shivangi: They ask them to dance on Jazz style.

3. Ripudaman Handa and Shivangi.

They dance on Jazz style on the song Behka Main Behka Woh Behki Hawa Si Aai…from the film GHAJINI.

Shilpa says, I am very much impresses especially with Shivani. And tells Ripu was also good. And you guys surprised us. Fabulous performance.

Terence says, challenges are given targetting the weak point. You did good, this was much better than expected.

Sajid says, it was mixed performance, somewhere it is good and somewhere not. It was like a run through.

Scores: Sajid give 6, Terence gives 9 and Shilpa gives 9. Total 24.

To Vote for Ripu and Shivangi, call on the number 18001202306 or logon to

Karan asks Shivangi to tell how to prepare tea. Shivangi says, first add colour, sugar if needed and start gas. Everyone laughs on her cooking skills.

Kiku – Priyanka give the challenge to Ankur – Kanika. They ask them to dance on bollywood style, thumkas, latke jhatke etc.

4. Kanika Maheswari and her hushand Ankur Ghai.

They dance on bollywood style on the song Ladki Haa… Shehar Ki Ladki Aankh Ladake Pooche…from the film RAKSHAK.

Terence says, Ankur performed like a performer. He did well but the dance was in slow motion, not according to the beat. Dancing level was not upto the mark.

Sajid says, your performance was not good today. He says, you have will power and hold it next time when you dance.

Shilpa says, to Ankur, I have noticed that you shows as if you are confident but you are conscious. She asks him to increase the confidence.

Scores: Terence gives 7, Shilpa gives 8 and Sajid gives 8. Total 23.

To Vote for Kanika and Ankur, call on the number 18001202302 or logon to

Gurmeet – Debina give the challenge to Rithvik – Asha: They ask them to perform on a dance style which they haven’t done till now.

5. Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi.

They dance aerially on the song Jab Jab Tere Paas Main Aaya Ek Sukoon Mila…..from the film Murder 2. They dance on the big chandelier, aerial act.

Sajid says, this was a superb act. You didn’t show even for a second that you are uncomfortable. You guys were looking like a stars. I would have leave my job and took you both to Russia for working in circus.

Shilpa says, you didn’t do only a aerial act but also did difficult acrobatics, which was a big thing. You won the challenge and applauds for them. It is beyond super.

Terence says, this act was risky and life taking. You central strength is very important in this act. Great job by the choreographers. Excellent.

Scores: Sajid gives 11, Shilpa gives 11 and Terence gives 10. Total 32.

To Vote for Rithvik and Asha, call on the number 18001202311 or logon to

Shilpa challenges Terence to enact a suicide attempt scene from Sholay. Terence accepts the challenge. Terence enacts the famous Dharmendra act of Sholay, in a different manner.

Vinod – Raksha give the challenge to Raqesh – Riddhi: They ask them to dance on Indian form, Chaw dance.

6. Raqesh Vashisth and his wife Riddhi Dogra.

They performs wonderfully on the chaw dance on the song Dham Dham Dharam Dharaiya Re….Omkara…..from the film OMKARA.

Terence says, it comes under Indian folk dances. It was good with mask. It was not one of your best performance. Low on sync and energy.

Shilpa says, it is a war zone. Synchronisation was less. Concept was good but you didn’t took advantage of costume and dance form. Good attempt.

Sajid says, my sight was on your outfits. But I didn’t like your performance. Go for it next week. Good luck.

Scores: Terence gives 8, Shilpa gives 7 and Sajid gives 6. Total 21.

To Vote for Raqesh and Riddhi, call on the number 18001202307 or logon to

Team of the upcoming film YAARIYAN comes to promote their film. They dance on the song Raat Ko Hoga Hungama from their film YAARIYAN. Director of the film Divya Khosla Kumar comes to promote the film with its star cast.

Raqesh – Riddhi give the challenge to Vinod – Raksha: They ask them to try ball room dancing.

7. Vinod Thakur and his wife Raksha Thakur.

They dance sizzling on the song Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Vey Mai Aape Ranjha Hoyi….from the film RAAVAN.

Terence says, you give a new definition to this dance form. He asks the choreographer to make Raksha dance on her knees. You dance beautifully and asks Vinod to do other dance form and not usual stunts.

Shilpa says, attitude is necessary in every dance form. You got lose but suddenly pick it up. Otherwise well done.

Sajid says, because of your obvious physical condition, intelligence should be 51% and talent should be 49%. Intelligence is needed in your every act.

Divya Khosla of Yaariyan says, I follow this show because of you both. And praises their performance.

Scores: Shilpa gives 8, Terence gives 8 and Sajid gives 8. Total 24.

To Vote for Vinod and Raksha, call on the number 18001202303 or logon to

Divya Khosla gives the challenge to all the jodis to dance one by one, on the song Aaj Dil Hain Paani Paani…..Saani Saani… from the film Yaariyan. Debina and Gurmeet win this challenge and get a gift hamper.

Ripu – Shivangi give the challenge to Bruna – Omar: They ask them to dance in Indian dance form Lavni.

8. Bruna Abdullah and Omar Herror.

They does lavni on the song Dhoom Machale Dhoom Machale..Dhoom….from the film DHOOM 3. They hold broom as a prop. Omar and Bruna was wearing a saree during the act.

Shilpa says, I saw Omar more than Bruna. We were surprised when we see Omar. You completed the act with difficulty, but good attempt.

Terence says, I couldn’t see Lavni’s spice in this act. 70% act was good.

Sajid says, This act was bad. He says your gimmick of being a woman was looking strange. He asks them to buck up.

Scores: Terence gives 8, Shilpa gives 7 and Sajid gives 6. Total 21.

To Vote for Bruna and Omar, call on the number 18001202301 or logon to

Terence gives a challenge to Sajid and asks him to sing a song romantically. Sajid sings Saanson Ki Zaroorat Ho Jaise…..from the film AASHIQUI.

Odonil Fresh Performance Of The Day is Kiku and Priyanka for their hip hop act.

CERA Stylish Moment Of The Week is Gurmeet and Debina’s amalgamated dance move on Batameez dil.

Voting lines are opened till Monday 9 am, so keep voting for your favourite jodi.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Rithvik and asha is the best dancer ever even gurmeet and debina but mostly rithvik and asha is even better u have done lot of good performances thank u for winning I am Bengali love asha rithvik debina gurmeet best couples ever.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I can carry on much longerxxxxx love uuuuu

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