Nach Baliye 6 18th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 6 18th January 2014 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 6 18th January 2014 Written Update

This weekend Nach Baliye promises to get more interesting with the competitions getting hotter and going on a full spree. Today, it will be pati patni and woh episode. All the jodis will sizzle with their performance with the guest performer. Choreographer Dharmesh dances on the song Paani Paani Saani Saani with Mouni Roy, Rashmi Desai, Mehak, Siddhesh, Shayantani. They are the special guests for tonight. Gautam and Karan welcome the viewers on Nach Baliye. Karan says, these guests will perform with the jodis. Gautam says, today’s pati patni and woh game begins.

1. Kiku Sharda and his wife Priyanka Sharda with choreographer Siddhesh.

They dance on the song Kabhi Nahi…..Maula Kabhi Mujhe Chodna Kabhi Nahi….Adnan Sami’s Album sung by Amitabh Bachchan and Adnan Sami.

Shilpa says, Kiku and Priyanka are so entertaining. I like their amalgam. Siddhesh is a fabulous dancer and my eyes was on him. I liked the performance.

Terence says, Siddesh is 12 out of 11. Their chemistry is fabulous, Air tight performance. Well done.

Sajid says, Kiku is a brilliant actor. This was a near perfect act. Priyanka tried a lot and I applauds for her.

Scores: Terence gives 10, Shilpa gives 10 and Sajid gives 10. Total 30.

Sajid asks Priyanka to select a groom among Kiku and Siddhesh. Kiku and Siddhesh tries to impress Priyanka with their dance skills. Kiku and Siddhesh dance on the song Parda…Monika My Darling. Priyanka asks them to fight to win her. Kiku and Siddhesh fight in a funny way. Priyanka selects Kiku as her life partner. Siddhesh cries.

2. Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi with Actress Rashmi Desai.

They dance on the song Aave Aave Aave Lutgaya….from the film BAND BAAJA BARAAT.

Shilpa says, welcome Rashmi. This was interesting. Rithvik and Asha are good dancers but I have a complaint with choreographers as I felt that choreography is rather slow with the fast pace song. But Well done.

Terence says, there was no mistakes but at one point lift was not good. Rashmi was phenomenon. Asha was slightly tilted. It was nice moments but overall not good. Next week episose will be very important so work hard.

Sajid says, it was not bad and good act even. Dancing was less. It was overall not good act.

Scores: Shilpa gives 9, Terence gives 8, Sajid gives 8. Total 25.

Rashmi dances with Karan on the song Babuji Dheere Chalna Pyaar Me…..Later, Karan dances with Asha on the same song. Rithvik dances with Karan. Rithvik says, most sensuous among three of us is Karan.

3. Ripudaman Handa and Shivangi with Actress Shayantani Ghosh.

They dance on the song Ram Chahe Leela Chahe Leela Chahe Ram… from the film RAM LEELA. They get standing ovation from the judges and contestants.

Shilpa says, Shayantani is wow as a dancer. You are superb. I have become your fan. I can’t keep my eyes off from you and Shivangi. It is very difficult for a man to dance with two ladies and Ripu did a wonderful job. This act is beyond super.

Terence says, This was a pure tango act. Choreography and dancing wise, it is superb. I am happy with the choreographers and says I will hire the choreographers when I make a film. He compliments Shayantani and proposes her to come on date with him.

Sajid says, I like Gurmeet and Debina as they are best dancers but I am praying for you both to win. Shayantani gives a good performance.

Scores: Shilpa gives 11, Terence gives 11 and Sajid gives 11. Total 33.

Terence gives them a kitkat for their fabulous performance. Shayantani says, I am very excited and I always wanted to come on Nach Baliye. It is great to see you guys. Shivangi and Shayantani eat gol gappa. Shayantani wins in the gol gappa competition.

Choreographers Dharmesh and Siddhesh gives a sizzling performance on the song Ghandi Baat….from the film PHATA POSTER NIKLA HERO. Shilpa joins them and shakes a leg with them.

4. Vinod Thakur and his wife Raksha Thakur with Choreographer Dharmesh.

They dance on the song Teri Teri Tai Tai Phiss…O phish O phish phish…from the film CHILLAR PARTY.

Shilpa says, Dharmesh is a super dancer. I flowed in his dance. Vinod was mind blowing. Overall I liked the act. Well done.

Sajid says, Dharmesh was the star in your performance. Dharmesh became your weakness. It was Dharmesh’s act and not yours.

Terence says, Sajid is right. Tunning, energy and dancing are good. If it was Dharmesh’s solo,then it is impossible to see others performance.

Scores: Shilpa gives 9, Sajid gives 8, Terence gives 9. Total 26.

Dharmesh requests Sajid to do robotics dance with him. Sajid dances with Dharmesh on Robotics dance.

5. Gurmeet Chaudhary and his wife Debina with Actress Mouni Roy.

They dance on the song Tera Hi Karam Mere Saath Hi Chala ….from the film KARAM.

Terence says, choreography wise I felt dance is less. I didn’t like it.

Shilpa says, I liked its concept. Mouni is superb. You have to concentrate on dance more. I expect much much more from you guys.

Sajid says, very bad act. Today it is not your day. You tried but couldn’t do it. Work hard.

Scores: Terence gives 8, Shilpa gives 8, Sajid gives 6. Total 22.

Raqesh requests the judges to allow his choreographer to dance on his behalf as he couldn’t perform citing his knee injury. Sajid permits his choreographers to dance with Riddhi and Mahek but without marks.

6. Raqesh Vashisht and his wife Riddhi Dogra with Actress Mahek.

Riddhi and Mahek dance with their choreographer on the song Aaga Bai Halla Machaye Re…..from the film AIYYAA.

Shilpa says, I can’t keep my eyes off from Mahek and compliments her. She says, missed Raqesh performance.

Terence says, Raqesh improved a lot. It was a powerful act. Well done.

Sajid says, all three of you have done superbly. He says, I wish Raqesh could have perform.

Gautam says bottom two jodis are Kiku – Priyanka and Riddhi – Raqesh. Gautam says, today’s elimination is Raqesh and Riddhi. Riddhi thanks the viewers for not voting them as Raqesh needs rest as he is injured. Riddhi says, I will miss this stage and dancing. Terence says, I am going to miss my rock star. Both of you are amazing. Miss you both.

Gautam says, Top 5 jodis are remaining now. Karan requests the viewers to vote for their favourite jodis as the voting lines are opened till Monday 9 am.

All the jodis dancing on the songs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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