Nach Baliye 6 16th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 6 16th November 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 6 16th November 2013 Written Update

Last weekend, 11 Jodis have surprised the Judges and the Audience with their sizzling dance on the hot numbers and their reflecting chemistry with their Baliyes. Judges and the audiences are enthralled and looking forward to see their fabulous performance and romance in their dance moves in today’s episode. All the Jodis are extremely talented and are competing against the other Jodis.

Karan says voting are open for all the Jodis from tonight 9 pm till monday 9 am. Gautam asks to vote for the favourite jodi.

Today’s episode of Nach Baliye 6 starts with the welcoming performance by all the couples dancing on the song Dance Pe Chance Maarle from the film Rab Ne Banadi Jodi. Everyone applauds their performance. Karan welcomes Shilpa Shetty Kundra and greets her with flowers while the song Baharon Phool Barsawon plays.. Gautam asks him to come back. They welcomes Sajid Khan and Terence Lewis on the Nach Baliye 6 co-sponsored by CERA.

Gautam says today is Saturday and it will be decided who will leave and who will stay back by the audience. Voting lines are open now. Gautam says from today, all the jodis will try to prove them better from the other jodi. Karan says they have to prove who is number 1 and have to get 11 and not 10 out of 10. Karan says we get marks from 11 as we have 11 jodis. Sajid says this show is unique and extra 1 marks is for the jodis chemistry. Terence says getting 10 marks is not a big thing but when you dances beautifully then I will give you 11 marks. Shilpa says from today performance will be based on the competition and chemistry is an important point. We gives marks by keeping the chemistry in mind. Where there is no chemistry, that couple will be history. Gautam praises the line.

Karan and Gautam jokes on long distance relationship. They welcomes long distance couple Kanika and Ankur.

1. Kanika Maheshwari and her husband Ankur Ghai.

They dances on the song Saanson Ko Saanson Mein …..Dhalne Do Zara….
Bahaon Me Humko Peegalne Do Zara….from the film HUM TUM.

Kanika looks beautiful in white dress with Ankur and dances beautifully on the song. Ankur being a businessman dances very well and has a good chemistry with his wife. Gautam praises their romantic performance.

Sajid says, genuinely your performance was flawless and enjoyable. He asks, how you didn’t do any mistake. Kanika says Ankur remembered your comments and thinks to do the best. He says he is shocked and says well done.

Terence says, he is amazed to see them on the cake while dancing. He liked how she dances at the cake’s edge and how she fell on Ankur. The way he held her and turned her around. He says he is impressed with their performance.

Shilpa says, she will say simply and says Kya baat hain. Well done. Kanika and Ankur thanks her. Shilpa says your head position was good to Kanika and tells Ankur that your dance was good considering he is a non dancer.

Gautam asks for the scores.
Shilpa gives 10 marks out of 11, Terence gives 10 marks and Sajid also gives 10 marks, making the total 30.

Gautam asks Raju about his opinion about their performance. Raju jokes that he is looking at the duplex cake. Gautam asks Kanika and Ankur to show them, how they would talk in their long distance relationship. He brings the fake phones and gives to them.

Gautam asks Ankur to speak his heart out but Kanika’s words will say by Sajid. Sajid readily agrees and enacts Kanika. Everyone laughs on their acting.

Shilpa asks, what is the one think you fell in love with her. Ankur jokingly says only money. Kanika says he can make me laugh. He is controlled on stage but have a great sense of humour. Shilpa says he is like Sajid. Kanika says Ankur looks at Sajid’s expressions. Sajid jokes saying your marriage is at risk. While Sajid gives a muaah to Ankur, Ankur asks Kanika to close her eyes as it is a guy’s thing.

Kanika appeals to the audience to vote for their jodi. Ankur too requests the audience.

Karan welcomes the next jodi on stage. Rithvik and Asha.

2. Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi.

They dances romantically on the song Tu Hi Yeh Mujhko Batade…. Chahun Main Ya Na…..from the film AASHIQUI 2. And even uses wheel chair while dancing. Asha gets hurt on her chin but continues to dance. Rithvik sees the blood coming out from her chin and gets tensed. Sajid says it is not major injury and asks him to relax. Rithvik gets a slight mark on his forehead. Everyone applauds for their performance.

Shilpa says, she wants to praise her courage to come on stage as she is having infection. Rithvik says she is having a cornea infection. Doctor asked her to forget shooting. We asked for his permission and he asked us to take precautions. Shilpa says hats off to you both, you did a splendid job. Rithvik cries as Asha is injured. Shilpa says she likes and hopes to see their future performance.

Terence says, lifts were beautiful. He says after you got hurt, you didn’t stop and continued with the dance and lifts. He says well done.

Sajid says, he likes Gurmeet and Debina in the first episode. But you are their rivals and I think you are going to win this season. He asks everyone to applauds for Rithvik as he wiped the blood coming from Asha’s chin in the dance mode.

Karan asks for the comments. Shilpa gives 10 marks,Terence gives 10 marks while Sajid gives 11 marks, making it to 31. Sajid says to Rithvik that you wants to win this show and loves Asha very much.

Rithvik and Asha dances again on the song. Then Karan dances with Rithvik on the same song. Sajid jokes saying best couple is Karan and Rithvik and gifts them Dostana DVD’s.

Rithvik says, we have taken a big risk, first risk is for Asha’s eyes. And says if you like our performance then please vote for us. He appeals to the viewers to vote for them. Asha requests the audience to vote for their jodi.

Gautam welcomes the 3rd Jodi. Raju and Shikha.

3. Raju Srivastav and his wife Shikha.

Raju starts with his comedy. They dances on the song White White Face Dekhe…. Dil Me Beating Fast Sasura Chance Maare Re…. from the film TASHAN. Shikha looks wonderful in black dress wearing light golden wig. Everyone applauds for their performance.

Shilpa says, you are looking very cute to Shikha. She says if I were your husband then I would have loved you even more. She says I don’t know how your mother in law will react. Raju says she is a model given to me by the channel and I have same old fat wife. Shilpa says hats off to you and you are blooming with confidence.

Sajid says, you didn’t forget any dance step. He says but the chance is won by Shikha. You should feel proud of Shikha and says well done. He says we were looking at her rather than him.

Terence says, you wears ghunghat/veil in the house and calls her bhabhiji. You came in this avatar, did you hesitate to perform. Shikha says everyone supported and encouraged me. Terence says you have dance well. And says you have picked your skirt very cleverly while dancing. He hopes to see them in the coming episodes.

Karan requests for the marks.
Terence gives 9 marks, Sajid gives 9 marks, and Shilpa also gives 9 marks, making it to 27.

Karan says Shikha took training for this avatar from an expert ie, Bruna. Raju asks Bruna to teach Shikha some styles like hers. Bruna teaches her walking, speaking etc. Bruna says Shikha is wonderful.

Raju says he can’t appeal for votes as Shikha don’t take his name. Shilpa asks her to take Raju’s name. Sajid asks her to take Raju’s name in Spanish style. Shikha romantically and shyly takes Raju’s name. Raju says he heard his name from her mouth after 20 years. Shikha and Raju appeals for the votes.

Karan invites the next jodi Masterchef winner Ripu and Shivangi.

4. Ripudaman Handa and Shivangi.

They dances on the song Aa Zara Kareeb Se……Jo Pal Mile Naseeb Se Jeele…. from the film MURDER 2. Everyone applauds for their super duper performance. Ripu brings food,cookies and cake for the judges.

Ripu requests for a smile from Shilpa. Shilpa says it will be done.

Sajid says, your performance is superb. He praises Shivangi dancing and says to Ripu that their dance is faultless and amazing. Shivani cries getting emotional.

Terence says, he is very impressed. And you are a tough competition to other jodis.

Shilpa says, performance is outstanding. Your chemistry, finishing, perfection, jumps were mind blowing and says this act is beyond super.

Gautam requests for the scores.
Shilpa gives 11 marks, Terence gives 11 marks and Sajid also gives 11 marks, making it to 33.

Shilpa says she wants to see them till the finale. Raju jokes that their hotness is the reason for the cooked food which they brought for the judges.

Ripu says, one year back I was nothing, jobless without any aim. I was afraid I couldn’t do anything. Shivangi says we used to meet each other without our parents knowledge. Shivangi says she wanted him to achieve something. Ripu says he wanted to do something. A glimpse of Masterchef finale is shown on the screen. He says after winning the title, I saw a smile on Shivangi’s face. Ripu says Shivangi is his support system. Shivangi says she is confident and is ready to spend her life with him.

Ripu and Shivangi appeals for the votes.

Gautam and Karan invites the Telly’s Vamp Amrapali and Yash.

5. Amrapali Gupta and her husband Yash Sinha.

They dances on the song Chakkar Ghumyo from movie AAMIR. and even uses stick while dancing.

Sajid says, they are so bad that they are good. He says nobody knows what you are dancing. He asks them to keep it up.

Terence says, he liked their appearance. He says your lifts are interesting but it should be quick. He says Yash did a lot of hardwork and praises Amrapali’s expression. He says he saw a truth, honesty in their dance and asks them to keep it alive.

Shilpa says, you both didn’t have the synchronisation. She asks them to have effort on it. She says this is less than your first performance. She says Yash has improved well.

Sajid says, nothing is personal. Your dance is bad. He asks them to enjoy.

Karan requests for the scores.
Sajid gives 6 marks, Shilpa gives 6 marks, while Terence gives 7 marks, making it to 19.

Karan asks Yash, what you have learnt from marriage? Yash says he learned to say sorry if you want to marry a beautiful lady, irrespective of your mistake or not. Everyone laughs.

Raju jokes saying married woman have mangalsutra and the married man have his face down.

Yash appeals for the votes with his wife Amrapali.

Gautam says every jodi is giving a good performance. Excitement is increasing. Competition have started and voting line is opened. Karan asks the viewers to starts voting and asks to vote for the favourite jodi. They signs off with a promise for a wonderful episode ahead.

Rest of the 6 jodis performing on the stage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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