Nach Baliye 6 11th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nach Baliye 6 11th January 2014 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 6 11th January 2014 Written Update

Salman Khan promotes “Jai Hoo”

1. Ripu- Shivangi
Song – Munni Badnam Hui Darling Tere Liye

They got a standing ovation from Sajid and Shilpa.

All the judges loved their act.

10- Terrence – says the energy was there in the whole performance. It was really really awesome.
11- Shilpa – repeats that she’s Shivanghi’s fan. It was beyond super.
11- Sajid – says brilliant and wish to see ‘em in the finale.
Salman says he loved it and Ripu’s name is very cute.


2. Vinod- Raksha

Song- Tadap Tadap Ke

Mesmerising aerial & contemporary
They all loved the performance but their act lacked emotion, a lil bit of synchronisation. Overall Beautiful Act
Salman loved the act


– says you two scare me somehow.. with your performances. It was very nice. There was a sync problem though.. otherwise it’s good.
Terrence – says that the feeling of sadness was missing.. specially with the aryal act.
Sajid – says it was good but you missed the standing ovation and ou guys know that. Good luck!
Daisy – says that she’s a big fan of Vinod. Hats off to him!
Salman – says he loved their performance and never felt that Vinod has some physics problem. He’s so happy for ‘em.
10 from all judges


Raksha asks if she can sit with Salman on the cycle just like Daisy did in “Tere Naina Bare Qaatil”, a song from their movie.
After that, Salman sits on the floor with Vinod who says that he’s meeting Salman for the second time. Salman gives his lucky bracelet to him. Raksha says there’s no Human Being like you!

3. Rakesh- Ridhii
Song- Tu Muskura

Judges- Fair act (Sajid)
Ridhi was wity and Rakesh was the star of the act. But the act was beautiful overall (Shilpa- Terrence)
Salman – says the act was very beautiful he loved it and you guys were brilliant. I love this song!

10- Terrence
9 from both Sajid and Shilpa

=> 28

all the ladies prepares something for SK
Ridhi- Recites a poem
Debina- Sings a song
Shivangi- Requests for push ups and he does a long with Shilpa and Daisy
Raksha- Gifts him a hat loggod FRIEND

SK is requested by Shilpa to sing , he sings ” Teri Naina…. Naina

4. Asha- Rithwik
Song- Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyan

Judges- All judges loved their act. Expect for a missed step which
influenced their act from being beyond superb.

Sajid says Welcome Back! It was almost a perfect act but there was a mistake.
Shilpa says that Asha danced very gracefully. It’s beyond super although there was a mistake. You’re back!
Terrence says it was a mind blowing performance. Awesome!
Salman says it was really beautiful and amazing. You guys were brilliant!

all judges score 10
=> 30

Sajid proposes an eyelock game between AshWik and Salman- Shilpa

—>Asha and Salman wins

5. Gurmeet- Debina
Song- Teri Meri Prem Kahani

Judges- Terence loved the act but he felt Debina was quite stiff.
Sajid praises his favorite performers but he felt that their act was incomplete and shilpa felt the same.

9- Terrence
8- Sajid and Shilpa


6. Kiku – Priyanka
Song- Do you wanna Partner

Priyanka felt their act was not good.

Judges- They all felt their performance was quite weak.

6- Terrence
6- Sajid

=> 18

All the Choreogrophers gives a mind blowing performance. And Salman loved their act.

Shilpa and Daisy dances on Photocopy from Jai Hoo

Bottom 2 Contestants
1. Kiku- Priyanka
2. Kanika- Ankur

#Kanika- Ankur quit the Show due to Kanika’s injury.
# Kiku- Priyanka saved

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Top 6 Contestants dance

Update Credit to: AK

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