Nach Baliye 5 3rd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 5 3rd March 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 5 3rd March 2013 Written Update

Karan and Gautum introduces the Top 6 jodi

Jay and Mahi are the first jodi who willl perform on Mythological act given by Shilpa. Judges loved the performance. Terrence says the dance had too much energy and it looked good. Terrence says Good Luck. Judges has goosebumps.
Total: 30/33

Jay says Amar and Charlie will give them the hardest time till the finale as they get too many votes.

Kapil comes as an astrologist. He tests everyone

Arvind and Neelu gets an act by Sajid. Think the act is called cabinet Song is called ‘Piya tu ab to aaja’. Arvind mentions that his leg is fractured so thus a mistake happened. Sajid comes and hugs Arvind.
Arvind says jay mahi are the toughest competitor

Kapil jokes with Arvind and arvind fakes a cry. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham sad version tune begins . Arvind pushes kapil to karan. Kapil cracks a joke on Jay Mahi.

Karan and Nisha are next. The challenge is Ariel act with dancing by Sajid. Think the song is from Dil se. It is called ‘Jiya chale’.
Sajid says it is an outstanding act. Terrence says if he comes to his studio he will make him dance too much. Shilpa says they are a perfect couple and want to see in the final.

Kapil reads Karan mehra hand. He will have 9 kids meaning triplets 3 times. He reads Wahi hand and says he will have a packup after Nach baliye ends. Karan nisha says Jay and Mahi are the toughest competitor.

Suhasi and Jaisheel are next. Shilpa gives them a all out indian classical act and jaisheel shouldnt go kathak(classical) in other words tap dancing. Song is ‘Tuney aisay baat’. Judges are impressed. Terrence says Suhasi looks like Aishwariya Rai lil sister.

Ravi and Sargun are next. Shilpa gives them a touch baliye. An act which has never seen before. Song is ‘ Aaja Nachle’
standing ovation from everyone. Ravi is emotional. Karan wahi tells him if he wants water. Shilpa gets emotional too. Everyone is shocked. Sajid is in a shocked emotion. Terrence says hats off and salam to chreographers.
Total: 33/33
Sajid gives kitkat and repeatly says outstanding

Wahi says he feels bad shilpa is tall. how does she feel seeing them taller than her. Challenge between ravi sargun and shilpa.

Kapil says they will be loads of stuffing happening to her. Shilpa is a normal item girl. Ravi says Jay mahi are toughest competitors.

Amar and Charlie supporters come. D3 come and perform for Amar and charlie.

Amar charlie get international dance by Terrence. Song is Jhoom Baraber Jhoom. Shilpa says Charlie lacks confidence. Charlie is crying.
Total: 25/33

Kapil comes to stage to cheer Charlie. He makes a joke on Amar . Kapil makes Amar wear heels and do catwalk.

Kapil is happy with everyone. He cracks joke on all contestants. He tells Terrence if he replied to meera. Kapil says he has the letter Terrence wrote. Terrence mentions Karan wahi. He brings in Mahi. Kapil makes fun of Terrence. He says to meera bring a microwave so that he can put his face into it.

Best Jodi of all weeks goes to: Ravi and Sargun and they get an Hamper.

Update Credit to: JungleeBilli

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