Nach Baliye 5 16th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 5 16th March 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 5 16th March 2013 Written Update

Voting lines are open till 23rd March, Noon, so keep voting for your favorite couple.

From top 5 jodis, 1 will be eliminated today and other 4 will make it to the finale.

Who gets eliminated today will be announced after all jodis give their performance.

Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi are special celebrity guests in today’s episode. They come to promote their movie “Jolly L.L.B.”.

Today’s and tomorrow’s performances will be very important as these 2 performances will decide who will win Nach Baliye contest.

Judges won’t give any marks today as it will be decided fully by the audience who will win Nach Baliye 5 contest.

Ravi and Sargun:
Song – Tum Mile
Terrence’s Comment – Made me very happy. You did 2 to 3 things in this act that are very difficult. It was definitely a “hawa-tight” performance.
Sajid’s Comment – After seeing this performance, I think you will win.
Shilpa’s Comment – Ravi, you’re always a very good dancer. Sargun improved throughout the show, and after today’s performance, I can say that this performance was “super-se-upar”.
Boman Irani’s Comment – One of the most beautiful and emotional performances I have seen in my life.

They get KitKat break from Sajid.

Karan and Nisha:
Song – Bhagam Bhag (For some parts, they dance inside some dragon).
Terrence’s Comment – I haven’t seen this kind of act before. Mind blowing.
Sajid’s Comment – Very good and I really hope you two come to grand finale.
Shilpa’s Comment – I cannot believe this is same Karan who was scared in first episode. Today you danced beautifully. Nisha always dances beautifully so good luck to both.

Jay and Mahii:
Song – Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Bandh Ho..
Terrence’s Comment – You two have given consistent performances.. for me you will be “Man of the Match” regardless you win or not. Very good concept today. Great impact.
Sajid’s Comment – It was a good act, but could have done better. But the way you’re going and giving finale performances every week, good luck.
Shilpa’s Comment – I am very happy seeing you two here.. I will congratulate.. and now it doesn’t really matter what we say.. only audience will judge you now. All the best.

Jaisheel and Suhashi:
Song – Mein Aisa Kyun Hoon (They put some light on their head)
Terrence’s Comment – I really loved the concept. Well done.
Sajid’s Comment – I have not seen any costume like this.. so thank you for showing new concept to the audience. However, dance was missing.
Shilpa’s Comment – We expect a lot from you.. and it was a good performance for us. But everything is in audience’s hand now. All the best.

Arvind and Neelu:
Song – Le Gayi Mera Dil Teri Jhulmi Nazariya (Both do male and female roles in this act).
Terrence’s Comment – Agrees with Shilpa, it is very tough to do such act and you two did nicely. Neelu ji, you have taught many people including me that there is no age limit for dance.
Sajid’s Comment – I am being very honest, I tired, but I didn’t enjoy this performance much.
Shilpa’s Comment – It is very tough to do such act, but you two did it very nicely.

They get 25,000 rps gift voucher from eBay.

Boman Irani plays guitar and sings song.

Special performance in today’s episode. Jacky Bhagnani comes and performs on a popular song “Gangnam Style”. He promotes his movie “Rangrezz”. All participants then join him and all dance on “Gangnam Style” song.

First finalists are Jay-Mahii.
Second finalists are Arvind-Neeru.
Third finalists are Ravi-Sargun.
Fourth and last finalists are Jaisheel-Suhashi.

Karan and Nisha get eliminated today.

Sajid appreciates STAR network’s integrity and says despite being a huge star of STAR network, Karan is not in the finals.. that means there is no cheating in Nach Baliye. Hats off to Star Plus.

Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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